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The C. Family


Meet the C. family!  I actually went to high school and college with Liz.  I come to find out that we also went to college with Chad; although, I don’t ever remember meeting him. HA!  He was there though!  As a result, West Liberty University is a special place for this family.  It’s where it all started.  What better place to shoot some family photos?  

As with all two year olds, this little guy is on the run, but I did find out that a policeman here or there will make him stop and smile.  He loves his police officers!  I might have teased him a bit by telling him I saw one!  It was worth the smiles!


 West Liberty Family Photography

 West Liberty Family Photography

 West Liberty Family Photography

 West Liberty Family Photography

 West Liberty Family Photography

We had a little fun with mom and dad.  Yes, that’s my reflector again.  I swear I use that thing more for entertainment and to keep my clients dry than anything else!  The kids always seem to love my “giant frisbee”….that’s what I call it!

 West Liberty Family Photography

 West Liberty Family Photography

It was nice being back on campus!  Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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