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Sunflower Country Wedding | Hannah Barlow Photography | WV Wedding Photography

Hello Hello, everyone!  Happy Thursday!

For all of you who are NOT ready for fall and pumpkin spice everything to begin, I’ve got JUST what you need!  Audrey and Kyle were kind enough to provide us with our last little taste of summer.  It’s got sunflowers and pops of color and a sunny day.  It was just amazing!  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the last Hannah Barlow Photography “summer wedding” of the year!  I mean…summer isn’t really over until Sept. 21st-ish but I’m one of those people who believes Labor Day ends the “official” summer.  Don’t riot outside my home, please! HA!  I’ve always felt that way!  So, here we go!

Say “Congrats” to Mr. & Mrs. Jones!

Kari and I met with the girls right off the bat at the church.  The forecast called for a reasonable temperature, mostly clear skies, and no rain (even though it did sprinkle a bit anyway…seriously…these forecasters need to get with the program).  As you can imagine, I was a happy photographer!  We didn’t waste any time barging in as we always do and caught some last minute hair and makeup photos!  One of the makeup artists even knew who I was and we hadn’t even met me before…THAT was a totally fun and eye opening moment! YAY!  That’s all I can ever ask for when I take all these pretty photos and ramble on all these blogs…that people read them and enjoy them!  Double YAY!  I love love love that people do see them.  Apparently, people feel like they “know” me too.  The people person in me is just jumping for joy!  Seriously, thank you for reading!

Back to the wedding!

AHHHHHH!! Here is your splash of sunshine, sun flowers, and summer!  These were just amazing details and nothing like I’ve ever photographed this year!! Audrey gets double pats on the back for that!  We love unique weddings!

Audrey and Kyle definitely had some great details to photograph right down to Kyle’s details.  Audrey wasn’t even sure she wanted the invitation photographed but I insisted she needed a few.  I’m SO GLAD she gave me one because they were unique and gave me options to take photographs like I’ve never taken before!  EEEKKKKKKK!  One more pat on the back for Audrey!

So, this dress below (and the one that Audrey wore this day) is 20+ years old and actually belongs to her mom!  I can’t even believe it!  You know what’s even more shocking!?  It’s really not far off from the 2018 trends.  When Audrey first told me she was wearing her mom’s dress (back at their engagement session which you can find here), I was picturing puffy sleeves and a crazy, puffy veil with that crazy, white flower crown (not sure why my imagination added the head piece but it did).  So, I was a weeeeee bit nervous about what I was going to find! I’ll be honest here! HA!  BUT…this dress did not disappoint and was so fun to photograph.  You all know I love a good train!  I’d also love to give a big shout out to Jill, a family friend.  Every once in a while, Kari, Jenna, and I run into a woman who has been assigned the role of “coordinator”.  We LOVE these people!  ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!  They become our “go to” people when we need something and Jill was just amazing!! She even helped me get the dress up for these photos and then back down to Audrey.  Granted, she may have just wanted to play body guard for it.  She didn’t know us or what might happen to it.  I get it!  If that’s the case, I can’t blame her a bit and that makes me love her a little more! 

So, we were quickly moving on to other photos and there was a little delay with hair and makeup so we flipped the schedule around and decided to go grab the guys and do their photos first.  It’s been a while since we met a group of guys like this…and this particular group of men welcomed us with open arms, smiles, and lots and lots of jokes.  LOTS OF JOKES.  They were a fantastic group!  Kyle’s dad even called me out when I promised to “make this as quick and painless as possible.”  He said he wanted a time limit so he could hold me to it (jokinly, of course).  Well, I’m not one to turn down a challenge so I told him to give me 20 minutes to get ALL the guys’ photos done.  He started the clock…right when I realized the guys didn’t have their flowers pinned on their suits yet.  His dad didn’t cut me a break or stop the clock either…it kept ticking.  So, we had the guys run to get the flowers…a few times (because we weren’t quite sure where they were all located).  Kari and I proceeded to pin all the flowers AND then took their photos….all in 22 minutes.  That’s right!  TWO MINUTES…I was 2 minutes over AND that included running to get the flowers AND pinning them all on (which I hadn’t accounted for in my original promise of 20 minutes).  I was quite proud of myself!  In all seriousness though, it had everything to do with these guys.  They were kind and cooperative and so willing to do whatever I asked.  Attention future couples, THIS makes all the difference when we’re running a little behind.  These guys nailed it!! Thanks, guys!  Twenty-two minutes worth of photos isn’t too bad at all, right?!

Now, it’s time to see those photos we took!  Check out this handsome groom!

…and his buddies!  Seriously, please check out the “GQ Photo”.  This is the photo I always tell the guys to do last.  I instruct them to give me their best GQ pose (and sometimes I have to explain it so I am thinking I should probably really carry a magazine with me).  I can’t even stop giggling at this particular photo below.  It is just too much!! That photo has to give you the visual for the theme of the day and the story of this bunch!  I can’t stop smiling!

So then we headed back down just in time for Audrey to put on her mom’s gown.  Then, mom got to come in and actually see the bride in it for the first time.  Isn’t that so neat?!  I can’t even imagine my daughter wearing my gown.  How cool that would be to see?!  I am also so impressed how white it was…whoever cleaned that thing needs a serious raise!  It looked brand new!

I mean…if this photo doesn’t display genuine mother/daughter love and the strong bond they have…I don’t know what else would!

Audrey got some help with a few finishing touches and then it was time for the gals’ photos!

Here’s the beautiful bride in color!

Then, her great grandma showed up!  She was the kindest person and so cute!  Of course, I had her jump in there and get a picture too.  The genetics in this family…good grief!  I do believe this is Audrey’s GREAT grandma.  I had thought earlier in the day that her other grandma was her mom.  Then, I thought her mom was a sister.  I seriously couldn’t keep up!! Her dad doesn’t look old enough to be her dad either.  Whatever these people are eating and drinking, I need some of it!

Here are the beautiful ladies who also wore cowboy boots!! YESSSSSS!! Ironically, the very first wedding I ever did had a lot of similarities to this one so it was nice to circle back around.  Burlap and lace…navy blue with sunflowers and pops of color…a WHITE dress!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!  I hadn’t seen a lot of this in a long time!!  It was so refreshing!

Then, Audrey did a first look with her dad.  Seriously, how does he have a daughter old enough to get married?! Jeesh!  I love these sweet moments so much!

He got a little emotional too.  Keep in mind…he saw his wife in this dress 20+ years ago.  I mean…I can’t even!! How COOL is that?!  I know I’ve said it before…but it’s just THE BEST!  It was also their anniversary right around this day!  AHHHHHH!! Those little details make all the difference (and add the needed spice to each blog, right?!).  Another pat on the back for this couple!

Then, it was time for the wedding ceremony at Moundsville Baptist church in Moundsville, WV!

Here comes the bride!

As mentioned earlier, Kari was back for this wedding! Woot woot!  We had originally planned for Jenna to be here (since Kari technically wasn’t due until just two weeks before this wedding).  Alas, it all worked out.  Jenna had an obligatory work function that popped up unexpectedly that she needed to attend and Kari was already about 6-7 weeks out from having her baby (Baby Quinn didn’t wait to enter the world)…so we swapped! That’s important to note because you’re going to start to see a mix of her photos and my photos!

The processional was complete and I swung around to the back and then ran upstairs to take the wide angle photo of the church.  Kari stayed below to man the aisle until I got back!  If I haven’t said it enough, having dediated assistants who know the routine makes ALL the difference in wedding photogarphy!  I’m a lucky girl!  We have also tossed around the idea of getting head sets! HA! Jennifer Lopez style! 

It was a quick and and it was sweet.  No stress on our ends either!

Let me introduce again…Mr. & Mrs. Jones!

I’m cracking up at this photo below Kari snapped of the ring bearer.  I have no idea what was said or what he was doing but I imagine it was something like, “What?! You gave me bubbles.  I’m not supposed to blow the bubbles?!”  Isn’t he the cutest?!  I also want to note that he escorted the flower girl back down the aisle during the recessional…her hand on his arm…like the little gentleman that he is!  GAH!! 

BUBBLES!  I also had to take a photo from behind because it reminded me so much of William and Kate’s wedding with Pippa carrying the dress’s train.  You never know…maybe Audrey’s sister will get just as much attention for this photo as Pippa did! HA! It just looks “royal” doesn’t it?!  Come on…you all know, by now, I’m obsessed with royalty and all that jazz! EEEKKKK!  I had to go there!

So, we took a ton of family portraits inside (not shown).  It was an extensive and detailed list which isn’t always easy for us.  Nonetheless, I should have known!  Audrey has been an easy bride and so laid back but so on top of things!  It went JUST as smoothly as the rest of the day.  I was up on my ladder taking photos of people in front.  Kari had Audrey’s list in hand and was calling out names to Audrey’s mom.  Audrey’s mom was lining people up “on deck” behind me and I was calling “next” when I was ready.  Seriously, Kari and I talked about it on the ride home and we’re pretty sure we’re going to do it like that from now on.  It went SO FAST!  Amazing!  Thank you again, everyone!  I mean…it usually goes fast with our system but having a family member actually lining people up as Kari called them made a HUGE difference!

Now, are you ready to see the whole bridal party together?!  Again, we flew through these!  We really couldn’t have asked for a better group than this!  We even had time for a good “walking photo” which is always one of my favorites! It’s kind of like the walking and snuggling I do for the couple…minus the snuggling! HA!

Are we still voting on the “mixed” bridal party photo?!  Let me know!

…and now…for the bride and groom photos.  UGH!  Just UGH!  I love love love stone buildings!  I know you all know that about me!  I just love everything about these!  Note:  These are a mixture of Kari and my photos.

Kari was taking closer vertical shots and I was doing my usual wide angle.  I love how fast we got these done and the variety we ended up with in the gallery!

Just a few more!

Then, we headed back inside because I pictured in my head some good black and white photos inside the church (and it was starting to sprinkle…GrrrRrrrRr).  

But first…a little behind the scenes Hannah freak out moment.  As we were heading inside, I decided I wanted to snap a photo real quick of them outisde the front of the curch.  The door was hanging open and because I’m a crazy person about details, I closed it.  I’m not kidding…it was JUST about to close when Audrey said, “Do you think it’s locked?!” <— or something like that.  Yep.  It closed at that moment and it was locked.  We were now locked out of the church and everyone had left.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! JUST AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! All of Adurey’s stuff was in there.  ALL of my camera gear (except for what I had in my hands) was in there and the officiant had left.  I internally freaked out…and externally freaked out just a weeee bit.  I was just about to start checking every door on that church when a lovely lady (who is in charge of the church) came and rescued us. If she hadn’t already been helpful throughout the whole day, she now deserved a gold star!  Whewwwwww!  So, we were able to capture these few photos and get all our stuff and head to the reception!  Potential crisis averted! 

Seriously….dodged that bullet!  I’m not even sure what we would have done!

So, on to those black and white photos!  I love how her dress photographs in these!

After the flawless first half of the day, we headed off to the Carne Center in St. Clairsville, Ohio to photograph the wedding reception!! Per the usual, I sent Kari around to do some detail shots while I set up lighting (which we ironically didn’t really need because the room was full of natural’ll see!).

I snapped these while I was running around…because it just tasted like summer!  I wanted her to have these memories and we weren’t able to get there in the morning due to time constraints.  Huge shout out to the ladies who let me invade their table for a bit.  They were all about the details too and quickly removed some bottles for me! HA!  I love those types of people!


Then, Mr. & Mrs. Jones entered the place like they OWNED IT!

…and it didn’t take long for the party to get started either!  

Look who I found!  He’s probably going to kill me!  It’s DJ Nick Arno!  He was a GUEST!  A GUEST!  You have no idea how excited some of us wedding vendors get when we get to be a guest.  He actually came up to me to say “Hi” and said, “I’ve never been a guest at a wedding before!”.  Crazy, right?!  So, I’d like to caption this photo, “Well, crap.  I don’t even know what to do on this side of the dance floor!”  HA!  Another fun fact…that pretty lady next to him?  That’s his wife, Kristin.  AND she was the nurse who trained me when I was just 22 years old and a BRAND NEW nurse.  It’sssss a smalllll worlllddd after all!! SING IT!  I actually remember her talking about weddings back then and how she would go to weddings with him to help (pre-children, of course).  Now, I’m working with him at weddings too!  It’s really crazy how things come full circle!

So, the party kept going and everyone was having a blast.  There was lots of dancing and all your traditional things.  We left right after the money dance but before we go today and just because – here are a few more shots of the guys just being themselves and being hilarious!  The jello shots in the Amazon box really got me too! HA!  Even the DJ announced, prior the the money dance, “come get your jello shots.  I didn’t know Amazon sold them!” HA!  This whole night was a hoot!

…and that’s where we left them!! Partying the night away!

Audrey and Kyle hopped on a cruise the day after their wedding and spent a week together on their honeymoon (with no WIFI…which I love).

Congrats to the Joneses!

All of these vendors played a huge party in the happy couple’s big day!  Links provided!

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Menswearhouse

Shoes – David’s Bridal

Rings – Kay’s Jewelers

Hair/Makeup – Mary Kay – Meleah Wood

Florist – Leslie Rodak

Baker – Melissa Carpenter

DJ – Johnny O

Caterer – Mason Dixon BBQ

Transportation/Limo – Heavenly Coach

Invitations – Invitations by Dawn

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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