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The Vineyards at Pine Lake Summer Wedding

Hello!  I hope you’re ready for some spectacular wedding blogs!  This past weekend was a wedding photographer’s dream (especially for me whose a ballroom glam kind of gal).  So, sit back and relax.  Mark some time off on your calendar today.  Ashley and Brad started last weekend off for me with a spectacular, glamorous, classic, summer wedding at The Vineyards at Pine Lake.  Enjoy and don’t forget to leave them some Hannah Barlow Photography love!  They’re Mr. & Mrs. Larson now!

Sam and I met up at The Vineyards at Pine Lake in Columbiana, Ohio last Friday.  Ironically, I’ve only been to this venue one other time AND it was also with Sam so we were READY!  The florist was coming in and decorating the ballroom.  It had all the glitz and glam I LOVE!

I told Ashley I just KNEW she’d look regal.  I don’t usually use that word when describing my brides (I actually even Googled it to make sure I was using it correctly).  She was glamorous and looked positively royal…even before she was ready in her dress!  Her details were much the same!  One of the bridesmaids reminded me that Ashely’s cake plate was super glitzy so we ran over and got it.  I actually used the plate to get right down to business with the detail photos!

While I was doing details, I was popping in and out for getting ready shots too!

Sam took this photo right as we were heading outside.  She looks like a Kardashian, I swear (and in the GOOD Kardashian way…not to the 2022 Kardashian way…HA!). I used to be OBSESSED!  I always wanted Kim’s hair…Ashley got it and I was (and still am) totally envious!

Then, we took the ladies out for their formal photo time.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a wedding that had attire to this caliber! To say I was feeling it is an understatement.  It’s it SO classy and glamorous!  I don’t like to pick favorites…but I can’t deny it.  This wedding is how I’d plan my own wedding all over again!

Even the little ladies rocked their roles!  How could they not though when you have a bride like this?!  I told Ashley my husband could probably hear be squealing from a whole state over!  There wasn’t an ounce of wind either and I’m SO grateful.  Lakeside weddings tend to be…well, windy!  So, when Ashley told me (and showed me) her trial of her hair down…I was a weeee bit nervous.  It didn’t even MOVE!

Also, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a group of groomsmen like this who, quite literally, became my hype crowd.  I walked into their room and they were all “Hey, Hannnahhh!!! It’s Hannah!!!!”.  Apparently, Brad had prepped them for my arrival and it felt like I’d known them already!  So, with that excitement already having being built, we took the men outside for their formal photos!

First, we needed flowers pinned.  I’m a nurse.  This guy’s a nurse and he thought he’d be perfect for the job of pinning flowers.  Nope!  Turns out..starting IVs doesn’t make you a good boutonnière pinner! HA!  There was literally blood shed by the end of this but he kept trying!  It was all in good fun.  Promise!  It’s also a testament to how great this group of men were to photograph!

They took ALL the prompts and even added their own!! Usually, men groan and just get through it.  This group was embracing photo time…or they were just faking it REALLY well!

AHHHH!! Brad’s groom photos did NOT disappoint!

I asked if they all had socks…fun socks.  They all did…except one groomsmen.  He said, “I’ve got HANES!”.  So, of course…we photographed all the socks, Hanes included! HA!  It made for a great laugh! *hangs head in shame*

Then, it was time for the ceremony.  If you all remember Ashley and Brad’s engagement session (HERE), you’ll remember that it didn’t just rain…it POURED…along with thunder and lightning.  It was your quintessential scenario of “clear forecast” and then BOOM…pop up storm.  So, imagine the absolute “heart drop” moment I had when I looked at the radar and saw rain…lots of it…coming RIGHT at us.  The forecast had cleared already for the day and had stayed clear – until the OUTDOOR ceremony time.  All I could think was, “NOT again!”.  Then, I walked outside and saw the staff taking umbrellas to people who didn’t already have them.  Doom and gloom!  That’s what I was feeling.  This couple was always the sweetest from the get go and I wanted them to have the most perfect wedding…it could NOT rain.  It was really starting to drizzle too and I was getting reaaaalllll nervous.  I even set up umbrellas over my gear in preparation.

The wedding Gods stayed with us though and somehow…SOMEHOW…the absolutely nightmarish radar map split and jusssssttt missed us.  So, they got to have their beautiful ceremony outside just like Ashley wanted!

After family photos were complete, we got those full bridal party photos! They’re a beautiful (and super fun) group!  It was hot too.  That seems to be the theme for BOTH spring and summer weddings this year…it’s HOT and muggy.  Formal photos first!

Then, lots and lots of fun ones…because this group deserved it!

We had a good bit of time left so Sam and I got to really relax and take our time with these formals.  Sam mentioned one of her favorite photos from her wedding (back in 2018) is one of her and her husband walking away.  I didn’t know at the time why she’d said something.  Then, I looked back later when sorting these photos and saw that she was, in fact, taking them for Ashley and Brad too!  My assistants are the best ever, I swear!  They put themselves in the couple’s shoes and take those photos I don’t aways have the time to get!  It’s the best grouping when put together in the gallery!

Then, we got right down to business at the lakeside of The Vineyards at Pine Lake!  We wanted the best of both worlds…lake AND vineyard.  So, first up, the lakeside versions of their wedding photos! This is a good mixture of my photos and Sam’s photos!  I couldn’t narrow it down too much so I’m just going to throw a bunch at you!

…to the vineyard!

Ooooo myyyyy GOODNESS ME!  All the Hannah-isms for these beauties!  These two take an absolutely amazing photo…photos…every photo is good!  So, we took ALLL the phtoos!

Then, off to the reception we went!  Their entrances were unique and fun!

After dances and speeches and all the things, these two gave me all the cute cake photos.  Usually, my couples take one bite and are done.  These two kept on eating it.  I thought they thought they HAD to eat it.  Nope.  They said, “It’s just so good!” and I love them for that!  It was good.  I snagged a photo later in the night!

The beauty of this vineyard is the outdoor space and view!  Sam and I went in and out all night to make sure we tried to get everyone!

I’m not even sure how it happened but the party moved eventually moved from the center of the dance floor to the side…right in front of the DJ!  It was the right choice too because this party got CRAZY!  And I’m sure glad it did because Ashley decided at the last minute to have me stay for the reception! Woooooo!! Look at them go!

Ashley and Brad, you were a dream couple – super laid back, beautiful to photograph, personalities you just want to keep spending time with…and a total hype group that came along with you!  I knew their wedding would be “gold”…but I didn’t know it quite literally would have all the gold, glitz and glam!  Ballroom weddings with class have always been a favorite…I can’t say it enough!  This one was A+++ in the photography department!  Thank you BOTH for choosing me to be your photographer and for being such an amazing couple to photograph.  I didn’t thinK we were going to get a rain free day…but we did (for the most part) and it ended up being one of the biggest galleries of 2022! YES!

One more time…CONGRATS TO MR. & MRS. LARSON!


Bride’s Gown – Bridal Beginning

Bridesmaids’ Attire – Bridal Beginning

Men’s Attire – American Commodore

Shoes – Badgley Mischka (Bride’s)

Jewelry – Jared’s

Hair/Makeup – Sarah Delaine Bridal (Hair), Makeup by Jenna (Makeup)

Wedding Planner/Coordinator – The Vineyards at Pine Lake (Taylor)

Florist – Jenny Wehr

Cake – Dutch Haus

DJ – Joshua Comm

Catering – The Vineyards at Pine Lake

Officiant – Ronald Matthews

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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