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Erin & Dennis | Bentleyville, PA| Engagement Session


Meet Erin and Dennis!  Erin found me on Google and hired me to do her wedding next June at the Summit Inn in Farmington, PA!  We’ve spoken via email and text for some time so it was so great to finally meet her in person for these engagement photos!!  Her sister was kind enough to let us use her property in Bentleyville, PA.  It was beautiful and just perfect!  Just wait until you see these pictures!!!

First, we shot some photos with their son Carter per his request, of course!  He’s very handsome and a great sport!

 Bentleyville, PA Fall Engagement Photos

Then, we moved on to some other photos and some posing!!  Don’t they make a great looking couple?!

 Bentleyville, PA Fall Engagement Photos

They did great walking and great snuggling!  This path was perfect!

 Bentleyville, PA Fall Engagement Photos

Then, I had them stop and dip……uh oh.  With Erin’s permission, I am allowed to post their dip fail and pick on them a little bit!  I told them they have homework to do before their wedding!  You know me…I love a good dip!

 Bentleyville, PA Fall Engagement Photos

The sun may have been bright, but this location was sooo pretty!  Then, I gave them some credit for a more improved dip this time!  Good job!

 Bentleyville, PA Fall Engagement Photos

You know me.  I love a good black and white photo….or three!

 Bentleyville, PA Fall Engagement Photos

Now, for the grand finale!  This was our last stop on the property and it was GORGEOUS!  I love everything about these photos!

 Bentleyville, PA Fall Engagement Photos

 Bentleyville, PA Fall Engagement Photos

She looks fierce in this next photo!! The wind whipped her hair perfectly as I pressed the shutter!! 

 Bentleyville, PA Fall Engagement Photos

 Bentleyville, PA Fall Engagement Photos

Congratulations, you two!  I cannot wait until your wedding in June!!!

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