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Cedar Creek Park Engagement Photos

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’m SO excited about this engagement session!! It’s got history!  That’s right!  FOUR years ago, I photographed a wedding with this lady in it.  That’s right!  So, “technically” this isn’t Tara’s first time on my blog BUT it’s Corey’s first time and their first time as the future Mr. & Mrs.!  So, please gives the future Hazys all your HBP love!  It’s their time to shine!  Enjoy their Cedar Creek Park Engagement Photos!

Tara was an easy bride from the moment she contacted me.  Heck, I’m pretty sure her sister (whose wedding I photographed back in 2017…Hey, Erin!) texted me FIRST just to see if I was available and booking anymore weddings in 2021.  So, it was a done deal before it even started and it ALL worked out and I can’t even begin to tell you how stinkin’ excited I am to see the Nohavicka family again! AHHHH!  To this day, that was still one of my favorite weddings.  It’s all about the people for me and that family is amazing.  I’m also super excited to meet Corey’s family because he and I just jived.  He SAYS he doesn’t like photos…but I really am questioning that.  He basically led the engagement session and you know I love a groom who lets me take ALL the pictures.

Even the black and white photos were amazing!  This location was absolutely perfect at Cedar Creek Park AND has history with these two.  This is one of their favorite locations to just sit back and relax (or have a drink…or kayak…or all of the above).  It was also a fresh canvas for me which ALWAYS gets me super excited.  I mean…the sky was even perfect!

I’m telling you…Corey was ALL in!  There will be no lack of candids at this wedding.  I guarantee it!

Walking on probably the most beautiful creek (river) bank I’ve been on in a long time!

Then, Corey mentioned a waterfall…A WATERFALL.  We hiked for a while and realized the light was fading fast so while we didn’t make it, I took full advantage of this bridge!  It made for good conversation time though while we walked and chatted.  I got to know ALL about their history as a couple and wedding (straight down to snagging a photo of her bouquet from Tara’s phone).  You’re all going to LOVE it!  You just wait!  This wedding is going to be everything.  I can feel it in my wedding photographer bones!

We had to reschedule this session twice because of rain so I was super pumped the weather cooperated.  It was cold almost too!  Big shout out to Erin for doing her sister’s hair.  Seriously, I’m not even sure how I’ll get through this wedding without being a complete Hannah mess (in a great way)! AHHHH!!! In just a little over two months, these two will be tying the knot at Greendance Winery.  I can NOT wait to see it!  Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Have a good one!

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