My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Engagement Photos w/ Love, Laughter, and Rain

Ooo man…I’ve got a lot of words for this engagement session but I’ll do my very best to control all the “Hannah” and save it for the wedding.  If you’re new here to the Hannah Barlow Photography blogs, “Welcome”!  I’m long winded and love to rave about my couples and this couple, in particular, pulled at my heart strings in great ways!  I can 100% guarantee these two will have a wedding blog next year that’s long in all the amazing ways too!  Ashley and Brad traveled quite a distance for this engagement session last week and then a pop up thunderstorm changed all our plans…but it didn’t change their smiles.  Let’s get this thing started, shall we?!  Meet Ashley and Brad and give them ALL your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  Their rainy day engagement session is live RIGHT now!

Ashley and I chatted a lot about this session!  She wanted flowers…all the flowers.  Instead of having me come up their way, they opted to make the long trek to Oglebay to enjoy the flowers here.  I knew they were traveling.  I hate driving too (and later found out Brad does, as well, but was willing to do it for Ashley and these photos).  So, I checked the forecast over and over …and over again.  All looked good.  So, as I was driving to the session, I saw black clouds…REAL dark, angry clouds.  I checked the forecast…all good…then, I pulled up my trusty radar and saw a storm building.  Cue the Hannah panic!  They were already close.  Hair and makeup had been completed…so, I hoped for the best and it did look like it was going to clear.  Well, it didn’t.  That storm just kept building in size.  So, we went for it.  Now, most couples at this point would have been in a full blown panic.  HECK…I was starting to panic.  I had a vision for these two and once I saw them in person…I wanted more and more and more!  These two are beautiful inside and out…I’d only emailed with Ashley and then spent a few minute with them while we waited it out in our cars but again…I wanted it ALL for them.  So, off we went!  It was POURING.  They just kept smiling!

They even offered to run IN THE RAIN to this teeny, little, dry spot.  Of course, the clouds then opened and it POURED.  GAH!  While I’m trying to figure out how to make magic, they’re just laughing and dancing and having a grand time.  These are the kind of people I need in my wedding photographer life…RIGHT HERE.

So, we finally threw in the towel with the flowers and opted for a more dry location! Ahhhhh!  Let’s breath and start over!

Then, I started the Hannah squeals.  These two are so stinkin’ easy to be around and once I read their couple fun fact survey, it made sense.  Brad even mentioned that Ashley is always in good spirits and doesn’t dwell on things.  I mean…I can totally see that right here!  On the flip side, Ashley pointed out that Brad always goes over and above for people.  Not only did I notice him opening Ashley’s car door (cue the wedding photographer swooning over here)…but he offered and helped carry my gear even when I told him he’s not allowed to be working and not allowed to be SUCH a gentleman when his wedding day rolls around.  I’ll allow it at this session if I must but I have a feeling that’s going to be hard for him….for both of them!  They’re very selfless, giving people but I’m going to do my BEST to make them be and act the kind and queen they are on their wedding day!  Good people like this deserve a perfect wedding day!

Their genuine laughter made this WHOLE session!  They love for one another did too!  How did all this come about?  Well, Brad proposed to Ashley with a blue ring pop…just kidding!  Well, not kidding about the ring pop.  He did give her one of those and called it an early anniversary present while they were at the beach.  Being how relaxed these two were at their engagement session, I can picture this happening…all nonchalant.  But just a few minutes later, he surprised her with a BEAUTIFUL ring and proposal (you’ll see it later).  She said, “YES!”…of course!

The sun was out…the smiles kept coming.  I told them about another wedding I did where it also rained on her engagement session.  I told them this better be the only rain we have to deal with because I’m already pumped up about their big day and it’s still almost a year from now.

Yep.  Still raining…but more of a drizzle.  So, I HAD to have SOME flowers for this beautiful couple so we sealed the deal on this session by pulling off to the side of the road and utilizing these roses.  I was originally going to do hydrangeas but even the hydrangeas that were near here weren’t feeling the rain!

Ooo yea…and this RING! GAH!

That’s it!  That’s a wrap on this one!  These two will be saying “I do” at Pine Lake Vineyards next July.  I can NOT wait to go back!  It was so pretty there when I photographed another wedding.  They said their ceremony will be composed of some of their closest family and friends and then they’ll be partying the night away with even more guests!  The dress code is going to be cocktail/semi formal (Yes….YES!) and we’re going to be seeing lots of matte gold and dusty/light blue.  Someone hold me back! I’m already freaking out over this one!  AHHHHHHH!!  Thanks for reading.  Happy Monday!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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