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Happy New Year! Keeling Maternity

Happy New Year!  First blog post of the year and it’s a good one!

The Keelings are one of my favorite couples and Jenna just happens to be my very best friend.  We survived nursing school together and our friendship has continue to blossom (someone recently described Jenna’s belly as “blossoming” and I can’t seem to stop using that word now). 🙂 HA!  Anyway, when I originally found out Jenna’s due date, I had visions of beautiful, snowy landscapes for her maternity photos.  Unfortunately, snow has practically been nonexistent in our forecast this winter (except for today, of course, while I am typing this blog).  It was a nice surprise, however, when we arrived at this lake and found that it was covered with a layer of ice.  I really, really wanted these pictures to be wintery, so that really worked to my advantage.  I was so thrilled that they allowed me to be the one to capture these special memories.  It was rather chilly when we went out to shoot these, so I made this quick, simple, and to the point.  Less is more, right?!

 I’m a sucker for a good black and white photo too.  We all seemed to love these ones!

 Maternity Photo - Keeling 3

Isn’t she beautiful?! That ice ended up photographing nicely, as well!

 Maternity Photo - Keeling 1

 Maternity Photo - Keeling 2

Here’s a few more of my favorites.

 Maternity Photo - Keeling 6

Congratulations to you both, Ryan and Jenna!  I can’t wait to meet the little one!  

Of course, I want everyone to check back because there will, no doubt, be newborn pictures to come!

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