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Gaunt/Anderson Wedding | Colliers, WV

Good evening, everyone!  I wanted to share this wedding with you all!  I shot this wedding as a second shooter for Cyn Davis Photography.  Now that all the loose ends are tied up, the couple has their photos from Cynthia, and I’m back from the beach….I’m sharing!!!!  It’s my favorite thing to do! When I can’t talk you ear off, I’ll blog your eyes out! 🙂 Here’s some shots I took throughout the day that are favorites of mine!

I arrived at the church early to shoot some details and catch the men getting ready while Cynthia was off with the girls capturing those getting ready moments at the salon.

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer Cake

The Open Door Baptist Church in Colliers, WV was the location for both their ceremony and reception.  It’s a beautiful church.  I’d never been here before.  There’s so much beauty to photograph!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

Black and white dress photos are a MUST, in my opinion.

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer Dress Photo

The room where the men were getting ready was BRIGHT orange.  So, I went scouting and found this neat little location with a fun library as a unique background.  It went went with their color scheme, so I ran with it.  I think they thought I was nuts when I moved them to a new location!  First, we must test out the location with one of the cute, little ring bearers as my subject!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

Michael and his groomsmen were one of the most cooperative group of men I’ve worked with.  They were game for anything!  I wish I could show you all the pictures they happily posed for, but this blog post would go on for years!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

Black and white groom pictures….another must!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer Groom Getting Ready

Jamie kept a smile on her face the whole day!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer Getting Ready Photo Bride

Here’s a few more detail shots!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer Detail Photo

Jamie and Michael wanted to say “Hi” to one another right before walking down the aisle.  They didn’t actually see each other, but you could see and feel the love yourself.  I think it calmed the nerves a little bit too! That’s a plus!  I love the second photo because Jamie was starting to tear up.  So sweet!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

Here comes the bride!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

Some moments I caught during the ceremony.

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

She’s the cutest train adjuster I’ve seen in a long time!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

I love wide angle church shots!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

Let’s make is really official – get a signature on that marriage certificate!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

Cynthia styled this shot below.  I can’t take credit for this idea, but it’s a beautiful photo that I was able to sneak!  The shot below it shows what the boys were doing while we were taking formals.  Anything to keep the kids entertained!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

It rained….and drizzled….and rained a little more this day.  It FINALLY dried up enough that we could all go outside and sneak a few formal pictures though! YAY!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

You don’t see people throwing bird seed at weddings very often anymore.  It was a nice surprise!  I like this tradition.

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

On second thought, we were picking bird seed out of their hair for the remainder of the night, so maybe that’s why people don’t do it often anymore! HA!

 Weirton, WV Wedding Photographer

Congratulations, Jamie and Michael!  Thank you for letting me tag along with Cynthia and be a part of your day!  I hope you both enjoy a long and happy marriage with your two beautiful boys!



As mentioned above, Cyn Davis Photography was the primary photographer for this wedding.  If you would like more information on the vendors involved in this event, please check out that information on her website.

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