My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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A Snowy Engagement Session | Hannah Barlow Photography | Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

Hey Hey, my dedicated readers!  I CAN’T WAIT for you to meet these two!  Seriously, I’m dying for you to see these two!  Say “Hello” to Jenna and Joe! These two are amazing!  What every photographer wants to here is…”YES! We love having our picture taken!” and these two did not disappoint!  I mean, I think most women enjoy having their photo taken, but guys don’t typically love it so much.  Joe immediately made my photographer heart SO HAPPY when he stepped out of his truck, shook my hand, and told me he loved having his photo taken too! EEEKKKKKKKK!!!  My dreams continue to come true!  Where do these people come from and how did I get so lucky for them to pick me?!  I mean…really?!  Every day I continue to be so amazed and grateful that so many couples are willing to hire this “old” cardiac nurse who never had any professional photography training in her life (until last year) to capture their memories!  This is seriously the best job ever!

Ironically, this is only the second time I’ve photographed an engagement session at Raccoon State Park in Pennsylvania and both the guys I photographed here were named Joe! HA!  Both my “Joes” (maybe a little pun intended and definitely not “my” Joes)…love having their photo taken and take AMAZING photos as a result! So, sit back…relax…and enjoy these two and their VERY chilly and snowy engagement session!

I felt so bad.  I’ve only ever had to reschedule a session as a result of rain one or two other times and we had to reschedule this couple’s sessions not once…..but TWICE!   This was our third attempt and we texted back and forth when I got home from Kassandra and Derek’s wedding the night before this shoot to decide if we were willing to brave the elements and go for it!  It really was meant to be though!  Jenna is another one of my winter brides!  She will become Mrs. Joe Stuart next December.  As a result, I could NOT contain my excitement when I showed up and the lake was covered in ice AND snow!  I didn’t even think it was cold enough for those conditions so it was definitely unexpected but such a nice surprise!!  Not only is it really pretty but it’s great practice for next year too!  I bet they had a lot to say when they pulled in and I was dressed in my snow gear! HA!  I have no shame! You all know this!

Seriously, I’m SO GLAD we didn’t reschedule a third time even though it was a blustery 30ish degrees!  I mean….LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS!  How she managed to not look cold is beyond me!

Jenna is a beautiful girl inside and out.  I’d never met her prior to this session but already felt like I knew her!  She’s one of my brides that keeps me in on allllllll the details and I couldn’t love that more!  We’ve chatted via text since she hired me and I always smile.  Her sweetness is evident even in her texts.  I gave her a big hug when she hopped out of the truck and I’m thankful my couples don’t think I’m nuts when I do things like that!  I’m a people person….I’m a hugger…a talker…you can’t get away from me! 😉 

So, it was refreshing to meet Joe and see that he’s very much like Jenna.  He’s also very in love with his girl.  It’s hard to explain but he’s just very “careful” or maybe “gentle” with her.  I don’t know!  Sometimes I’m not good at explaining these things.  You’ll see here in a bit what I’m talking about!  The love these two have for one another pours out of them and also popped right out of the photos I took!  The best way I guess I can explain it is when you read a really mushy book and the couples are just so in love and you think “this stuff just does not happen in real life”…well, that’s kind of these two.  They could star in a movie!  Is that too sappy?  It’s true! HA! I just don’t know how else to explain it but you can bet there was a lot of hooting and hollering and grunting on my part!  You know…the usual when I’m excited!  I also felt pretty inadequate aside from taking the photos.  My usual bossy self wasn’t needed as these two posed themselves and kept moving…there were no awkward moments or “what do we dos”….they didn’t need me at all except to snap the photos HA!  My goodness…I can’t wait to see their wedding photos!

Now that I’ve rambled…check out her beautiful ring! Good work, Joe!  I also love that you can see the detail in the snow.  Joe joked with me when I picked up my “props” for this shot and said “So, you’ve done this before, yea?”.  Yep!  I always grab at least three “props” off the ground for my ring shots! HA!  I also want to thank Joe for being my lighting assistant!  He held the light for me so I could make this ring sparkle!  I also killed that light..I just remembered I need to look at that thing because it did start to flicker and Joe was quick to let me know it wasn’t his fault!  HA! I killed a battery too at this session in the cold! It happens!

Moving on!  These are some of my very favorites.  They were truly snuggling!  It was pretty chilly! Like…30 degrees chilly.  Not for me though because I showed up in my Carhartts as I mentioned earlier! HA! 

Of course, when I feel a connection like I did with these two, I could talk and type for HOURS.  I already had a lot to say when I started this blog but then I read the couple’s questionnaire.  Before I even opened it, I knew I was going to be swooning.  They did not disappoint!  These two definitely don’t hide their “true colors”.  I would have described Jenna as sweet, quiet, but so giggly.  I also can’t figure out WHO she reminds me of! GAH! It’s been driving me crazy…I think it’s a celebrity but I can’t put my finger on it…anyone else?!  Joe described her as the most caring and sensitive person he has met who also happens to be smart, beautiful and plays along with all his corny jokes (I don’t remember hearing any).  On the flip side, Jenna described Joe as having an awesome sense of humor and always cracking jokes (again…I didn’t hear any)…she also mentioned…and I quote..”he’s so incredibly handsome, I love everything about him”.  Well now.  I’m going to cry at their wedding! I can feel it!

Of course, they HAD to dip!  Nailed it.

Remember how I mentioned he’s very “gentle” with her and they remind me of some characters in a book?  Well, check this series out.  For real, I just stood there and jumped with joy as all this was happening naturally for these two and all on its own…in a matter of seconds!  I couldn’t pick a favorite!  Who needs my direction?!  Not these two!

Of course, my need for a little dead foliage in the images prompted these photos!

Then, we moved on to Joe’s truck.  They let me know ahead of time they wanted photos with it.  I didn’t realize how much Joe really does love his truck.  Maybe it’s a toss up between Jenna or this Ford! HA!  Nonetheless, I mentioned “cropping some of the truck” and he firmly and hilariously stated “Do NOT crop the truck!”….Bahahahaha! 

Because I always come prepared (ok….or I am generally just really lazy after a wedding), I used a step ladder to get high enough to take these beauties!  Yes, people, I carry a step ladder with me to weddings!  Comes in handy!  At engagement sessions too when your couple shows up with a lifted truck!

Black and white for the win!!!!

These were all Jenna’s idea!  I told Joe he needed to lean really “manly like”.  He nailed it! HA!  Goodness, you know me and coordinating outfits.  Those outfits of theirs made me so happy!  Check out her purple shoes! AHHHHHHH!! IN LOVE!

Then, we did some snuggling in the back of the truck.  Not “we”, of course, but you know that’s how I always talk about these things!! I frequently say “at our wedding” to my couples when talking about their big day and we always have a good laugh.  It’s not “MY” wedding…but I live vicariously thought my couples, ya know! 

Dear Ford, if you need a good image for a commercial…voila!  Jenna and Joe now know my secret  to make rings magically stand or sit! Shhhhhhh!  Again, I was still packed for the wedding.  It all worked out! HA!  This was meant to be, I tell ya!

For a few extra shots, we headed over to the now very dead wildflower researve to do some walking and snuggling!

…and that’s it, folks!  I hope you enjoyed this session as much as I did!

Jenna and Joe will be tying the knot a little less than a year from now!  I can NOT wait!  I’m a lucky girl to get to photograph their wintery, Wintersville, Ohio wedding! <– It’s punny!  I love it! EEEKKKKK!

Have a great one!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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