My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Pittsburgh Point State Park Summer Engagement Session

Hello!  In true Hannah fashion, I MUST get everything done before I go on vacation so I can fall off the grid and know my “to do” list is clear!  So, that means blogs and sneak peeks on Sunday!  Becca and Michael are up first with their Pittsburgh Point State Park Summer Engagement Session and they MAY just look a little familiar to you!  I actually did a mock engagement session with them last year when I got my new cameras BUT this is their official engagement session.  SO, give them ALL your HBP love!  Enjoy!

They chose this location becuase Michael wanted Heinz (will not mention the name change) field in the background!  Yep.  That’s a Pirates shirt.  Nope.  Becca didn’t want it in the photos BUT when my grooms have requests…they get their requests!  I’m not a sports person either so I did confirm the Pirates were baseball and that Heinz was for football! HA!

Have no fear!  We did make him take it off for a few too!  We got the best of all worlds!

Becca and Michael met when he came to help her sister with a youth revival she had held.  Becca admits she thought he was super handsome but it did take them a WHOLE YEAR to start dating!

After we did those city shots, we went to the greens…my happy place!  I love these photos SO much and really thought they were going to be my favorites!

This photo was definitely in the top (below)!  I absolutely have always loved hanging out with these two.  I’d agree they have different personalities (I wouldn’t say SUPER different…which they said in their fun fact survey..but HEY! What do I know?!).  They are both humble and super sweet, down to earth souls!  Michael’s laugh is one of those that you just have to smile and laugh along with him.  You’ll see Becca goes right along with that!

Not going to lie!  I really love Michael’s “stare off into the sunset” look!  Becca laughed but I’m digging it!  Yes?!  What do you all think?!  I can’t wait for their wedding.  We’re going to do ALL of this again!  Also, these were some of my favorites too!  Huge shoutout to Kayla (of Frye Fotos) who tagged along with me and suggested this little spot!

These two dated for 1 year and three months before they got engaged.  They were getting family pictures taken (by Kayla, ironically) and Michael took the opportunity to pop out that ring while the whole family was together!  I need to see these photos now that I think of it!

More of Heinz field!! I mean, why not?!  Another Kayla inspiration!

These two are hoping for a fun and energetic party!! I have NO doubt between the two of them and DJ Jonathan Mihellis that we’ll have one rocking’ party!

I was so glad we decided to wait for fountain pictures!  The water was pelting them from behind! But they just rolled with it!

We did a few more while we walked back to the car!

…and we faked it until we made it with this sunset!  That’s right!  Becca originally wanted sunset but we had to make a scheduling change becuase she had somewhere else she needed to be later that night.  Ask and you shall receive!

…and that’s it!  These two will be tying the knot in JUST a few months!! AHHHHH!! Fall is coming!  I’m ready!  I’m usually not ready but I’m ready because I’ve got an amazing fall, wedding lineup!

And now I’m off to vacation…after one more wedding sneak peek.  See you all at the end of July! Bye!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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