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Oglebay Family Session | Hannah Barlow Photography | WV Wedding Photography

Happy Monday, everyone!

Are you all ready for something a little different?!  I had an odd break in wedding season this year so I had some time to squeeze in some non-wedding photography sessions! YAY!  So, I sure hope you are prepared because you’re about to experience some cuteness OVERLOAD! For real!! 

These two little girls were my very first flower girls EVER!  Two years ago, they didn’t love my camera as much as they do now!  They were much tinier and I even remember one of them taking a nap behind the bridal table with all the DJ music and commotion going on!  OoOoo memories!  I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I photographed my very first wedding!  These two will forever hold a special place in my heart because, as I said, they were the very first flower girls to ever be photographed by my company!

So, get ready for some smiling…these two were READY for me to take their photo this evening!

Remember these two cuties!?  No, they are not twins…..BUT they are super close in age! They are also ADORABLE and HILARIOUS!

…and they really do love each other…SO MUCH….most of the time! HA!

Time for the individuals! GAH! So cute!  These, of course, were taken at Oglebay in Wheeling. WV.  Most people recognize this place as soon as they see it!

They were eager to try anything!

…even a little peek-a-boo behind the bush!

Check out these poses! Do we have Vogue on call?!  Give it 15 years to perfect these moves and we’re going to see these girls on a front cover! Who am I kidding?!  They’ve already perfected them! HA!  I couldn’t have done it better if I tried! 

..and then there were sunglasses which pulled out even more of their tiny but BIG personalities! I seriously couldn’t stop giggling when I was shooting these, sorting these, editing these…..heck, I’m still laughing because the cuteness goes on forever!

So sweet!

If you give them a gate, they will pose! 

Check them out! Movie stars! 

More sister love was spread for all to see!

I played with the light a bit while we were walking back to the cars before we went to the lake!

So, we headed down to the lake and then this magic happened right as the sun was going down!! Look at those faces!

I believe this was “We’re not sure what poses we have left, Hannah….so we’ll give you this”!  Perfection!

…and then they were gifted with ice cream as a treat.  Let’s face it – these two little ones ROCKED their session!  Honestly, I did very little coaching…the poses were all them!! I heard rumor they were so looking forward to this session and even practiced!  Well, A+++ to you two!

Great Job!

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