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Cross Creek the Band | Hannah Barlow Photography

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I can’t believe it!



Cross Creek the Band has their first album on sale now!! EEEEKKKKKK! Ok, so it’s actually been on sale for a while now, but I still needed to share and YOU need to go out and get this thing!  Trust me!

Let’s do a little Hannah Barlow history lesson per the usual, shall we?  So, four of these boys are brothers.  They’re also “brothers” of mine.  I’m an only child, so I don’t truly have any biological siblings but I do have these guys.  I grew up with them.  They lived a mile down the road from my house and we’ve all remained close!  Their mom is lovingly known as “Momma Graham” and my kids call her “Grandmomma Graham”….that’s just how it goes around here!  Momma Graham has many “children” as you can see and she’s VERY proud of her four boys!  Chad, the lead singer, and I are about the same age and graduated from the same high school class.  Johnny, the drummer, is very good friends with my husband and they graduated together!  Joel and Patrick, well…..they’re the little brothers 🙂 and Jeffy D and Jeff (yep…two Jeffs) are the neighbor kids we never could get rid of! HA! Just kidding, guys….you know I love you all!

So, about a decade ago, these guys decided to put together a band!  Here we are now!  They’re on the radio and Chad is singing to me in my car!  It’s kind of strange….a good, male friend of mine serenading me. HA!  Sooooooo cool though, right?!  I’ve also had the song “Boots” stuck in my head for about three days and it’s slowly making me mad!  BUT that’s a testament to this album.  I’ll admit, it’s a little nerve-racking listening to a friend’s album.  You want to love it! You do!!!  What if you don’t love it?! AHHHH!  Well, it turns out I already knew half the songs from concerts over the years and the new ones are positively addicting!  So, I’m happy to report……I DO love this album!!  It’s a hit in my book! I’m not just saying that because they’re great friends of mine either.  ANDDDDDD I’m not being paid to blog this and say these nice things!  This isn’t a sponsored post whatsoever (and I think Chad is the only one who knew it was coming).  You just need to trust me!  If you’re a country music fan, you NEED this album!

Another super awesome part is that I took the album images!!  Chad gave me about 24 hours to take them, edit them, and submit them.  Thanks, Chad.  I’ve only been asking for YEARS to do another shoot with you guys!  Jeesh….”brothers”! *insert eye roll emoji here*

So, sit back and relax and take a look at some of my favorites!

Guess what?!  I made these guys walk too.  Just like my couples….EVERYONE has to “walk snuggle walk” during my sessions.  I didn’t make them snuggle though.  They let me boss them around a bit…but I’m pretty sure they would have drawn a thick line on that request! HA!  But they walked for me….and I loved it!

The guys requeted some sepia conversions and here are the final images that were chosen and used on the album!

…and here are some photos to take a trip down memory lane!!! 

So, go ahead…preview some songs!! You won’t be disappointed! You can get a hold of some of their tunes on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play among other places!!!  My personal favorites are “On my Way”, “Boots”, “War Torn Hero”, and “Buffalo Creek”!

Also, you can expect to see my part on their True Hollywood Story one day!! Watch out!  I talk a lot!

Chad, Johnny, Patrick, Joel, Jeff, and Jeffy D…I’m SO proud of you! <3 Congrats, guys! <3 

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