My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Pittsburgh Engagement Session | Hannah Barlow Photography | PA Wedding Photography

Hello, everyone! Jeesh.  I’m BEHIND on blogging!  I traditionally blog each of my sessions when I post the gallery, but I got way behind this week! My apologies to everyone!  BUT, I’d love for you to meet these two – Greg and Danielle!  It’s funny.  Danielle and I have been chatting a lot since she hired me!  She’s mentioned Greg many times and for whatever reason, his name just wouldn’t stick in my head! THEN, I got home and was creating their “Danielle and Greg” folder and my four year old came into the room.  She asked me who these people were (this is her routine…she needs to know all the details of each couple right down to eye color..HA!) and I told her, “This is Greg and Danielle” to which she replied, “That is NOT Greg and Danielle”, and THEN it hit me.  We actually have friends with the same names and they are already married.  So, while she figured it out right off the bat, my brain didn’t.  So, this is the second set of “Gregs and Danielles” I know now and I think that’s why my brain just wouldn’t accept it at first! HA!  Nevertheless, these two will forever be stuck in my memories because this session had all kinds of goodness! Just wait until you see it! 

I also need to introduce their fur baby – Troy!  He’s the cutest little guy and he was SO good for his photo op!  So, take a good look at Greg, Danielle, and Troy! They’re getting married next May and during my first doubleheader of the year! EEKKK!  It’s going to be great!  Take a look and you’ll see why! 


I’ve rambled enough!  Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?! We took these engagement photos at a location chosen by the couple in Pittsburgh.  It was PERFECT!  Just Perfect!  It had everything that makes me soooooo happy – big stone walls, paths, dead foliage, pretty light, and a couple in love! EEKKK!! Check it out!  Starting out at this wall was Greg’s idea and I knew…just knew…after I shot these they would be my favorites!

I know Danielle was a little nervous about all this! I sure hope she’s not now! These two rocked it! For real!  She had nothing to be worried about!  I kept mentioning over and over how they are natural snugglers.  She said they’ve had 6+ years to practice and I believe it!  My very basic prompts led to very genuine posing and it all just worked! It was so easy! 

Seriously though, let’s talk about this wall again.  It’s like my dream come true! Danielle has perfect toe placement and Greg’s hands ended up in all the right places (we frequently joke at my sessions about hand placement…my clients know!)!  We had the “dead arm” conversation (all of my couples know what I’m talking about)… and Greg really did pretty well!  You might see a time or two when they’re positively laughing and that’s because I caught him with that “dead arm”.  Let me tell you…I’m all about shouting it out!  It always makes for great smiles and genuine couple moments!  People might think they’ve hired a crazy photographer, but they love their images!

OooO this light! THE LIGHT! GAH! I love everything about these photos! A very slight change in my position gave the couple a pretty lens flare photo on the right!  It’s like magic when this happens!

Check out the look in Danielle’s eyes! AHH! Perfection! I’m also standing in a flower bed! HA! 

Of course, there was a good bit of walking and snuggling on this amazing path! Everything about these photos screams fall and love and amazingness!  I’m not sure if Danielle and I had the “color pop” conversation regarding outfits but she nailed it! She pops right off the page!

And now…ladies and gentlemen….THE DIP!  These two practiced and practice did make perfect! Gosh…this might be one of the best dips this year (and we’ve had a lot!).  Check them out!  I told her it was like yoga posing and a dip all in one! Check out Greg’s stance too! He’s on it! AHHHHH! I am just loving this…so much so I had to share three! 

Seriously, check out the love and snuggling on this photo (bottom right).  That’s just “them”…it’s so natural for them and makes my job so easy! 

Then, we moved over to this fountain and wall! So many opportunities at this place! 

I told her to really snuggle like she meant it!

We added Troy into the mix on a few more while we waited for that crazy bright light to set a bit! It got pretty harsh there for a while and hiding behind these rocks was a great solution!

More cuddling and more laughs!…Ooo and an outfit change!

…and a little slow dancing by the rocks.  Danielle and Greg both have such gentle and easy going personalities.  I’m sure you can see it in these photos but I thought it was worth mentioning!

Ring shots for each of them!  Greg has an engagement ring too! <3 I love that!

These stairs gave us a few more opportunities for some photos! 

Everyone needs a good macro ring shot, right?!  Behind the scenes moment: the wind kept blowing the leaves and we had to all huddle around them to try and avoid them being blown until I got the shot.  We started out with a lot more leaves than this! HA! People were probably wondering what the heck we were doing!! I’m used to those looks by now though!  And because I’m never really done, I snapped a few of them just being natural and doing their thing.  I’m not even sure they knew I was still shooting photos.  They were putting their rings back on and the moment just felt right! 

I also need a moment to show you all the sweet gift Danielle and Greg gave me! My clients treat me WAY too good, for real!  Before we even got started with this engagement session (and as soon as they stepped out of the car), she offered me a gift bag!  Although we’d had a phone conversation and many email exchanges, we’d never met in person!  I’m typically the gift giver so this was new and fun AND she apparently has either read my blogs…followed me…or just has good intuition because she nailed it.  I’m a coffee lover…messy bun wearer and I’m always getting stuff done (at least it feels that way…don’t ever come to my house unannounced! PLEASE!)!  This gift was just perfect! 

…and I may have spent a little too much time having fun with this mug.  In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have really filled it with coffee! It was hard to hold without looking awkward! HA!  Seriously though, I love this gift!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you two!  My friends (and husband) will tell you I’m REALLY picky about my coffee mugs! This one is a keeper!

Before I wrap it up, I’ve got one more thing to show you!  Henry, Greg’s dad, kindly tagged along to take care of Troy so we could focus on the photos Troy wouldn’t be in!  He also brought his drone and took these photos below!  Per his request, I am happy to share them! <3  

Thank you, everyone, for looking!  I hope you enjoyed their session!! There are not very many people I’d agree to shoot in Pittsburgh during rush hour! Jeesh! I’m a country girl and that traffic makes me crazy! I literally bit off all my nails sitting in it! HA!  These two are worth it though!  They’ve never been anything but sweet and kind and just great clients!  The photos are amazing and some things are worth sitting in rush hour traffic for, right?!  

Be sure to check back in May for this couple’s wedding! Kari and I are going back to Irons Mill to photograph their wedding and I can’t wait! It’s going to be a good one and an easy one…I just know it!  Congrats to Greg and Danielle!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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