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Summer August Oglebay Engagement Photos

Happy Rainy Tuesday!  NEW COUPLE ALERT!  Simone and Michael met up with me yesterday at the same place they’ll be getting married next May…you guessed it…Oglebay!  Please give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  Enjoy!

It’s very rare I get to do sessions during the day so I was super duper excited when these two told me they’d be in town and able to meet me midday to get their engagement photos done.  Right off the bat we started chatting about their wedding.  They’ll be getting married in Oglebay’s formal gardens so we walked down there to snap some photos and then we even did some wedding planning regarding the ceremony!  I like to talk, right?!  It’s what I’m good for! HA!

These two tell me that the number five is their thing…and not even on purpose!  They started dating in 2015.  They will have been engaged for 15 months when they get married on 5/15 next year.  They’ve been together 5 year and 5 months AND they picked out her ring on their 5 year anniversary trip.  I love little fun facts like this!  So cool, right?!

They actually met at college back in 2014 and got closer and closer when they both opted to be resident advisors and found their communities right across from each other.  They ended up becoming friends quickly (despite having had many mutual friends over the prior year) and started spending all their time together.  In Sept. of 2015, they made it official!

Not official…official yet though.  This year, they decided to spend Valentine’s Day in Savannah, GA.  It’s Simone’s favorite city.  Michael surprised Simone with a tandem bike right.  It was at the top of the Tybee Island lighthouse in the rainy weather that Michael got down on one knee and popped the question.  Check out her ring (below)!  Talk about unique and beautiful!  I added that pink flower because they told me their wedding was going to have greenery…and dusty blue and pink!

The Ring, everyone!

Then, we wrapped up this session with the traditional and quintessential Oglebay mansion photos – complete with a grand finale spin!

They’re planning a romantic, minimalist wedding. They plan to have drapery with mini lights as a ceiling treatment. At the center of the drapery, a trellis with lots of greenery will hang and I’m just dying over here picturing it!  There will also be greenery on the tables with candles.  OOooo YES! 2022 is going to be AMAZING!  I can’t even wait to see what’s in store for us wedding photographers!

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