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Wellsburg, West Virginia Engagement Session |

Wellsburg, West Virginia Engagement Session

Happy Sunday and Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!  While I am just about to head off to a picnic (ok, it’s really at my house but I’m going to be “off” line here soon), I wanted you to meet my newest couple – Rachel and Jim!  We did their engagement session about 9 days ago at Brooke Hills Park in Wellsburg, West Virginia.  The beginning proved to be a bit of a struggle but, as a team, we made it work!! More on that later! You just wait and see!  Everyone, meet Rachel and Jim!

Engagement Photo in Wellsburg West Virginia under a tree at Brooke Hills Park

You probably noticed they were under a tree in that photo above, right?  Well, that’s because it was raining.  That’s right.  As I took those photos above, it was raining…so much rain!  These two scheduled their session a while back and drove up from southern West Virginia to shoot this session so rescheduling was NOT an option.  Hair and makeup appointments had also been scheduled and completed…so we were going to make it work…rain or shine – literally.  I will say the hair was a bit stressful for me.  After all that time and effort on Rachel’s part AND me being a fellow curly hair gal that straightens it who also knows it gets frizzy in the rain….I was internally stressed but definitely trying not to show it!  Hurry…hurry…hurry, Hannah!

Brooke Hills Park Engagement Photos in Wellsburg West Virginia

Lucky for them, I’m not afraid of the rain and I live life in fast forward…so battling the rain and doing it quickly is no problem for me!  We got a tiny reprieve to take the photos above.  Rachel has unique plans for her guest book and needs a large area in some of her photos with open space.  I’m always happy to oblige, of course!  So, I gave them a few options and then the rain started to drizzle again.  AHH! So, back under a tree we went!

Engagement Photo under a Tree in Wellsburg West Virginia

Then, it looked like the rain was finally going to stop for the remainder of our session.  I should be clear in that we actually moved this session up quite a bit.  We were going to do my normal “one hour before sunset” time but I didn’t trust the forecast.  I NEVER trust the forecast!  It’s a good thing I relied on my instincts and past experiences too because right after we finished, it poured…POURED…for the rest of the evening.  Whewww!  I even texted Rachel after I got home and said, “I am so glad we decided to move up the time and do those earlier!”  This was while I watched the rain come down outside! EEEKKK!! But anyway, these two wanted rural but not “barn rural” so an open field seemed like the perfect place!! I knew exactly what they meant so I went with it even if they thought I was totally nuts for putting them randomly in the middle of this mowed field!  HA!  This is one of my very favorite photos and one of my new favorite poses!

Engagement Photos in a Field at Brooke Hills Park in Wellsburg West Virginia

Then, we headed down to the lake and took some photos in one of my favorite little spots at Brooke Hills Park!  Guess when these two are getting married!  Just guess!  6.27.20, of course!  Let’s go back a bit though, shall we?! These two started dating about 4.5 years ago.  They met at a bar in Wheeling, West Virginia at their college campus, but that’s not where their love story really began!  It wasn’t until they ran into each other again at Jamboree in the Hills and Jim had to be her pretend boyfriend so another lad would leave her alone.  I say he “had” to do it but I bet he knew what he was doing!  And he sure did because it was at that point Rachel got a little more interested than before back at that bar.  Ok, a lot more interested because look where we are now!  They’ll be getting married in a little over a year now! Woooo!

Engagement Photo at Brooke Hills Park Couple Holding Date Pillow

AHHHHHHH! Ooo my goodness me!  Their colors against that green is making my photographer heart sing!  One of the ways Rachel described Jim was “laid back” whereas Jim called Rachel “goofy”!  That’s pretty much how I would have described them both and those traits made this session pretty dang perfect!

Engagement Photo in Forest at Brooke Hills Park

Ok.  Maybe THIS is one of my favorites.  Rachel has some amazing skin, I tell ya!!  #nofilterorretouchingneeded

Black and White Engagement Photo in Wellsburg West Virginia

Dancing and Spinning…it’s a MUST at any Hannah Barlow Photography shoot.  You all know that by now!

Engagement Photo of Couple Dancing in the forest in Wellsburg West Virginia

Snuggling in the forest?  Why not?!  Seriously, I could not get enough of the color pop going on in these photos!

Couple Snuggling for Engagement Photos in Wellsburg West Virginia

Then, we noticed the clouds were coming but I always like to get one by the lake with the fountain.  These two were so calm and relaxed at this point.  Just look at them!  Beautiful!

Couple Standing by the Lake at Brooke Hills Park

Here are just a few more AND check out her engagement ring! Wooooo!! It’s a biggie, I tell ya!  Jim surprised Rachel around her birthday with a “gift” from her parents.  It really wasn’t from her parents, of course, but he sure did catch her off guard!  What better birthday gift than the HUGE surprise of a big diamond ring AND a wedding proposal?!  She said “YES”…I think that goes without saying ,right?!

Couple Standing by the Brooke Hills Park Lake Looking at Fountain

…and just one more with lots of sky!  Let’s all guess which one they will choose for their guest book!  You’ll have to wait until next year to see the photographic evidence!

Couple Walking for Engagement Photos in Wellsburg West Virginia

Despite the rain…these two rocked their engagement session and I can’t even wait to see what they do for their wedding!  They’re planning a 1920’s themed wedding with black, white, silver and gold.  I told Kari as soon as I talked to her and she literally pencilled the date into her calendar at that second! HA!  I always go over the schedule with everyone about March-April of that calendar year but she wasn’t about to risk missing this one!! As you all know, Kari did a Gatsby like theme for her wedding…she’ll not be able to contain herself at this one!

Well, that’s a wrap on this one!  Happy Memorial Day, everyone!! Thanks for reading!

Ooo and one last thing.  Jim said he hated having his photo taken and then admitted he had a little fun.  I’m totally high fiving myself over here today! HA!

Thanks again, everyone!  Have a good one!

Hair: Be Salon

Makeup: Dink Cosmetics

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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