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Renshaw Family Farms Wedding and Reception

Here we go again…in so many ways! This is the second wedding blog of the week AND the second wedding blog for this couple.  That’s right!  Chelsae and Tyler got to have their “2.0 Wedding”, as I’ve been calling it.  Remember last year?  If not, you NEED to go back and check out their COVID wedding at Renshaw Family Farms last year.  It was just BEAUTIFUL and that’s when we did the majority of the official formal photos.  You can refresh your memory right HERE.  I’ll give you a little visual below too!

Now, we’re all on the same page, right?!  Well, they got to redo it for the rest of their family and friends AND celebrate at their reception right around their first anniversary as man and wife!  Let’s do this!  For the second time, let’s give Mr. & Mrs. Scherling all your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  Their Renshaw Family Farms Wedding and Reception is on the blog again…with all the fun!  Enjoy!

This was my double header weekend.  If any of you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know it was hot…and it was exhausting…and it was also full of love and laughter and alllll the fun – especially at this wedding.  I met up with Kari and we were off to get those details we missed so much last year!

New dates and new invites called for some new ring and invitation photos!

Then, we were off to renew their vows so everyone else could witness their union!  Chelsae’s veil went FLYING and both Tyler and Chelsae embraced it giving us the best start to this vow renewal ceremony!

Happy One Year, you two!

Then, they said some “hellos” to their guests and then we caught up on some family formals we missed last year because of the number of guests permitted at the time.  Then, I took some new bride and groom formals!  Kari was taking the side angles!

Storms were coming but that was ok because we were inside Renshaw Family Farm’s barn AND it was air conditioned and after my very hot and sticky wedding the day before this one…I was VERY grateful! VERY!

They made their grand entrance and then speeches were said and glasses were raised.  They cut their cake (complete with some cake smashing) and danced their “first” (third) dance as man and wife! HA!  OoOO the memories they’ll be able to share with younger generations one day!

The reception part of this wedding did NOT disappoint.  EVERYONE was dancing right out of the gates!

So, this was the point in the day we decided Tyler needed to record his voice on one of those red buttons that talk.  I’m going to carry it with me at weddings and press it any time a couple gets nervous or questions my craziness.  The sunset was a BIG deal at this wedding.  Not just for the couple…but for all their family and friends too. Tyler kept saying “Hannah knows.  That’s why we pay her the big bucks”.  It WAS storming…but I was watching the radar and Kari was watching the sky.  I’ve done plenty of sunsets so I know how it normally works (well, I thought I did…Kari’s husband David corrected me and that’s a whole hilarious story for the end of year blogs).  But anyway, everyone kept coming up to me HOURS too early to tell me to watch for the sunset.  I kept explaining that we didn’t start watching until at least 20 minutes before sunset…which was 7:30.  So, 5:00 PM?  Definitely too early.  Tyler kept telling them, “This is why we pay her the big bucks” and it became the inside joke of the night.  We watched…and watched some more.  THEN, it was time to RUN!  Well, we drove…with the help of one of Renshaw Family Farm’s employees (Hey, Matt!).  It was golden hour at first…so we just snapped and waited it out.  You can see here how fast the sky was changing.

Kari and I have done SO many sunsets together over the years.  We’ve got this.  I did the lighter ones…she did the silhouettes.

We were laughing.  Having a great time!  We needed to get so just one more!

…and we needed to do one more thing.  Chelsae wanted to do a glow stick send off.  She was just about to throw in the towel on the idea but I got with the DJ (CJ…love that it rhymes) and created a plan.  It was still pretty gross outside despite the photos above so I gave everyone glow sticks.  I asked CJ to have them line up on the dance floor and we ended the night checking off the one last thing we needed to do!  Glow stick send off…with the couple running! WEEEE!

Man, it sucked at this time last year when these weddings were getting split up BUT…just look!  We got to spend not one…but TWO amazing days celebrating.  We had an absolute blast.  At this point, it just felt like one big happy family partying the night away.  Huge shoutouts to Renshaw Family Farms for welcoming us again!  They are SO accommodating.  Give them a call if you need a rustic wedding venue.  Well, that’s it for this one!  Congrats to the Scherlings!


Venue – Renshaw Family Farms

Bride’s Gown – Exquisite Bride, Gibsonia

Groom’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Hair/Makeup – Glamorous Productions LLC

Cake – Lincoln Bakery

DJ – CJ – Pittsburgh DJ Company

Photo Booth – Pittsburgh Camper Booth

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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