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Greendance Winery Wedding Mt. Pleasant PA

Hello Hello, everyone!! Are you ready to feast your eyes on a one of a kind wedding on the Hannah Barlow Photography blog?  Well, you all freaked out (in a great way) over the sneak peek of this beautiful wedding at Greendance Winery in Mt. Pleasant, PA!  Let’s show you the WHOLE day, shall we?!  Give the new Mr. & Mrs. Hazy all your Hannah Barlow Photography love! Their “hippie wedding” at Greendance Winery is live on the wedding blog right now! Enjoy!

OooO Tara!  She’s a beautiful, sweet soul.  I met Tara way back in 2017 when I did her sister’s wedding.  I was a brand new wedding photographer back then so it’s really crazy to see how far things have come years later!  She reached out to me with all the sweet compliments and said I just HAD to photograph her wedding…but it was SOON…like in just a couple off months.  Well, you know I believe in the wedding Gods and I just happened to have not one…but TWO weekends available in August.  It was meant to be!  So, she booked me…we started chatting and planning.  We raced to get their engagement session done (which you can see HERE) and then it was time for this wedding.  It was an out of town wedding for me.  A little over an hour and a half to meet the ladies.  I grabbed Ash about 45 minutes into my trip at our favorite park and ride meeting location and off we went to the hotel!

Tara had told me the style of her wedding back at her engagement session.  It sounded like a wedding photographer’s DREAM especially since it didn’t sound like anything I’d ever photographed before.  She even showed me some sneak peek photos of her flowers.  They did NOT disappoint.  I mean…DAISIES!  Ash and I could not get enough of these details AND she gave me extra flowers which paired with her goodies just perfectly!

Of course, I had to photograph these ladies in their coordinating robes before they got dressed to hear off to the winery.

Tara’s mom (Hi, Lynn!) helped her get ready!

Off we went to Greendance Winery in Mt. Pleasant, PA!  Tara had a DIY wedding and she absolutely, positively NAILED it.  Ash said, “I don’t even usually like this style of wedding but now I’m questioning everything for my own one day!”  THAT is saying something because we see a lot of weddings!  Just look! GAH! So great!

Dad and daughter first look!  Man, if you think I have lots of positive energy, you should meet this family.  I love their laughs, smiles, love…and all that positive energy!

I called it Elsa hair…Tara called it mermaid hair.  Whatever we call it…it’s absolutely fabulous and just perfect for the vibes of this wedding!

We were racing the clock at this point to make it to the ceremony so we moved fast!  Looking back, this was the best decision I think I made all day (and I didn’t even know it at the time) because later everyone got so hot and sweaty.  This was the perfect time to get these done!

Over four years ago, I photographed these lovely ladies.  I kid you not, the photo is almost exact!  It’s an amazing sister photo!

Then, I found Corey and the guys!  These men were standing OUTSIDE.  Did any of you go outside this past Saturday?  It was positively brutal but they embraced it and put up with me and we snapped these right before I ran off to the ceremony location!

I do love some forest, fairytale magic!

I was down with Corey and Ash stayed up with Tara.  I love that their “time to walk down the aisle” moments are the same!

It’s time! AHHH!  Here comes the bride!

Check out how they look at each other and just smile.  You couldn’t be there and not smile and giggle along with them!  Their happiness was most certainly contagious!

Mr. & Mrs. Hazy, everyone!

…and then…all the Hannah came out!  ALLLLLLL the Hannah-isms…squeals…you name it.  Because…THERE WAS A BOAT!  Not just any boat either!  It was a boat that just happened to be painted the exact same color as the wedding.  I mean…I mean…THANK YOU WEDDING GODS!  Also, I had a brief…very brief…idea of putting them in the boat but those same wedding Gods could hear my thoughts and said, “Nope.  Not today you crazy woman!”  Once we got down there, we realized it was full of water and THAT is a good thing…for everyone involved.  I mean, I just love these photos soooOOOoooooo much! GAH!

Ooo yea.  And we left Ash on the other side of the hill at the ceremony location because she’s still in a boot.  I tried to talk her out of this wedding knowing it’d be a struggle for her but she would not give it up!  I mean, don’t you see why?!  But that didn’t stop her from yelling at me to get a move on so she could grab this with a reflection! AHHHHHH!

Amazing locations call for different angles…more of the boat!  Because…becuase…it’s the SAME COLOR! GAH!

I kept telling them I could feel my husband 1.5+ hours away telling me to chill because he could hear me a whole other state over.  The doors were even the same color!  I can’t even!  My wedding photographer heart could just explode!

Ash was killin’ it from the alternate angle too!

So, we started to weave our way through Greendance winery back toward the reception tent.  I stopped them here and there to capture all the beauty!

You can NOT tell in these photos and I’m not even sure how that magic is possible, but we were all dying from the heat.  I’m telling you…sweat in places I can’t put on the internet.  Just pouring off of us…but that didn’t stop them from standing in the sun in this beautiful wildflower field and just taking wedding photographer winery magic photos for me!  Ooo yea.  And Corey got some laughs out of Tara too!  Thank you for that…I mean, Tara never ever lacks smiles and laughs.  Her laugh is contagious…but when it’s unprompted…MAGIC!

Just a few more and we were off to the reception tent!

Mr. & Mrs. Hazy one more time!

They danced their first dance.  Then, they cut their cake and sat down for some speeches.  They’re so smitten with one another.  I just love it!

After all that traditional stuff, they went into the Polka money dance!

Then, the party REALLY got started!  It was very important to Tara that she had lots and lots and lots of reception events captured.  So we snapped…and snapped away!

I found myself being a total creeper and just watching these two and smiling like a maniac.  It’s impossible not to smile and feel the love with these two!

And I’m still smiling.  I was so touched and pumped that Tara chose me to be her wedding photographer.  She was also my 100th weddings which is just something to celebrate, right?!  I had thought her sister was my sixth wedding BUT I looked back and I do believe she was number ten.  So…number ten and one hundred with this family! AHHH!  What an amazing feeling I’m having sitting here right now typing this up.  This crazy journey as a wedding photographer has filled my heart with so much joy.  Then, you get weddings like this and it just overflows!  Sounds cheesy…but it’s true.  It was my first time at Greendance Winery too so it was a fresh canvas for me and I’m so super duper happy about these photos!  I can’t wait to put some on the website and hang some in my studio! AHHHH!  Alllll the Hannah-isms and squeals for this one!




Venue – Greendance Winery in Mt. Pleasant, PA

Bride’s Gown – Sorelle Bridal Salon

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – Birdey Grey

Men’s Attire – Kohl’s

Shoes – Amazon

Jewelry/Rings – Marbill’s/RingsbyLux/Family

Hair/Makeup – Tressa (Hair), Makeup (Sister Erin Alexander)

Florist – Florals by Gypsy Annie

Cake/Desserts – Barton’s


Catering – Elegant

Transportation – Amore

Officiant – Pastor Ken Custer

Favors/Gifts – Etsy

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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