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Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Outdoor Summer Wedding

Hello Hello!  It’s me again!  Wedding #2 of last weekend is coming at you right now!  AGAIN, it was another one of glitz and glam which made for an absolutely perfect weekend for a big ballroom wedding lover like me!  This one is Maddie and Andrew’s Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Outdoor Summer wedding.  I had high anticipation for this wedding and it turned out just like I wanted!  So, please give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love and ENJOY!  Mr. & Mrs. Strope, everyone!

Ashleigh and I started out this day VERY differently than we started out our last wedding at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott.  Last time we were here, it was January 2021…crazy pandemic-ness AND it had snowed so hard half the vendors were stuck at home or on the highway.  I do believe it was under 32 degrees too.  So, you can imagine this was a very very nice change for us!  We also got to see Jeannie (head wedding coordinator) and she’s always a nice, smiling, familiar face!

I’m going to try and keep this one “short”…well, Hannah’s version of short.  Andrew is much like me and likes to keep his life more private…or at least not have me blast it all over social media.  I don’t even share my kids on social media so it’s “funny” to me that I blog the way that I do…ironic, I guess.  Have no fear, I got permission!  I always get permission BUT…I’m going to keep the intimate thoughts and moments to myself.  Don’t worry…I already texted Maddie all my emotions over this wedding.  It was just perfect..and I mean that.  I walked away feeling all the ooey gooey joy like I popped right in and out of a sweet, G rated, romance novel!  But anyway, this is NOT keeping it short!  Back to the wedding!  We arrived and tag teamed all the getting ready goodness!

Bridal details were amazing!  Ash played a huge part in these too!  We were really feeling it and that ribbon Maddie gave me was the perfect final touch we needed!  She had a box and everything ready for me!

Maddie lost her dad recently but she made sure to have him there with her and close.  So, her and her Mom tied his wedding ring and a photo of him to her bouquet.

Everyone played a part in helping get Maddie ready…even grandma.  We did a little first look with her and then I had an idea.  If I sat her close so she could watch, I could also pass her Maddie’s jewelry and that led to some of the sweetest moments!  I actually sent these to my mother in law because her and my daughter are so close and I can totally see this being them one day!

This is when the timeline picked up.  We had a relatively easy and calm morning but now was the time to get down to wedding photographer business.  The wind scared me a little bit but then when I saw these I was a squealing machine!

LADIES! LADIESSSS!!  Looks like a magazine, right?  If you remember Maddie and Andrew’s original engagement session (HERE), the light LOVES them.  It must go where they go because it was the perfect glow that I just love!

Then, we hid the ladies and brought the men out right before the ceremony.  I have SO many words.  I know Andrew hated every minute of photo time but COME ON…So good!  I’ll leave it at that! HA!

Ceremony time!

Sometimes I love when the grooms make eye contact with me!  You can read the emotions in this “room”!

I tell my second shooters to stay the heck out of my shots…and Ashleigh is simply the best BUT…she will NOT miss a shot if she can help it.  Apparently, she was in a tree…somewhere.  Not sure exactly but she got this! HA!

It was a beautiful ceremony but I want to highlight the moment they became Mr. & Mrs. Strope!  Andrew always shows Maddie off first!  I noticed that at their engagement session last year and it still rings true!

Off we went for formal photos!  We raced out of there, I tell ya!  I’d like to caption this (below), “You married me!  We’re married!!!!”

We had a good amount of time to have lots of bridal party photos!  Full bridal party.  Girls with the guys.  Guys with the gals!  You name it!  We got it!

Then, we excused the bridal party and got right down to business.  I wish SOMEHOW you could have all been there.  I wouldn’t have allowed it, of course.  My best bride and groom moments are when they’re allowed to be alone (but with us taking photos).  These two soaked up EVERY moment.  I barely even had to prompt them!

Black and white magic!

We did a little of this.  We did a little of that!  We just kept on taking photos!

We had an original plan to do photos elsewhere but there was a graduation party in our location we couldn’t disturb.  And it happened again…I took a random, on the fly decision for a location and it turned out magical!  AHHHHH!! It was definitely my typical “you’re just going to have to trust me” Hannah moment.

Then, we raced BACK to the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott and met up with DJ Keith Shreve.  I texted him on our way back and he was out on the sidewalk to meet me…even offering to carry gear and get me settled. He’s one of the best, I tell ya!

We also got to capture the moment the couple got to see their ballroom AND their baby, Watson, on the cake!

After some family formals we needed to finish up, DJ Keith welcomed them into their reception!

They went into their first dance.  Later at dinner, Keith pointed out how much love you could just see between these two.  Of course, I went all Hannah with “I KNOW, RIGHT?! GAH! And I rambled…and rambled some more…if you know me, you know!  But it’s true.  What I said earlier?  Andrew shoes Maddie off in the BEST way.  I could go into how it’s like when I read a good book and you just swoon over the characters…but I won’t…I’m trying to hold it together over here!

Even the cake moments were total swoon worthy!  Isn’t this how everyone wants to look on their wedding day?

We hear a lot of speeches!  These two deserved some blog time!

Then, Keith opened up the dance floor (but not before doing the shoe game) and he quickly became one of Ashleigh’s favorites (she’s done weddings with me the longest and always has big opinions on the music).

Before we took off, we had to get ONE more photo with the couple, right?!  Mr. & Mrs Strope, everyone!

OooOo man.  I could have easily rambled and gushed all my feelings but I did promise to hold it down.  I’m just going to say that if you know these two, I know you love them too.  Maddie is such a sweet human and has become a fast friend, in my opinion.  Talking to her and planning all this wedding stuff was fun!  I enjoyed any time she’d text me!  Andrew is one of those people I feel I could call in a pinch…flat tire…you name it.  He’d probably give me a hard time but I know (well, I think) he’d show up! HA!  I don’t know him ALL that well…I mean, he wasn’t going to text me weekly about the wedding but it only took a few times with him to see what a good soul he has and how he wants only the best for his family and friends!  I’m supposed to be closing this up about the wedding but without these two amazing human beings, this wedding wouldn’t have been what it was.  I’m so happy for these two!  SO, one more time…give Mr. & Mrs. Strope ALL your HBP love!  Their wedding blog is complete and so is their wedding.

Andrew said this “was the last time” he was letting me take pictures.  We will see about that!

Have a great weekend!


Bride’s Gown – Fiona by Maggie Sottero from Sorelle Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Attire – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Liberty Men’s Formals

Bride’s Shoes – Betsy Johnson

Hair – Shalyn and Elaina from Tangles Salon

Bride’s Makeup – Shalyn Klee from Tangles Salon

Bridesmaids’ Makeup – Shelley Cordner

Wedding Planner/Coordinator – Jeannie Dankowski (Pittsburgh Airport Marriott)

Florist – Parkway Florist

Cake – Bethel Bakery

DJ – DJ Keith Shreve

Catering – Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Transportation – Red Carpet Limo

Invitations – Minted

Officiant – Uncle David Shirer

Photo Backdrop – Pittsburgh Backdrop Rentals

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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