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A Station Square Winter Wedding | Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

Hello! Hello! Hello! HELLOOOOOO, everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Guess what?!  I can’t even stand it!  The LAST 2018 Hannah Barlow Photography wedding of the year is HERE for all of you to see! AHHHHHHH!!!  Most of you know me.  I’m a basket case full of emotions and high energy.  Right now, I’m not even sure what I’m feeling.  First, I think I’m SO EXCITED to have a break for a few weeks and to have some down time.  Then, I quickly have realized I won’t be wrapping my arms around any brides and grooms for a bit…which makes me sad.  I won’t have my hands on any beautiful dresses and sparkly shoes for a while.  I won’t be busting a move to the beat on Saturday nights.  I won’t see many of my 2018 couples again for a long time. WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!  Heck, I miss Kari!  I’m so used to spending every Saturday with her…and I’m lonely!  HA!  Then, I talk myself off that cliff and realize all of this just means it’s that much closer to the 2019 weddings and a whole new year of wedding goodness and meeting new couples at engagement sessions.  So…yea…that’s where I’m at right now.  I need a chill pill.  So, while I’m on a roll…let me talk to you about Lisa and Dan’s Pittsburgh wedding at the Sheraton at Station Square!  It was epic greatness and the perfect end to our busiest wedding photography season YET!

Everyone…Lisa and Dan’s wedding.  ENJOY!


So, first things first…I took the obligatory “set the scene” photos.  It was a chilly, chilly 24 degrees this day and a 12 hour day so Kari AND Lacey tagged along to help me out!  We tracked down Lisa and all the ladies who were getting ready in the Woodlawn room provided inside the Sheraton!  It’s not the first time I’ve shot a wedding here but it’s been almost two years so it was nice to be back in Pittsburgh’s Station Square.

Lisa was another one of my brides who kept me up to date on EVERYTHING!  For the last six months, her and I went back and forth trying to nail down a timeline that worked.  I’m always very nervous about the beginning of the day because if we run behind…the whole day is stressful trying to catch up!  Lisa’s attention to detail was outstanding and I knew in order for it all to come together the way she dreamed…we needed time.  Lots and lots of it!  I also knew we needed to run on schedule.  Well, enter Brooke Rockwell Hair Design (not pictured because they were so on the ball they were ALREADY GONE when I got there) and Lyndsie Hinch of Makeup Design Studio (pictured below).  Holy crap…these girls were ON THE BALL…ON IT!  I wasn’t there 15 minutes and hair and makeup was done…Lyndsie was packing up to leave.  WHATTTT?!  It all was happening so fast I asked her to stage some makeup shots which you’re now seeing below.  Gosh.  I high fived her…literally.  She even smiled beautifully for the camera during these mock shots.  You can’t get much better than this.  I mean…she has a tool belt…A TOOL BELT!  THIS set the tone for the whole day for the Hannah Barlow Photography crew.  I knew it.  I knew at this point the day was going to be wonderful…and then we met one of the coordinators…

Meet Rachel and Lisa of Elegant Event Solutions.  If you’re a future bride or groom and you’re reading this…write them down.  Do it.  Do it right now.  Just stop what you’re doing and grab a piece of paper and write down…Elegant Event Solutions.  We’re very lucky to work with a lot of great coordinators but these ladies take their craft to a whole new level.  My goodness!  You know me…I’m usually the ring runner…and I hate it.  I carry an emergency bag with me complete with anything from safety pins to a garter.   So, when Rachel showed up and took those rings off my hands…I could have hugged her right then and there.  I didn’t, of course…to prevent her from thinking I’m crazy (she learned that later).  She had a whole handful of stuff and swooped right in there and took care of business.  These two even stayed until the end of the night…to clean up…AND they changed their clothes into professional dress so they fit right in with the rest of us.  COME ON!  I love them so much!  They’re also super sweet and we got to chat with them during dinner.  Seriously, you need these women.  I even caught them packing up food to put in the couple’s suite during the reception!  So, again…meet Rachel and Lisa!  You know I don’t just talk up anyone…these ladies are the real deal!  This, of course, was taken later in the night but I HAD to make sure I got one!  I’ll say it again…you need these women.  I’ve never seen a wedding run so well!

Alright.  Time for me to get back on track.  So, not only did Lisa and I nail down a timeline…she and Dan decided THAT DAY to run AHEAD of schedule.  Can’t say that’s really ever happened before but I’ll take it!  OooOO Lisa and Dan.  They are seriously the sweetest…and were super nervous leading up to this.  Lisa was pacing at one point and I thought, “Yea.  I need to get this stuff done so we can move along.”  So, I put Kari on the bride’s details and I threw a camera in Lacey’s hands so she could do the groom’s details.  Check out their magic!!!  These are some of my favorite detail shots of the year!

OoO my goodness me.  This was Lacey’s second wedding and she nailed it!  NAILED IT!  I swooped in and took some detail shots as my “just in case” shots but I’m pretty sure most of these are hers.  To be honest, she rocked this wedding so it was very difficult to tell if a photo was hers or mine or Kari’s!  I’m sorry I can’t tell you for sure who took what but I’m not sorry because Lacey is going to make magic at the weddings she does in the future.  You just wait and see!

So, while that was happening, I headed up to Dan’s room.  He wasn’t as nervous as I thought he would be OR maybe he’s got the best poker face EVER!  Who knows!  I can always tell how the guys are going to be throughout the day based on when I first barge in and greet all of them.  I knew this group was going to be absolutely no problem to photograph!  We just kept racking up the “win” points for this wedding, I tell ya!

Kari’s funny.  She is MORE than capable of shooting detail shots by herself.  I keep joking I’m going to make her a staff photographer so we can shoot multiple weddings in one day…separately.  She says that is SO not happening.  She’s funny because she always takes about 100 shots of each thing because she says, “I don’t know what you’ll want!”  Kari…girl…seriously…your shots never disappoint.  Heck, half the time they’re better than mine.  RELAX!  HA!  So, here’s four ring shots she took for me…and I liked them all!! So, I edited them all and I’m sharing them all!! Which one do you like the most?!

So, we got all the detail shots done and Lisa decided she wanted to get in her dress early!  EARLY!  Like…an hour early!  Winning even more!  AND she has snowflakes in her hair.  My goodness me.  My love for winter weddings was growing even more after this one!

Candid, non-posed shots are sometimes the best shots!

OooO Lisa.  I know I’ve said it before…but you’re such a beautiful bride…on the inside and out.  From the moment Lisa hired me in 2017, she’s been sweet.  She’s kept me up to date on EVERYTHING.  She’s sent me kind emails…rambling emails…stressed out emails.  I never stopped smiling when those emails came in…except the one time she sent me a photo of her friend’s wedding which was done in coral and teal and I was thinking, “HUH?  You want to copy your friend’s wedding and do a WINTER wedding in those colors?!”  I was a weeeee bit nervous.  I’ve seen those colors done and they’re always beautiful…but for a WINTER WEDDING?!  Then, when she corrected my confusion, we had a really good laugh.  Seriously, a coral and teal snowflake wedding…I was nervous how that was going to turn out.  I had misunderstood the whole thing!  But that’s just my point…I could sit at my computer on a stressful day and Lisa would email me…and my whole day would turn around!  Navy…and white…and sliver glitter…with snowflakes and pinecones.  It was the BEST surprise EVER!

At first, Lisa was adamant she was NOT doing a first look.  Ok.  Totally fine with me.  Most of you know I’m not one to push first looks.  I’m all about letting my couples do what they want and giving advice when I can help.  I didn’t do a first look myself to I totally get it!  Their timeline, however, didn’t allow for many photos during cocktail hour because the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception were all in the same place…there just wasn’t enough time.  I didn’t know how to help her and we went back and forth trying to figure it out for …months?  What was it Lisa?  Finally, I think it was a friend who told her to go for it and I really hope she is glad she did it.  I was with Lisa and Dan almost all day and I don’t think they ever got to be alone…except during this first look.  Looking back, I also think it was a good idea because they were nervous leading up to this and I saw all those nerves dissipate like magic after this moment AND there were still lots of emotions and tears at that ceremony. 🙂

These are a combination of Kari and I’s photos!  We used our long lenses so I can’t tell you what was being said…which is the point for us.  This couple definitely took advantage of this moment and chatted and checked each other out!  Lacey stood beside me to take it all in and she was probably laughing at me because I always “OoOO” and “awwww” during this!

…and this photo…THIS is what it’s all about!! Look at the joy on her face!  I’m so glad they did it!! I hope they’re glad too!

Of course, I took FULL advantage of our time and took lots and lots of pictures of them.  So, right off the bat…a little walking and snuggling!

I confirmed with Lisa MANY times, “You definitely want to go outside, right?”  I mean…it was 24 degrees! HA!  She confirmed.  Kari laughed at me and said, “You really don’t want to go out, do you?”  I totally didn’t care one way or another because I was armed with ear muffs, a jacket, hand warmers…you name it…I had it…BUT I didn’t think they knew how cold it was! HA!  So, we got a plan together.  We executed it…but Lisa did say once we got out there, “I don’t know how long we’ll be out here!”  That made me giggle.  Nonetheless, look at these troopers!! They rocked it…in the chilly weather!! It really could have been worse though…it could have been windy too!

Check out this good looking bride and groom…who are currently on their honeymoon while I type this!  Lisa wanted to be the very first to see her photos (and I don’t blame her one bit) and I’m happy to oblige so this won’t actually get posted and read until they’re home!

I don’t know…I think the guys may have taken the award in the sock and shoe department!! That doesn’t happen very often!  I asked the one guy why he got stuck with the Browns…whomp whomp. HA!

Then, we headed inside to warm up a bit and I was alllllll about taking advantage of this tree!!! Lisa knew I’d love it!! She even texted me a picture of it on rehearsal dinner night!

Then, we headed out and took advantage of the Pittsburgh elements!  I mean…we were at the Sheraton at Station Square…we HAD to have photos proving we were, in fact, in Pittsburgh!

…back inside to warm up!

…back outside for some more skyline photos!  Gosh, I just love these two!

ONE more! Do you remember their engagement session?  They were nervous about it and didn’t think they’d take good pictures!! GET OUT!  Check it out HERE!  They’re crazy!

So, the ballroom was finally coming together thanks to Lisa (coordinator), Rachel and the staff at the Sheraton Station Square!  We flew around there and caught all these marvelous wedding details while the ceremony was getting ready to start! The top two images (below) are Lacey’s photos.  I’m not even sure how she did it.  We were rushing to get things set up for the ceremony and also making sure we got photos of all of this because cocktail hour started immediately after the ceremony and there would be NO time for us to really get these again.  I threw our third spare camera at her, slapped on a flash (which she’s never used at a wedding before) and told her to go for it.  Somehow…and I don’t know how…maybe she’s just really smart in the techy department…but she NAILED IT!  This was not an easy lighting scenario with the daylight, blue uplighting, tungsten lights…and she killed it!

Kari’s all about her up close detail shots.  The cake had snowflakes on it…SNOWFLAKES!

It’s important to note again…it’s not easy taking these shots and not just because of the light.  I know it may seem simple but there are always people everywhere.  DJ’s setting up.  Staff setting up.  Us taking photos.  Somehow…Lacey managed to get pictures with no-one in the background which was something I was really struggling with this day if I have to admit it.  Yes….YES…I could ask everyone to move but they have a job to do just as much as I do!  So, I typically just try my darndest to work around them.  Lacey…you nailed it!! I love her eye for this kind of stuff.  Jeesh!! I can relax a bit at the January wedding…Kari and Lacey got this on the detail short department!

Look at her go!  I was squealing when editing these photos…which I edited THREE times…BY THE WAY.  That’s right.  The first time I edited the 232 reception images…I fat fingered the keyboard, selected all, and undid the straightening and cropping.  It was too late before I’d realized what I’d done to go back.  So, I redid them all…only to have my computer crash stating there was an “error” and it was “restarting for protection”.  GAH!  That’s never happened before.  So, when it restarted…none of my edits were saved.  So…yes…I edited 232 reception images, including this one, THREE times.  HA!  I got excited every time I ran across ones like these though!  End of year woes, I tell ya!  My cameras are tired and apparently now my computer is tired too! HA!  We’re ALL getting a tune up before 2019 weddings commence…cameras, lenses, lights, computers…Kari and I are even working out! HA!  I can say I was never afraid I was going to lose anything thought when they computer shut down…I’ve got these photos saved in four places.  Actually, as I’m typing this, I just remembered a set of cards is in my bag that I took on my anniversary trip last week….because what if my house burned down?!  Yea.  I’m paranoid but I’m NEVER losing an image! NO WAY!

It was then time for the ceremony!  I know Lisa was worried the moment would be ruined by doing a first look.  There was NO lack of emotion at this ceremony though and they even wrote their own vows!  SO SWEET!

I love love love when couples do unique things!  Lisa and Dan secured a lock with their names and date on it!

…and just like that…Mr. & Mrs. Petraglia, everyone!  Look at those smiles!

Big bonus for us…cocktail hour was in another room so we had extra time to go back in and shoot some more of this winter wedding goodness!! I was a wee bit obsessed with the snowflake cake.  Can you tell?!

Also, check out this cocktail hour spread! HOLY CRAP!

Then, it was time to get this party started!! Being introduced again…The Petraglias!

Uplighting, folks.  DO IT!  It makes the reception images so pretty!

They both attempted to get each other with the icing during cake cutting!  Lisa dodged it…Dan allowed it!

…and I have to shout it out to Lisa and Dan’s Matron of Honor (her sister) and Best Man (his good, childhood friend).  We get to listen to a lot of speeches photographing weddings every Saturday.  These particular speeches were deep down from the heart.  I loved them.  They made me smile the whole time and I probably looked like a total creeper but it’s worth it.  Lisa and Dan have some really amazing people in their life and their love for their family and friends and visa versa was shining through this night!

Then, dinner was served and it was time to party!  The DJs loved this crowd!! This was one of those weddings where it didn’t matter who you were, who you knew, how old you were, how good your dance skills were…it did not matter.  If you were there, you were on the dance floor having a GRAND TIME!

There were pauses for the obligatory and traditional things.  Lisa and Dan kept it simple and sweet for the bouquet toss, garter removal, and garter toss.  It was a really nice change of pace for me!

Lisa…what you doing there?! HA!  This photo was too cute not to share!

I mean…the dancing was SO good…I even got caught by Kari dancing along with them! HA! SHOUT!

Seriously, check them out!  Everyone was getting down.  Even the DJ commented about it.  It did not matter what he played…slow…fast…oldie…rap….the dance floor was packed all night!

I mean…Kari and I were having a good time and we were going on hour 11 at this point!

I couldn’t not share this photo below.  I don’t know if these two know each other but they were getting down to the beat with some of the best moves of the night and he ALMOST knocked her down.  She was out dancing him too! HA!  So, she pointed that finger!  I am still giggling!  They got right back to it though!

This hallway was VERY popular, as well.  All through the night, I caught people on their way to the bathroom dancing.  I caught people with their coats on and leaving…still dancing.  It wasn’t like I was trying to catch them either.  Every time I went out there to get something from my bag…people were dancing down this hallway.  The second to last song of the night was Time of my Life and this couple joked with me they were going to do the epic Dirty Dancing lift.  I mean…it’s the end of the night…I didn’t think they’d actually go for it!  He got ready for her though!  I’m thinking, “This may not end well…” HA!

BUT They nailed it!  HA!  Seriously, this is how the whole night went…me laughing…me smiling…people dancing and having a fabulous time!! THIS was an amazing group of people…the DJ even shouted out at the end of the night and thanked them for being so awesome!  I concur!

Then, the last song was good ole John Denver.  Lisa emailed me prior to the wedding to let me know there was a “special WV song” to be played.  Girlllllllll, I’m from WV!  This IS our thing! HA!  I love it so much!  It is ALWAYS an AMAZING way to end the night!

I did NOT leave before getting a selfie with the bride…which Lisa requested!! How’d I get so lucky?!  I’m telling you…I’m going to be an old lady and  going to die saying that…”HOW’D I GET SO LUCKY?!”

I am one happy and blessed wedding photographer!  For real!  Lisa and Dan kept coming over and saying nice things to US!  They didn’t have to do it but I’m so happy I was able to meet the mark for their wedding!  They’re so amazing!

…and that’s a wrap.  That’s it!  As I mentioned, these two are honeymooning in Barbados! Barbados was a HUGE spot for my couples this year!  Lots and lots of Hannah Barlow Photography couples went to Barbados!  But anyway, I can’t even believe this is the last wedding of the year.  The 2018 weddings I photographed FLEW by and it was my busiest year yet…so that makes sense!  THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU…to Lisa and Dan for always being a star couple…for being my last of the year…for embracing the winter elements with me!  I’m a winter bride too…I get it!  It was amazing.  It was stress free!  It was everything I always want in a wedding…amazing people, amazing timeline (heck, they ran AHEAD of schedule), amazing decor, AMAZING VENDORS…I could go on and on.  Well, done!  WELL, DONE!  How many times did I say it?!  JUST AMAZING!

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Petraglia!

So, yea…this AMAZING wedding could not have happened if it wasn’t for Lisa’s stressing (I’m messing with you, girl), the couple’s planning, their family, friends, AND these amazing vendors!

Bride’s Gown – David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Jack’s Tuxedo

Shoes – Amazon

Earrings – Dillards

Pearls (Something Old, Something Borrowed) – Pam, Lisa’s Mom

Bracelet – Zales <— A present from her Mom

Hair – Brooke Rockwell Hair Design

MakeUp – Makeup Design Studio by Lyndsie Hinch

Wedding Coordinator Extraordinaries – Elegant Event Solutions

Florist – All Occasion Silk Creations

Cake – Bethel Bakery

DJ – All Pro DJ

Venue – Sheraton Station Square, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Invitations – Dot & Bow Paperie

Officiant – Jack Allen – Mayor of Bethel Park


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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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