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Amanda & Brian’s Oglebay Engagement Session

Amanda and Brian are getting married June 4th of this year and hired me to capture those special moments on their big day!  I really love to work with my couples ahead of time to get to know their personalities so we can make the best team possible when the wedding rolls around.  An engagement session is the perfect way to do just that!  When I saw how beautiful and WARM it was going to be this past Tuesday (in March!), I had to reach out and get these two to meet me for some beautiful pictures.  We decided to meet at Oglebay since it is the same location where they will be married.  It’s so beautiful out there.  Not to mention there are a ton of locations for great pictures.

These two are naturals whether they believe it or not. 🙂  It took very little instruction and coaxing to get them posed (or unposed as I prefer).  I always make sure to get those posed photos for the grandmas, but, for the most part, I like a nice, candid photo when the couple is just being natural!  Lots of times, I’ll catch the “in between” shot.  That’s the shot when the couple isn’t really expecting anything to happen, but it usually turns out being the most honest.  It tends to really embrace their personalities and love for each other.  I hope you all enjoy!

This one below was one of my favorites.  Very simple, but you can feel the love.  Unlike a lot of the photos where I asked them to kiss, I caught this one at the end of a series of shots.  It was natural and happened right after I asked them to dance (Yes.  I asked them to dance in the park with people watching!).  More of those to come!

 Wellsburg, WV Wedding Photographer

 Wellsburg, WV Wedding Photographer

 Wellsburg, WV Wedding Photographer

 Wellsburg, WV Engagement Photos

This was the first time that I asked them to dance!  I love how all couples are different.  He picked her up and swung her around while she managed to keep a very flattering pose.  Love it!  We had to excuse ourselves out of the way of some people walking their dogs, of course. HA!

 Wellsburg, WV Engagement Session

As you all know, I’m a sucker for a good, moody black and white photo.

 Wedding Photographer, Wellsburg, WV

More dancing!  A little slower this time.  It’s great practice for the big day!

 Oglebay Engagement Session

 Wellsburg, WV Wedding Photographer

OoOO my!  When I do a silhouette, I usually have a clear background and not so much busyness (those trees) in the background, but this one just worked for me!

 Wellsburg, WV Engagement Photographer

The sun was going down and these pictures were meant to be!

 Wellsburg, WV Wedding Photographer

I hope you all enjoyed these!  I really, REALLY loved this session.  Not only were these two so easy to work with, they were game for anything I asked them to do.  I can’t wait for their wedding!  It’s going to be so beautiful!  Thanks Amanda and Brian!

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