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Jane & Zac | Engagement Session | Barton, OH

Meet Jane and Zac!  Jane and I first met before she officially hired me to shoot her wedding.  I talked her ear off for two hours while we sipped coffee at Time Horton’s and discussed the craziness that is photographing a wedding!  I was so happy when she told me she was definitely going to hire me!  Her visions for her wedding are amazing and she’s going to make an absolutely beautiful bride (Zac will look good too, of course 😉 )!  On top of that, she’s having their reception at the Hampton Inn in St. Clairsville, Ohio!  That’s where I had my own reception back in 2008, so I can’t wait to go back!!

These engagement pictures were taken in Barton, OH.  That’s right outside of St. Clairsville!  I can’t wait for you to see them!!


 Fall Engagement Pictures with Dirtbike Barton, OH

This next group has some of my favorites!

 Fall Engagement Pictures Barton, OH

Of course, there was dancing!! Ironically, Jane reminded me that they needed to dance (not that I’d EVER forget), but she prompted the dancing all on her own.  That was totally fun and a great surprise!  I had told her about my crazy posing strategies when we met back in June, and this was one thing that must have stuck…..or I’m just that nuts! Either way, isn’t it so pretty?!

 Fall Engagement Pictures in Barton, OH

She originally wanted to get down in the creek, but the banks were too steep.  This was a great alternative and created some beauties!

 Fall Engagement Pictures in Barton, OH

Then, we moved on to this location.  This was Jane’s choice and just screams fall!  It makes me laugh because I somehow always end up in the middle of roads.  Weddings….engagement shoots….. usually in a road at some point! HA!  They do make for some great photos though and can we just talk about that dip?!  You know me…I love a good dip and Zac didn’t even miss a beat.  I said “Dip her!” and he literally braced himself and whipped her back for this magnificent dip!  At one point, he was bearing all her weight and I seriously thought they were going down!! Alas, this was the result!!!!!  Can you image what their dip is going to look like at their wedding?! AHHHHHH! A++ on the dipping for these two! Great job!

 Fall Engagement Pictures

Then, we moved back to her parent’s house for some cozy shots.  I would have never guessed red would look this good against a fall backdrop!!  Loving it!

 Fall Engagement Pictures

Last but not least, she brought their beloved dog, Scout, out for some shots!  He was super excited to meet me and even more excited to get his picture taken!  I may have had some of his favorite treats in my hand – oyster crackers! HA!  Didn’t he do so good though?!

 Fall Engagement Pictures with Dalmation

Congrats to the two of you!! I can’t wait to see you all dressed up in June!!! EEEKKKKKKK!!

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