My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Caitlin & Trey’s Washington Engagement Session | Hannah Barlow Photography | PA Wedding Photography

Hello, everyone!! Friday is almost hereeeeee!!! YAY!

Let’s give a big, warm “Hello” to Caitlin and Trey!! They’re the newest couple to be in front of my camera and I can NOT wait to show you this session!! It had everything I so dearly love…great stone buildings, big wooden doors, pretty light, AND an amazing couple who was willing to try anything, put up with my shenanigans and smile! This session was a piece of cake!  I’d also like to shout out to my good photog friend Christie who tagged along with me to get some good shots from the side! <3

So, here we go! Meet Caitlin and Trey!

Caitlin and Trey were a joy to work with from the start.  They showed up with big smiles on their faces and were ready to go!  They also graciously welcomed Christie to their session.  I know it can be nerve racking to have one photographer present…two can be down right frightening.  This was great practice for their wedding though and they didn’t seem to care anyway!  Meeting them and setting them up for their first shot was easy and I knew from the start this was going to be a good one!  

Caitlin and I had been chatting via email for some time so I knew she was a kind soul with amazing features (I checked out her profile picture…HA!).  Caitlin also has amazing body art and I definitely wanted to showcase it.  Trey gave me full permission to put him wherever I needed him…glasses on…glasses off….this way…or that way…it didn’t matter! He’s so stinking sweet and he has SKILLS! OooO you just wait….I would have never guessed but he’s got some secret skills that he threw out and it’s going to be AMAZING to do this again at their wedding!  It always surprises me when my grooms bust out their moves in front of my camera but I couldn’t have been more excited about these ones! 

So, less rambling…more photos.  Check out the light…the buildilngs….the doors….their expressions!  These two have love that just naturally shows! 

This might be one of my very favorite moments!

Of course, there was walking and snuggling! Always!

When I have steps available, I frequently do this move!  I like to call it “come away with me” and these two could go back in time!! Check out their expressions and stances!  Trey’s a natural gentleman!  Caitlin’s got the perfect “toe on the step” and graceful stance…it just worked!

Drum roll, please.  Honest to goodness, this couldn’t have happened any differently and you just can’t make this up!  I had asked Caitlin if she was willing to try and dip since she had a dress on and we were in town (I frequently have gawkers and didn’t want to risk some wind up her dress).  Of course, these two were totally game to give it a whirl….and OoOOo my goodness.  Here’s how it went.  

Me: “Awesome! Hold on one second.  I need to grab my other lens.” 

*I proceed to turn my back and run down the stairs to grab another lens.  I hear Trey coaching her. I turn around.*


CHECK OUT THIS DIP!  Where the heck is the “shocked” emoji when I need it!?  I literally turned around, pulled my camera up, and prayed I got it! I am VERY thankful for two of my photography instructors (shout out to Rachel and Bre!).  One taught me how to meter so I never have to change my settings for exposure.  I’m almost always ready for the next shot.  Another told me to NEVER…EVER…put your guard (or camera) down because that’s when a moment like this will happen.  She said, “always be ready”.  AHHHH!  She was so right!

Look at them!  Trey admitted he took swing dancing lessons….he’s got MAD skills!  I’ve clearly been coaching my couples wrong all this time because this was the most comfortable and natural dip ever! I joked that Emily and Aaron (Hi, guys!) have serious competition now!  Their dip was one that was “famous” because of how parallel he got her to the ground (and I had couples commenting on it and practicing)…

Caitlin and Trey….WELL DONE!  Well done!

I keep imagining all the magic that’s going to happen at their wedding! EEEKKK!

I still can’t get over it.  I literally jumped up and down like a child! HA!

Ok…on to the next set!

Look how natural they are together! 

I put them over in the trees to give them some variety in their engagement gallery!  I also needed some good ring shots.  Her ring is so beautiful! It’ll make for some great detail shots when the wedding rolls around!  You know I love my detail shots!

Of course, there was dancing too (and I think there was singing, as well)! Check him out!! He took the lead (of course…with those swing dancing skills and all) and she just went along with it!! This is a true gentleman and a lady, everyone!  They’re made for each other!

I didn’t realize until I got home how truly beautiful Caitlin’s eyes are AND she’s also got some amazing eyebows! It’s so funny that us photographers notice these things when we edit but we really do and my mind just started whirling with all the amazing close-up opportunities we’re going to have for her wedding day!

Seriously, check it out! Amazing! I plan to replicate these because it was just so easy!

I had told him to whisper in her ear…I have no idea what he said but he reaction says it all!!


Congrats to you both!! Christie and I had a GREAT time and I have no doubts your wedding gallery is going to have even bigger and better photos than this!

These two will be tying the knot next May in Washington, PA and will celebrate at their wedding reception at the Nemacolin Country Club in Beallsville, PA! Check back in the spring! You won’t want to miss it! 

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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