My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Summer Engagement Session | Hannah Barlow Photography | WV Wedding Photography

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Please give a warm HBP, loyal, blog reader welcome to these two people!
(Jeesh.  That was a mouth-full.)

Meet Sara and Brandon!

So, I actually “know” these two!  They were guests and bridal party members at a few other weddings I’ve done.  I actually have a few brides right now who are friends of past couples so I wasn’t exactly sure who “Sara” would be until I saw her.  I had an idea but it is getting hard to keep track of who is who and who knows who until I actually see them again!  As soon as she stepped around the car though, I remembered her!  I mean…how could I not?!  Brandon, however…wellllllllll…I didn’t remember him right off the bat and that’s pretty ironic.  He was a groomsman in my 34 person bridal party last winter AND a guest at Jane and Zac’s wedding last summer.  Cut me some slack people! One wedding was a year ago and then it was 30 degrees this past winter and I was dealing with 14 rowdy groomsmen AND some alcohol induced shenanigans! HA!  My mind was other places (plus, Kari’s the name girl who gets to know everyone…I focus more on taking the photos!)  I immediately texted her when I got in the car and said, “Guess who I just photographed!”  She was excited!  It’s going to be AMAZING to see them all together again! WOOOOO!

So, Sara admitted that Brandon said great things about me when they were looking for a wedding photographer (THANK YOU, BRANDON!).  Boy ooOoo boy do I bet he was regretting those statements during this session! HA! I mean, he DID spend a whole day with me when he was a member of that large bridal party…he KNEW what he was getting himself into!  Nonetheless, he gave me a “2” on my 1 – 10 scale I always give my guys prior to every session.  Remember –  10 being, “I LOVE having my photos taken” to 1 being, “I’d rather have my fingernails removed with pliers”…..a “2”.  Oy!  

I don’t think that was true though!! I mean….LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS!

I think he just wanted to give me a hard time!  There was NOTHING hard about this session either!  They’re just beautiful together!  I’m picturing dresses and formal attire! WEEEEEE!

But seeeeee…these are the things he DIDN’T know about HBP photos!  There is always walking and snuggling!  ALWAYS!

…but I mean…they NAILED the snuggling!  They’re so natural together!  You two…REMEMBER this for your wedding!  Arm and leg placement…connection…it’s ALL SO GREAT!

It was during this part of the session while I was squealing and shouting commands that Brandon asked me if I had drank a Red Bull on my drive there.  NOPE!  I reminded him that I’m ALWAYS like this!  Always have been…I don’t think it’ll ever change at this point! HA!  I’m in fast forward most of the time…unless I’m sleeping!

Can you just picture their wedding photos?!  Did I mention they are one of my winter couples?!  Yep!  We’ll be back at Oglebay taking some beautiful winter photos…hopefully with some snow!! EEEEKKKKK!  They’re the FIRST couple out of the gates in 2019!  I can’t even wait!  My goodness!  Brandon’s getting lots of groom photos…he can consider this his warning! 😉

Then, we headed over here again because I just love the lines and flowers in this area!  They did some dancing and it was amazing!! Speaking of dancing, you just wait for what I have for you at the end of this blog! It’s amazingly great!

She nailed it.  Believe it or not, spinning is NOT easy.  The actual spin may be easy BUT making it look good…arms…face….legs…is the tough part!  She nailed it!  They’re both so easy to get along with and Sara has amazing long lines in her arms and legs.  I should have known I’d get this beauty! Aren’t the colors here just working too?!  So pretty on the eyes…all of it!

I was just loving all of this so I switched it up a bit and had them do some snuggling.  Brandon may loathe having his photo taken but he does a great job!! That’s all I can ask for!  When I can home and my husband asked how it went (that’s our usual), I told him I got a “2” on my scale.  He responded, “Well, that’s good.  I would give you a 1.5.”….I’m doomed to have my own photos!  Whomp! Whomp!

So, I guess I’ll just continue to live vicariously through my couples!  GAH!  

Just a few more because…it’s JUST so pretty!  I anticipate lots of Hannah squeals of delight at their wedding!  It’s going to be AMAZING!

ooOoooo yea…and check out her ring!  I also love that I chose the “ornaments” to go with it and found out they compliment her wedding colors without even knowing it prior!!

It’s meant to be…ALWAYS meant to be!

That’s a wrap!  Check back after the new year for their wedding blog!  As I mentioned, these two will be getting married this coming January!  We’ll be celebrating at the BEAUTIFUL Glessner Hall in Oglebay! WOOOOOO!!  I already have Kari on the calendar!! How is half of 2018 already over?!  That’s just MADNESS!







SoooOOooOoo…remember how I said at the beginning of this blog that I didn’t remember Brandon initially?  Well, as we were walking back to the car, we were chatting and I was trying to place him.  That’s when Sara asked if I remembered the guy who took a selfie with me at Jane and Zac’s wedding…AND I DID!  OMG!!  It hit me all of a sudden! 


I mean….we were clearly best friends before he even knew he’d get stuck in front of my camera over…and over…and over again!  He likes it…he just doesn’t want to admit it! HA!

“2” on a scale of 1-10…Phhhhhfffffffft.  I don’t believe it!  A year ago, he was posing for me! Bahahahahahaha! Maybe he just needs a drink….or ten! I’m loving this so much and giggling and hoping I don’t get fired for this!! 😉

Can we PLEASE do this again at your wedding, Brandon?!  PLEASE!  It will be epic!

P.S.  I’m pretty sure those are the same shoes he wore at the engagement session!  MEN!

Seriously, it’s going to be epic!  Check back this winter! 

Have a GREAT day, everyone! 

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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