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Spring Wheeling West Virginia Wedding

Spring Wheeling, West Virginia Wedding

Hello, Hello!  Are you ready for another Hannah Barlow Photography wedding blog?!  I sure hope so because Kristine and Jamie are now the new Mr. & Mrs. Latos.  OR Drs. Kristine and Jamie Latos…however you want to address them!  I’m still trying to figure that one out! HA!  Their Spring, Wheeling, West Virginia wedding was a memorable one and they deserve all the warm congrats you all faithfully pour all over my couples after their big days!  These two are honestly two of the sweetest and most genuine people I’ve ever met and I felt so blessed to have been a part of their big day.  So, sit back and relax in your favorite blog post reading spot and enjoy this beautiful wedding!

FINALLY, we had a dry forecast!  It may have been a little chilly on May 11th but at least it wasn’t raining!  So, we started the day off at Oglebay’s Wilson Lodge where we found the ladies getting ready.  It was a totally relaxed environment and one we always welcome on a 12 hour wedding day!  Kari and Lacey were with me, of course!  This was actually Lacey’s last “training” wedding and she’s on her own with me from here on out!  You just wait until you see what we came up with for this wedding though AND it didn’t rain…if I didn’t say that before.  I can’t stress how happy I was to have a rain free wedding!  Hallelujah!  I really needed a spring wedding sans rain in my life!!  YAY!  So, here are some shots of the ladies getting ready followed by some beautiful detail shots!  Everyone, including me, was loving that pop of blue you’ll see below!

Kristine even provided me with the cutest and most perfect blush pink, velvet, ring box!! UmmMmMmm! YES, PLEASE!  It’s the little things like this that make my photographer heart SO happy!  It really spices up the detail shots and makes them unique!  Don’t you think?!  I also made sure to photographer her “reception shoes”…I mean, why not?!

I mean…REALLY?!  How cute is that box?!! Ok…just one more!  I can’t even stand it!

“Blush” was on the perfume bottle, of course!

Jamie even made sure to give Kristine his watch that morning so it could be photographed.  We had discussed this ahead of time and it was one of the only things he needed photographed.  It was a gift from her to him after all!  So, we incorporated this into the photos!  High five to Lacey for the assist so we could get the engraving photographed.  I really struggled trying to get it positioned correctly so everyone could see what it said!  Lacey came to the rescue though and held it!  Also, I ask you all to take a GOOD look at this watch.  There is a reason for that!  There is more to this story and this watch later.  Jamie knows about it…but unless he told her already…this will be news for Kristine!

After a thoroughly relaxing morning of getting ready and detail shots with all the ladies, we got this beautiful bride ready…but not before she got a moment to read a card from her groom and to open his gift to her!  I’m told it’s a Brown (her former last name) family “thing” to cry…happy tears, of course!  I loved the emotion that was pouring out of Kristine!  Seriously, she’s so sweet…right down to the bone.  She’s also a pediatrician.  I see big things for her in her future with those traits!  She’s going to use them to her advantage in her career…I just know it!

…and NOW it was time for her to get ready!  Here is a good mix of Kari’s photos and my photos!

I’m realizing just now the moms weren’t really in on the getting ready portion of the day…because Kari or Lacey caught them having a moment from afar in the corner.  I didn’t know or see this until I edited the photos!  I thought this was totally sweet and I’m so glad they caught it!  I see some teary eyes there!  When you see the bride’s mom and groom’s mom together like this, you can’t help but feel like the whole family is getting married…which…I guess they are!  Love it!

Isn’t she stunning?!  I was totally loving her hair!

It was at this point Kristine’s mom sneaked over and got some photos for herself.  She was tearing up…and I totally caught her doing the side eye…trying not to cry…and making sure no one was looking.  Mary…I was looking…and taking photos!! No reason to hide your happy tears!  Not one person in that room could help themselves…I saw it myself!  Don’t mind Daniel’s hand (the videographer) there.  It wasn’t his fault.  Mary was REALLY trying to lay low but I wasn’t having it!

After that, we moved downstairs.  When you’re an only child like me, a first look with the Dad is a must!  The first looks this year are killing me…in a great way!  During this first look, I heard her Dad say, “OooO Kristine, you were always the best kid.”  This was during one of their many hugs, of course.  The tears just kept pouring!  It’s a good thing her makeup was done so well!  It held up like you wouldn’t believe!

I’d also like to shout out to the Oglebay staff…specifically Hassan!  This picture below was taken earlier in the day and before the first look.  We love Oglebay weddings!! Everyone is so good to us! Hassan offered to get us water while we were working.  We had bottles, of course, but thought it was so sweet of him to ask.  Then, he jokingly asked for a photo of himself while he was walking by.  Boy Oooo boy did he walk right into that one.  He had no idea who he was talking to, so in true Hannah fashion, I told him to stop for a second and strike a pose.  And I took these!  Then, his friend jumped in (whose name I can’t zoom in close enough to know)…jumped in!

AND you can see one of them through the window here (below) and we were all having an amazing laugh about it!  I’m telling you…not only does the staff at Oglebay work their butts off…but they’re also so kind and good to the vendors…and they make the clients smile which just adds to the day!! Exhibit A below!  I always tell my couples…”It’s about the experience too!” and I think it’s safe to say this day was a memorable experience for everyone!

Ok.  I got a little off track there but credit was due!  Back to the first look!  They are big Penn State fans…so a shoe/sock photo was a must!

Then, we hopped in the car and headed down to the Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Warwood, West Virginia!  It’s a church I’ve passed so many times in my life but have never actually been in…so that was a nice surprise!  The ceremony was a traditional Catholic mass and despite the darkness and tight quarters, I’d say Kari, Lacey and I managed it just fine!  But first, we had Jamie open his gifts from Kristine and THIS is where the watch I showed you earlier comes into play!

So, the watch!  THE WATCH story!  Oy.  So, as I mentioned earlier, Jamie had given Kristine his watch so we could photograph it.  As a result, I ended up with not just the rings in my bag to take to the church…but the watch…AND about ten cards (no idea what they were for…HA!…but I was instructed by Kristine to make sure he got them).  You all know me…I don’t mind doing these things.  I’m happy to do anything to help!  On the flip side, I do hate it because of my obsessive and neurotic fear that something will happen to these things (usually the rings only) and it’ll be all my fault.  So, I did what I always do when a bride hands me things…I bury them in the deep pocket of my lens bag…and I check for those items about every 30 minutes.  So, there I was with the rings, the cards, AND Jamie’s watch in my bag.  It was more full than normal and I kept checking…and checking…and checking to make sure it was all still there.  It was all there…until…..UNTIL….we got in the my car to head to the church.  Of course, one last check before we pulled out was a must…AND THE WATCH WAS GONE.  I’m telling you what…my heart sunk and I could have thrown up in an instant.  I frantically dug in my bag and frantically (loudly) announced to Kari and Lacey that the WATCH WAS GONE!  I’m telling you…we flew out of that car like it was on fire – all three of us!  I kind of wish now I could have seen it from afar.  And I kid you not…at that exactly moment… some kind gentleman wanted to stop and talk to us and I regrettably totally ignored him.  Lacey was trying to talk to him and all I’m thinking is…”STOP TALKING TO US, KIND GENTLEMAN! THE WATCH IS GONE!”  Well, turns out it wasn’t gone.  All of that huge paragraph happened in about a minute flat from start to finish.  The watch WAS in my car…but had just fallen out of my bag.  When I had sat my bag down in the car to load my gear, it had fallen out since the cards didn’t allow it to fall to the bottom.  So, we really did have it the whole time! Whewwwww!!  BUT STILL…THIS IS WHY I GET SO NERVOUS AND THIS IS WHY I CHECK SO OFTEN!  Ok…moving on!  AH!  I’m sweating just thinking about it again!

Back to the church!  So, Jamie opens his gift from Kristine and I see it’s a watch and I literally bust out laughing.  Moment ruined.  I had already told Jamie the story of me “losing” the watch when I had given it back to him (as soon as I saw him…because I needed to relieve myself of that responsibility ASAP).  I think my exact words were at that time, “Just take it.  Relive me of this stress already!”.  So, now he had two watches and all I could think was…”Well, if I HAD lost it…at least he would have had something to wear!”  Seriously, I’m sweating a bit now just retelling that story! Oy!

So, then it was time for the ceremony!  We see Karin (vocalist) a lot at Catholic weddings in Wheeling!! I could listen to her sing all day long!  She’s always so kind and seriously has an amazing set of vocal cords on her!

Kristine tells me her dad was giving her a pep talk all the way down the aisle cheering her on and trying to keep her from crying!! I think it’s safe to say Jamie was doing the same thing in his head!

This was probably one of the darkest churches we’ve ever photographed in…but we managed quite well!! I was proud of all of us!  We also had a videographer (Hey, Daniel!) we had to be aware of at all times so I was glad we had a little extra time during mass to get creative!  Daniel was a dream videographer to work with and we had many plans and strategies for making sure we all got the shots we needed!

Rings were exchanged.  Vows were said (well, kind of…there’s a little inside joke there).  I’ll let the couple choose to tell you about that! HA!  Prayers were said and my arms were burning in true Catholic wedding fashion.  They don’t announce the kiss!!  I also remembered…at that moment…I didn’t remind Kari and Lacey of this!! Have no fear though!! ALL THREE of us got the first kiss!  Kari’s shot and angle was the best though so that’s what you’re seeing below! WOO!

We did some family formals at the church and then headed back to Oglebay for some super spring (non-rainy) formal photos.  So first, the beautiful bride and the handsome groom!  Jamie is always so calm, kind, and composed so I was super giddy when his groomsman prompted him and I caught him being funny!

Their fur baby even made an appearance.  This little guy and I would have a lot of fun together.  Our personalities are very similar..HA!! We’re wild!  I made some of my crazy noises in an attempt to get his attention…and it made him go nuts!! Jamie said, “I probably should have warned you about his personality!”  As you can see, we had a great laugh about it and had to spend a few extra minutes getting him calmed down again! Opps!

In the end though…we managed to get one good family photo of the three of them!

…and now the beautiful and OoOOo so fun bridal party!

While I was doing some formal photos, I caught Jamie’s parents being adorably lovey over to my right.  I quickly turned and caught this!  Jamie also chimed in and told me his parents had their wedding photos done at this exact spot 30+ years ago!  I LOVE when things like that just come together all by themselves.  We’re still waiting to hear exactly how many years they’ve been together…they were trying to figure it out…34….35…33…something like that!  Nonetheless, this is love right here!! AND happiness for each other…and happiness for their children!  All of the parents poured their love out on this happy couple!  It’s always a heart warming thing to see!

So, I knew Kristine and Jamie were both doctors and I knew Kristine was a pediatrician.  I did not know what specialty Jamie had chosen, however.  I like to keep things light and fun and I like to keep it from getting boring so I always talk to my couples during these photos.  I mean…I do love to talk!! You all know that!  So, as I was posing these two for the next set of photos, I asked him about his specialty and at the same time I also happened to tell him to pose against this pillar “like men lean” and with some swag.  It was at that exact point he decided to answer my doctor question.  He answered, “I’m a rheumatologist…so basically the doctor with the least amount of swag.”  The timing was impeccable and we all had a huge laugh!  I’m giggling, of course, just typing this!  He couldn’t have timed it better and we all laughed it out…but he’s so wrong!  He’s got more swag than he thinks! AHHHHHH!! Check these out beautiful photos!

Kristine and Jamie are probably the two with the biggest height difference of all 70+ Hannah Barlow Photography couples.  That number just blows my mind still!  I’m going to hit 100 weddings here soon!  Whoa!  But really…it can be a bit of a challenge getting both their heads in the photo.  Kristine and I had a great laugh about this when I told her earlier in the morning about my plans to not chop anyone’s head off and apparently she already knew.  She giggled and told me there are lots of photos where Jamie’s top half of his head is cut off! HA!! Not this day though!!  Nope!! No way!  We did a little bit of everything and it was outstanding!  I especially love how they make my “smile and say cheese” photos look grand!  I’m not usually a huge fan but I was feeling all the traditional portraits this day…probably because they are a classic couple!

You don’t get much better than these two!  With that being said, here’s a little sneak peek of some black and white!

…and some more color for your viewing pleasure!

Then, we took them for a walk!  Kari, Lacey, and I were all paparazzi-ing them from all angles!!  Kari had a lot to say about all this so we really got some great variety for all these photos!

Because I always feel like I’m in a fairy tale during this part of the day and because I’m a hopeless romantic, I put them by this railing.  I wanted to make it feel like they were on a balcony of a palace!! I liked it…Kari did not…Lacey said nothing (Lacey’s not an overly vocal person…but neither is Kari…so I guess time will tell! HA!).  I like it!  I really do! BUTTTTTT…I gave in because if Kari has an opinion, I better listen.  It happens so rarely!  So, I swung around and we shot a few from another angle too!! VARIETY, I TELL YA!

Kari loves stairs!  She moved them over to this spot AND they dipped!  Apparently Kristine and Jamie had practiced and SHE claims he almost dropped her on her head…twice.  Jamie denies this accusation!  Again with all the laughs!  AHHHH!! I just can’t get over this day!! It was so amazing!

Kari and Lacey for the win with new, relaxed poses…lovey poses…and some stairs!  This was our grand finale for the formal photo session!  Her timeline was amazing and I wanted to make sure they got to enjoy a little bit of their cocktail hour!

Then, it was time for the reception! WOOOOOOOO!!!!  Not just any reception either…a DJ Brian Oliver reception! Woot Woot!  He is in the top of the list of my absolute favorite DJs!  He knows how to work the crowd and it doesn’t matter what kind of party…what group of guests…or what couple…it’s always a fantastic time!! So, he got everyone all pumped up.  He welcome in the parents and the bridal party.  Then, he announced the new Mr. and Mrs. Latos!! They went immediately into their first dance!

If I haven’t mentioned it before, Brian is serious about his attire…right down to colors.  Please note how he matches the colors of the wedding…exactly! I love that about him!  I even took a picture of the dress that morning to send him…because we’ve done that in the past.  He already knew though.  He already had his outfit picked out!  He loves his couples just as much as I do too!  Of course, Jamie wanted to say some words himself.  He’s a stand up guy!  Brian got him all ready to go…and I snapped away…I mean, why not?!

It’s tradition in Jamie’s family to do a toast of crown royal!  His grandfather started this tradition years ago and they make sure to do it for every special occasion.  So, it had to be done at the wedding, of course!  Heck, they even sent us the option to join in our invitation!  We declined, of course!  I never drink at weddings but loved that they included us!  All the guests had the option to partake, as well!  So, he got up and said some kind words and toasted “nostrovia” which means cheers OR get drunk! HA!  This was to remember not only his grandparents who have passed but to remember all of the grandparents who have passed as well as other loved ones no longer with them!  It was a nice and sweet touch to get the evening started!

Then, it was time to get down and PARTTTYYYYYYYY!!! It was quite the party!! Check it out!

One of the amazing things about seasoned DJs is that they know how to work the crowd.  There was a circle happening on the dance floor.  I’m pretty sure it was the polka dance that started it all.  It was at this point I saw Brian with a beer…which was strange.  I’ve NEVER seen him drink at a wedding.  Hmph.  I guess that’s a first for everything, right?!  THEN, I quickly realized what was happening.  He wasn’t drinking.  That beer in his hand was empty.  He had somehow (stealthily) snatched one off the table, emptied it out…and decided it was time for a game of spin the bottle – wedding edition!  I mean…everyone was already in the circle!  So, the bottle started spinning!  HUGE shoutout to Lacey for catching an actual photo of the bottle on the dance floor.  Me?  I was still trying to get back into position because I knew what was going to happen next was going to be worth photographing! AHHHHH!! Run, Hannah…RUN!

This is how it went.  Someone spun the bottle and whoever the bottle stopped and pointed at…had to get in the middle of the dance floor and GET DOWN!  They were busting moves and did NOT disappoint!

The party kept on going after that!  And going…and going!

One nice thing about Glessner at Oglebay is that you can get up on the stage!! It gives us photographers a good and different vantage point!  I go up there every once in a while during wedding receptions to get some variety for the reception gallery!  Us vendors also like to have fun too, of course!! Remember…we’re sober at these things!  For a long time too! HA!  So, we like to get down and have fun!  I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen Brian dance.  I don’t hide it when I dance, of course, but I can’t recall seeing him bust move before!  I walked up there at one point and he was getting down a bit…just a little bit.  He made me laugh too.  He said the “secret” (not a secret anymore) is to look poised and professional from the waste up…but it’s a party behind that DJ booth from the waist down! OoO my goodness!! Get your head out of the gutter right now!  You know what I mean!! His feet are moving and he’s having a good time!! Ironically, Lacey caught him later…dancing.  Not sure if he’s dancing or bowing here (photo below).  Nonetheless…it’s proof and we got him! HA!  Fun things happening being that DJ booth with DJ Brian Oliver!

More partying…more selfies…and no…that groomsman is not passed out!  It was HOT in that room!  Lacey was sure to tell me after she took that photo (below)! HA!  He was cooling down!  Seriously, It was hot in there!

Quick, before we go!! I want you to name this song!!  But first…let’s get set up for this next shot.  Check out his wife in the background.  I was right there with her…I did NOT think this was going to end well!

…but they nailed it!  And everyone remained on their feet after (somehow). HA!  How many of you can name this song?!! COME ON!  Comment in the comment section!! I know you know it!  Lacey for the win on this photo!  I caught him as he was going up and coming down (it happened fast).  I’m so glad she got it!  The crowd went wild, as you can see!  I think he wife lots a few days on her life after that stunt though! HA!

After an incredible night, we sent the couple off with a good, old, sparkler send off!  Jamie had to duck for many of them! HA!  He’s so tall!  Fun Hannah Fact:  I don’t love fire.  I’m actually pretty (strangely) terrified of being burned.  So, being in the middle of all that?  I was sweating!  I’ll do anything for my couples though!  Come on though…lots of excited people with hot sticks?!  Makes you watch and be on guard! HA!

Let me present…one more time…the new Mr. and Mrs. Latos!  They sealed the deal on their wedding reception running through the sparkler tunnel…and I sent them back though it too!  She was a smart lady and got long sparklers so they lasted a while!

…that’s not how we ended the night either!! Kristine stopped me at that point and wanted to go get something to give me.  I assured her she didn’t need to do that…and especially not on her wedding night and at the end of the reception!  Little did I know, she had gifts!  I felt totally bad days later that I talked her out of it at that time because they had to make a special trip to my studio today to give them to me!  I’m not too sad now though because I got to hug this amazing couple again…multiple times.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get enough of these two!! They not only got me a gift (and a card which was not necessary but greatly appreciated)…they also got Kari and Lacey a gift!  Yep!! That’s right!! These two are selfless and kind and pour their hearts out to their family…friends…and even their wedding vendors!  I am just so so so happy for them!  They’re also extremely driven and go getters!  As I mentioned, they’re both doctors.  They did a quick honeymoon after their wedding (they’re doing a longer one next year).  They already came back…already bought a house…already came to my studio.  I mean…where do they find the time?!  She even texted me yesterday to tell me we’d have to stick with our original meeting today (we were possibly going to do it yesterday).  After they closed on their house, they went  straight to a store and bought a lawn mower to mow their grass.  I kid you not!!  They haven’t even been married a week!  NOW, they’re headed back to Charleston, SC to get packed up to move back here! Whattttt?!  That’s A LOT in less than a week.  Wedding.  Honeymoon.  Buy a House.  Mow the grass. Meet the Photographer.  I’m sure there’s one million other things they’re doing and then back to home.   Jeesh!  Not sure how they do it but they do!  I totally stole this off her IG too!  Check out the newly married couple AND happy homeowners (as of yesterday)!

…and here is us today (below)!! THEY requested a group photo even before I had the chance to do it myself!! Kristine thought maybe I’d think it was weird?  NO WAY!  I thought maybe THEY would think it was weird!  Great minds!  I was bummed I didn’t think of it at the reception too!  I actually forgot to do a selfie of Lacey and I…and Brian!! AHHHH!! I was off my game, for sure!  So, here is me with Mr. & Mrs. Latos…and me!! I’m a lucky gal!

I keep saying it hoping for years and years and years it will continue to stay true.  I’m one lucky gal to have fallen into another amazing and rewarding career as a wedding photographer! My clients treat me way better than I deserve and I love them dearly!  I feel like family when I’m with them and this couple exemplified that feeling to the tenth power!  Kristine and Jamie, I wish you two all the happiness in the world!! I know getting to this point was hard with school and residencies in different locations and I’m sure the medical field is going to continue to keep you both so busy.  From what I’ve seen, you’re going to own this marriage thing!  The love I witnessed on the day or your wedding is definitely worthy of a Hallmark movie.  I totally agree with Wendy (one of Kristine’s maids of honor).  She made the best speech about Kristine and Jamie and made it the script of a Hallmark movie.  If you could have been there, you all would have enjoyed that speech!  She’s totally right…you two belong in a Hallmark movie!  I couldn’t agree more!  I can’t wait to follow you both and see what new surprises you throw at us all!  Thank you for asking me to be your wedding photographer and thank you for being amazing clients from start to finish (even though we’re not really done yet).


That’s it!  Thanks for reading!! We’re back at Oglebay this weekend again!! Stay tuned!


Vendor Shout Outs!

Bride’s Gown – Gown Boutique – Charleston, SC

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Jos A Bank, Charleston, SC

Shoes – DSW

Jewelry/Rings – Diamond’s Direct, Mouth Pleasant, SC

Hair- Sam & Lori, Mane Effects, Duncansville, PA

Makeup – Caviar & Curls

Wedding Planner/Coordinator – Casey Drake of Oglebay <—- We love her!

Florist – Laupp Florist, Wheeling, WV

Videographer – Just Hitched Wedding Films

Cake/Other Desserts – Pies – Oglebay

DJ/Band – DJ Brian Oliver

Catering – Oglebay

Transportation/Limo – Trolley – Oglebay

Save the Dates/Invitations/Programs – Minted

Ceremony Venue – Corpus Cristi

Officiant – Father Paul Mundumoozhikkaranirappel

Reception Venue – Oglebay – Glessner Hall

Photobooth – Selfie Snaps

Lighting – Scott Klinkoski

String Quartet – Michelle Stack

Cantor/Pianist – Karin Freese, Deborah Breiding

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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