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Oglebay Resort Wedding – Iron Gates & Glessner Auditorium

EVERYONE!’re.doing.  For real.  Get your best “Hannah voice” ready to read this one!  Just pause what you’re doing and just sit back and enjoy.  I have ALL the Hannah words for this one.  This wedding had it ALL!  So, it’s going to be a long one!  Someone play some loves songs for me as good background music to set the wedding mood.  This one has me all gooey gooey inside with all the happy feelings.  Kayla and Zach are now Mr. & Mrs. Mulvihill and it was A DAY TO REMEMBER forever…for everyone…us wedding vendors included.  Give them ALL your Hannah Barlow Photography love.  They got married last weekend at Oglebay Resort with a wedding ceremony at the Iron Gates and a huge, love filled celebration in Glessner Auditorium!  Enjoy!

Jeesh.  I don’t even know where to start.  I really don’t.  So, let’s go back to their engagement session, shall we?  You can read it right HERE.  I highly suggest skimming that one because it really came full circle.  I re-read their engagement blog the morning of their wedding.  I usually do this just to refresh my memory and get myself amped up for the day.  Well, I read it Saturday morning and quite literally laughed at myself.  I remember thinking, “Jeez, Hannah.  You were really pouring it all out and laying it on thick this day.”  You see, I remember just loving Kayla and Zach’s session and really enjoying their company.  I remember feeling like we clicked so well.  WELL, it all came flooding back to me on their wedding day.  They are truly two of the most genuine and perfect people.  And when I met all their family and friends?  It all made perfect sense.  I say it over and over…but those first few seconds when I enter the getting ready location tell me everything I need to know about the day.  These ladies (moms and hair and makeup gals included) welcomed me (and my crazy personality) with open arms joining right in on all the excitement.  I KNEW…just KNEW…I was about to experience one heck of a perfect wedding day.

The florist (Armful of Flowers) not only left me flowers…she left me a BUCKET of flowers!  A BUCKET!  So the detail photos were just beautiful!

I ran over to meet up with the guys and was instantly welcomed again!  I mean, it’s one thing to feel all comfortable with the ladies but when the men are also on board with the wedding day plan?  OooO man.  Cue the Hannah excitement!

Glessner Auditorium at Oglebay was where the wedding reception would be held.  I stopped down there briefly to check it out.  It wasn’t even close to being complete and it ALREADY looked THIS beautiful! AHHH!

After Zach got ready and we did some formal shots with the men (including me snapping a moment before Zach read his note from Kayla), Ashleigh and I raced back over the the girls’ cabin to capture some photos before they got finished.  I wish you all could meet this group.  Heck, I wish I could have spent a whole weekend with them!

These ladies aren’t just friends for photos.  You can see right here how close they are with one another!

KAYLA!  My goodness…even the simple “get ready by the window” photos are breathtaking.

After a private, first look with dad, the bridesmaids got to see their friend as a bride.  I do this often but their reactions were everything…genuine and excited.  Heck, Kayla, the bride herself, was so excited to see her own friends all dolled up!! There’s just something about this group. They love one another deeply.

Then, Kayla got to read her note from Zach.  I didn’t stay long so Anthony and Jen (videographers of AConti Media) could get nice, clean audio (we ALL know how loud I am) but I heard it was epic amazing with lots of emotion.  I am impatiently waiting to see this video! EKKK!

Time for the ceremony!  Off we went to Oglebay’s Iron Gates.  The couple asked for lots of mingling/candid shots.  So, I walked around and tried to catch a little bit of everything.

Alright.  THIS is where I’m going to get all wordy.  The guys (yes, the guys) mentioned earlier how emotional they were going to be all day.  They told me a story of how the Best Man (Hey, Tom!) got married last fall and how Zach was an emotional mess then.  Well, there was no lack of emotions at this wedding.  I’ve realized over the years that some of my favorite reactions aren’t just the groom…but the groom AND his best man together.  The bond these two have not just as friends…but business partners…is unreal.  Here they come.  I was antsy with anticipation!

I obviously couldn’t hear what they were saying but I kept my eyes on them.  I’m pretty sure this is them “agreeing” they weren’t going to lose it.  Nope.  Stay strong, guys!

Well, Kayla turned that corner…and that was that!

You got this Zach!

Then, I saw the tears start to form.  I also looked behind Zach and saw Tom had just thrown in the towel.

So, I focused on him too.  I mean, can you imagine a more sweet moment?  And spending the day with these men?  I know they won’t care.  They’re not afraid to show happiness for their friends!

Here she comes!  It’s a long walk to the Iron Gates!

At this point, I was losing it in a great way.  I just wanted to jump up and down and squeal.  I didn’t, of course! I mean…professionalism and all that!  I just can’t even describe the ball of emotions flowing at this point.  I mean…I even made friends with Grandpa!  He and I were chatting and joking with one another before the ceremony even had begun.  EVERYONE…and I mean EVERYONE…was so sweet and kind and chatting with everyone.  AHHHH!! Just amazing people at an amazing wedding.

Alright!  We made it.  Everyone was pulling themselves together now!  Including me!

It really doesn’t get more beautiful than this at Oglebay, right?!

These two just couldn’t keep it together and I was 100% here for it!.  Let it go…let it allllll gooooo.  It was so beautiful!  They’re now Mr. & Mrs.!

Then, we went right into family formals and while I don’t usually share family photos…we’re going to.  ALL these people (and allll the ones not photographed too) deserve some spotlight!  The grandparents (and that’s grandpa that I just adored because our personalities just clicked right off the bat)!  He’s feisty just like me!

Then, this moment happened and I knew (just like I said in the engagement blog) that I’d found my people.  Yep!  I always tell the groom and dad to do a “manly handshake” because…you know…men don’t typically like photos let alone photos while showing ANY kind of emotion.  Zach’s Dad (Hi, Dan!) looked right at me and said, “Nah.  We’re more huggers”.  I mean.  Do I even need to say more?  THIS is how I spent last weekend and it was an AMAZING day.

Three of the most well behaved ring bearers and flower girls I’ve ever spent my Saturday with!  Give them a big round of applause!

Now.  Bridal party fun!  Kayla made it very clear that she’d like a lot of bridal party photos.  Ok.  Originally, I was just thinking it was for sake of the photos…and having them.  Then, as the day went on I really saw this group…SAW them.  They legitimately love one another on a deep love that I can tell developed over time and is solid.  It wasn’t about the photos…it was about capturing the moments and memories.  So, we did JUST that.

Champagne poppin’ was a HIT!

Then, we stole the couple for some bride and groom photos.  OoOoo my goodness me!! I don’t even need the words.  They speak for themselves!


We took them everywhere!  We couldn’t go wrong either!

Then, Anthony wanted his own time with the couple so we shut our flashes down and just stood by and captured what was happening.  Can you just tell how much these two were enjoying their day?!

As always, these are a mix of my photos and Ashleigh’s photos!  This gallery is HUGE!

Alright!  It was just about time to head to Glessner Auditorium!  As I mentioned earlier, Kayla wanted lots of candids and trolley photos!  So, I set Ashleigh all up and left her with the bridal party while I RACED over to Glessner.  It wasn’t quite ready when I was there earlier and Kayla wanted some photos of it finished.  When I say I rushed…I RUSHED!  Ran…sprinted through the parking lot…literally.  Kayla had told me at this point that it was “ok” and I didn’t need to worry about them.  Nope.  I was getting them!  Guests were just starting to go in and I was all “Excuse me…Pardon me! Don’t mind me…” as I was literally running past people with my camera in hand.  It was worth it.  I don’t think I’ve EVER seen Glessner look so pretty!

Meanwhile, Ashleigh was riding on the trolley! HA!

Run…run…RUN!  We got it ALL done! Whewwww!  This is where I can breath!  DJ Brian Oliver doesn’t wait on anybody (except me if I asked REAL nice).  He’s all about the timeline just like me SO I made sure we were all set and everything on the list was checked off.  The dress got bustled and I gave him the thumbs up right as he was coming back in from lining the bridal party up and it was time to welcome everyone!

Mr. & Mrs. Mulvihill, everyone!

I kept telling these two ALL day how perfect I thought they were.  Uh huh.  They probably think I tell everyone that, right?  Well, just look at these two.  They’ve been together for TWELVE-ish years…and they’re still so smitten with one another.  Moments like this can NOT be made up.  See for yourself (below).  Their love is genuine…and I’m all mushy because of it!  This is what us wedding photographers dream about at night!

I MEAN…even as their friends and family made speeches, they were all cuddled up together.  I looked over and pointed for Ash to see.  Then, I’m pretty sure I just put my head down on her shoulder because you can’t make this stuff up and my romance obsessed heart was about ready to EXPLODE!

Then, cake was cut.  Even their cake eating emotions are great.  WHO ARE THESE TWO PEOPLE?!  True love does exist.  Cynics beware…you won’t like it here!  Side note:  This was, by far, the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted from Masterpieces.  It was a simply marble cake with a cream cheese icing.  It was so good I requested it for my birthday!  EVEN THE CAKE WAS PERFECT…and we never get to eat cake.

Alright.  So, many of you were there for this next moment(s).  Many of you not present saw the video (over on Facebook) and know the story.  I saw a Tik Tok a few weeks back (one of my past brides actually sent it to me…thanks, Meghan!).  I sent it to a few of my DJ friends.  Of course, it was no surprise that Brian Oliver was the one who said, “YES!  Let’s do this!”.  So, he tested it out at a wedding two weekends ago and then we let it loose!  Except, I didn’t exactly expect him to throw me under the bus RIGHT at the beginning of the reception.  That’s right, upon welcomes and introductions, he announced to everyone that he and I had a bet that I couldn’t get these table shots done within the timeframe of ONE song.  That’s right.  I was going to race the DJ.  And here’s the thing about table shots (those photos where I go table to table and ask guests if I can take a photo), most people hate them…guests, photographers, DJs…yep.  It’s true.  None of us really love them.  Why?  Well, as a photographer, it’s hard to get EVERYONE back to their table and some people generally just feel awkward.  For the guests, well….yea…some people just don’t like a “smile and say cheese” moment.  And the DJs?  It sucks up a lot of their time.  Well, let me tell you…this was a HIT!  I wasn’t sure how it would go but when Brian started doing the countdown, guests RACED back to their tables.  CHECK.  Now, everyone was back to their places (which never happens).  THEN, as we raced around, I heard the tables egging each other on to “get ready”.  Oooo my goodness.  It was SO fun!  And now the couple has a photo with every single guest at their reception.  I already got permission, so if you’d like a copy of your table, hit me up on IG or email me at and I’m happy to send it along!

Brian thought the head table would get missed…NOT with this couple.  As we rounded the last table, I heard them say, “HEAD TABLE! HEAD TABLE!”  I’m not surprised one bit they didn’t forget their dear friends!  This was an AMAZING, first time experience for everyone, I think!

Then, emotional first dances were danced between mother and son and father and daughter.  Then, they twisted that father daughter dance RIGHT into a party!

There is never a lack of party with DJ Brian Oliver!

Kayla did ask for “golden hour or sunset” photos.  Well, Anthony (video) came and got me and said it was perfect.  So, he took them out and I followed!

Back in for the party!

Ashleigh loves a sunset just as much as me!  Even though it wasn’t crazy colorful, she still snagged the couple and we sneaked out (because Brian would positively kill me if I took them twice…oops) and got these photos real quick!

Seeeeeeee!  He didn’t even know (but I’m going to be in trouble when he reads this…HA!). But that’s how we left the couple…with lots and lots and lots of dancing photos and alllllll the love and laughter and smiles.  My goodness me.  It was amazing!

It’s funny how you end up with a group of people like these people (not just the couple…EVERYONE…family, friend, bridal party member…you name it) and you just feel at home.  I really can’t explain it.  You’d have to have been there.  This was one of those weddings I just felt like I’d known these individuals for a long long long time.  I did find out that Zach’s dad may know my husband through the Air Force…but then I found out there’s another John Barlow on his base so I think it’s a different person.  Who knows!  But anyway, there was no separation of families…bride’s side…groom’s side…Nope.  Brian even asked at one point if the tears were legit from the best man and I told him 100% YES…they’d all been tearing up all day.  Then, he asked about all the people mingling and I told him, “These people just genuinely all love each other like you wouldn’t believe.  I’m not surprised at all that so many people are mingling about”.  It’s just an amazing thing to see.  I can’t tell you how many people approached me offering to help me with my gear…or opened a door for me…or helped Grandma.  GAH!  I could spend weekend after weekend with this group.  A girl can dream of another wedding with another couple like this in the future, right?! RIGHT?!

But anyway…I could ramble about the amazingness of this wedding but I’ve already gone WAY overboard with this one.  Kayla and Zach, my feelings for you two and your love story goes WAY beyond how I felt back when I did your engagement session.  I’m serious when I say you are two of the most genuine people I’ve met and worked for and I can only hope I get to follow your love story for years and years and years to come.  Your wedding was quite definitely one for the books!  I do NOT want this to end.  GAH!  Congrats to the Mulvihills!

…and now I want to cry all the bittersweet happy/sad tears!  It’s over.  They’re a Mr. & Mrs. now!  Thanks for reading!

Bride’s Gown – Paloma Blanca – Luxe Redux Bridal Pittsburgh

Bridesmaids’ Attire – Azazie

Men’s Attire – Liberty Men’s Formals

Jewelry/Rings – Bride – Urbanowicz, Groom – Kings

Hair – Chloe Miller

Makeup – Cara McGuire

Coordinator – Lauren Mitchell (Oglebay)

Florist – Armful of Flowers

Videographer – AConti Media

Cake – Masterpieces of Old Town

DJ – DJ Brian Oliver

Catering – Oglebay

Trolley – Oglebay

Invitations – Designed by Hannah Biondi, Printed by Banksville Express

Officiant – Steven Winsor

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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