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Elegant Oglebay Engagement Photos

HAPPY WEDNESDAY, everyone!  Ooo my goodness!! Brace yourselves for some Hannah madness on this engagement photo blog today!  My rough draft was already 1800 words and that’s before I read their couple fun facts survey (I type this first and then go back and add).  Do these two look familiar?!  I mean, I’m SURE you remember the bride and groom and their famous “gold chair” wedding BUT…what about the other two?!  Remember them?!  I sure hope you do because they are NOW an official Hannah Barlow Photography couple and we just finished their elegant engagement photos at the beautiful Oglebay Park (where they’ll also be saying “I do”) and I can’t even stand the excitement I have over this one! AHHHHHH!  Enjoy!! I sure did but I was there!

So everyone, please give Lindsey and Zack your best Hannah Barlow Photography “congrats” and all your love because they’re on my blog AGAIN but this time…in the spotlight!  They’re tying the knot next summer and they’re the best!

Ooo man…Ooo man…Ooo man…it was like a reunion, I tell ya!  I can only explain that it feels like when old friends get together after a long while and are reunited.  At least that’s how I personally feel when prior friends or family of past couples hire me to be their own wedding photographer!! It’s like the best compliment EVER and I get to see them all over again.  It also allows me to let a lot of my crazy enthusiasm loose right off the bat!  I even warned these two and reminded them of how I am behind the camera.  I can’t say for sure…but I think Zack was mumbling things under his breath! HA!  It was FANTASTIC though!  Lacey also came with me to this one.  She’s afraid she’s going to get rusty coming into the fall weddings.  I told her it’s like riding a bike but she wanted to come anyway!  PLUS, I’m hoping and hoping and crossing all my crossables that one day one of my assistants will become a primary shooter AND editor!  Wouldn’t THAT be amazing?!  Double Hannah Barlow Photography weddings!!  One can hope! HA!  So, you’re going to see a good mix of my photos and her photos in this baby.  We actually edited them together today too!  Enjoy!

Lindsey nailed the shoulder sniff and Zack nailed the nuzzle!  I think that bottom right one is one of my very favorites of this engagement gallery!!  They both agree they are pretty laid back individuals and their love shines in these photos!  Did I mention they are high school sweet hearts?!  THEY ARE!  They were even together almost 7 years before they even got engaged!!! AHHHHH!!!  They’re talking to my soul!  That’s very similar to me and my own husband!

They did some walking and snuggling on the path at Oglebay while I did some hiding in the bushes – Kari style!  It cracks me up.  I taught all my second shooters everything they know from the technical/camera side but they all have their strengths.  Kari’s got a creative side like no other and she’ll do just about anything to grab it.  Lacey has an amazing eye for reception details and nails focus like you wouldn’t believe!  We’re going to force all that into Sam too!  You just wait!  Together…we all make an amazing team and our couples make it easy!

It’s been a great year so far and these couples just keep getting better and better!! This is definitely a session we did a lot of laughing!  There is no better feeling for a wedding photographer like me than asking my couples to do ridiculous things and watching them do it all while making it look so good! SO GOOD!  I present to you (below)…the eskimo kisses!

When Lindsey and I started chatting about their engagement session, she knew she wanted greenery, stones, and brick.  We chose Oglebay but she didn’t want it to be cookie cutter Oglebay either, if that makes sense.  We wanted to use all the elegance of this beautiful park to our advantage without it being truly obvious where we were located!! You tell me!  How’d we do?!

Seriously, I can’t even stand how much I love these photos!  I often edit and record my editing process for my assistants when they ask so they can see how I do certain things.  Lacey said she always wondered if I spoke out loud when editing (because  I do that in the videos) or if I just did that just for the videos.  She confirmed today while sitting beside me that I do it all the time and I assured her I do it even when I’m by myself.  It’d be totally funny if someone recorded me without me knowing!  I cheer on my assistants for their photos and my couples all while editing!  You all know I’m an excitable person and I’m all by myself when I work!

We did some sitting photos too and had a hilarious time getting them in a comfortable position.  You’d never know it looking at these though, right?!  You can thank Lacey for those close up photos.  True to my nature…I threw a lens in her hands she’s never used before and told her to hold it tight and make it work!  I’m telling you…Lacey can nail a focused photo.  It look me a long time (and Kari) to be able to use what we call the “paparazzi” lens with good focus (it’s a heavy beast so it’s hard to hold still).  Lacey didn’t even miss a beat and she zoomed right in, held it steady, and got us some good variety for this gallery!

You know I’m not one for props but I’m always up for a good challenge!  Lindsey mentioned this little “&” sign she had hidden in her bag, so we busted it out and made some magic with it too!

So then we went up and did some dancing.  This is when the fun really began.  They’d mentioned they had been practicing their dip (which always makes my photographer heart so happy).  They also mentioned it was horrible.  I did not believe it for one second but figured I may know what a few of the problems could be (if any)…since I’ve instructed  people on the dip a time or two!  So, I got them dancing to loosen them up a bit!

Then, I cheered them on a bit!  They are laughing at me, of course!

I even told Zack to spin her.  I was really trying to get their minds off of the upcoming dip move.  People tend to do it better when they aren’t overthinking it.  They then told me they didn’t even know how to do a spin! Pffffffttt!! They did it though and I got these amazing photos and I yelled, “Liar, Liar…pants on fire!”  They totally knew what to do!! Just look how cute and natural these photos are below.

After we had a great laugh over that moment (I think they were laughing at me more than anything), Lacey and I got set and then I gave them a final few suggestions.  They NAILED THE DIP! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!  Here are both our angles!! It’s perfect!

Just for good measure and because I wanted to adjust my own angle, I had them do it again and it was even more perfect! YAYYYYYYY!!  I was a squealing machine, as you can all imagine!

Then, they did a quick clothes change and got more comfortable.  Did you know Oglebay is now having wedding ceremonies at this location with these beautiful gates?!  That’s right! AND…these two will be saying “I do” in this exact location!  Lindsey said she’s already imagined what that long walk will be like! It’s going to be AMAAAAAAZZZZING!  I can also see a lot of planning and organizing in my future to make sure we’re all out of each other’s shots for that amazing grand march!  But anyway, I told Zack to pick his wife-to-be up and hold her in place.  He hesitated and acted (again) like he didn’t know what to do. *insert funny eye roll*  If I had to guess, I’d say he was testing my posing knowledge and skills! HA!  I mean…look how perfect!! This is a flawless lift!  If any of you have tried it, you KNOW it’s not easy!

I mean, why not?!  Let’s get up on the wall!  I see a past cheerleader here!  Look at this teamwork!

Eeeekkkkkkkk!  The flowers in the pot match her shirt!! I can’t even stand it!

Then, we did some gate photos! Ugh.  It’s so hard to decide.  Maybe the top right photo (below) is my new favorite!  I just can’t decide!  Really…can’t decide!

Wait.  Maybe that photo on the right (below) is my favorite.  Very similar but I just don’t know!! I can tell you I am so excited about being the wedding photographer for these two though!  I can’t say it enough!  It’s going to be AMAZING!  We also decided to do some walking in the SAME place they’ll be walking for the first time next year…as husband and wife!  I figured it’d be totally fun and blog worthy to put them side by side next year.  I’m ALWAYS thinking of the wedding blog!  ALWAYS!

…and one more grand finale photo…because we can…WITH a dip!

Just kidding…you all need to see this beautiful ring!  You also need to hear their engagement story!  My goodness!! You see, I had already typed this blog up.  I know I mentioned that before.  This is how I always do it so I’m not biased going into the session and so the blog is natural.  I then go back and read their survey to fill in any blanks.  Well, you already know these two were high school sweat hearts.  Lacey actually caught that at the session when we were talking about prom poses.  So, they’d been together for quite some time.  Zack had told Lindsey he’d never propose in front of anyone.  That’s just not his personality. So when he took her out to eat BY THEMSELVES on the family beach trip (and at her very favorite place), she kind of thought a proposal was coming.  When I was reading the story, I thought it was coming too!! Nope!  It didn’t happen at dinner so they had texted some family to let them know they were on their way back home.  The family was hanging out at the beach so they headed out to meet up with them.  Well, wouldn’t you know it…there was a sandcastle and a message in a bottle. A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE.  THERE WAS A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE.  OoOooO my goodness me.  Pump the breaks.  Where’s the romance author when we need her?!  I’m totally swooning over here AND I teared up…and I’m sitting in the waiting room of a hospital waiting on my Dad to get out of cardiac rehab.  I look like a fool.  I even texted Lindsey and told her I NEEDED photos of this as proof (she offered).  So, here you go!  You are welcome!  I seriously can’t get over this one!  It was signed “Your Future Husband”…GET OUT OF TOWN!

Doesn’t it make the whole story so much sweeter?!?!!? AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  And now…the ring!  I did promise!

Like I said in the beginning of this blog, nothing makes me more happy as a wedding photographer than having couples who have worked with me come back and ask me to be their own photographer for their wedding.  I mean…that has got to be the ultimate compliment, right?!  I knew these two had a lot of personality.  Zack even told me a funny behind the scenes story from Amy and Logan’s wedding.  So, a little back story for you.  Some of you know this but when I give the rings to the best man…I ALWAYS call witnesses and I am very dramatic about it but 100% serious.  I don’t want to be the one that’s responsible for the rings not showing up at the wedding ceremony.  So, I did this with Zack as I do with all men who get the rings.  He said when I turned around to walk away, he’d made a face and pretended like he was throwing them back at me…ever so dramatically.  Well, apparently this was all witnessed by some people passying by! HA!  Poor Zack.  That person probably didn’t know what I’d just put him through and the responsibility I’d put on him.  It’s all in good fun, I promise!  We’re going to have a TON of fun at their wedding too with lots of antics…I just know it! THAT brings me to the next part of this blog.  Everyone, see Zack…circa Oct. 2018 at Amy and Logan’s wedding.  I kind of hope this Magic Mike moment happens again at his own wedding! HA!  To be continued.  Enjoy!

ANNNNDDDD I’m probably dead meat for that one.  I guess we’ll see next June if I’m still allowed to be their wedding photographer after that!  In all seriousness though, it’s going to be amazing.  Lindsey’s chosen light tones of blush, ivory and gold with BLACK TUXES (my favorite).  I can already see the beauty (and blog) coming to life and it’s a little less than a year away.  The ceremony is going to be a first for me…in that location at Oglebay by the gates.  THEN, we’re heading back to River City to party the night away!  I also LOVE that one of my other brides (Hey, Sam!) is having her wedding there too.  Lindsey had mentioned her at this engagement session so I sent a message to Sam (because that’s what I tend to do) letting her know we were talking about her.  I confirmed these two brides actually met at one of my Aisle Be Ready meetings!  How cool is that?!  They found a common bond both having their wedding reception at River City! AHHHHHH!! I could dance around in a circle .  THAT made my WHOLE day.  So, if you haven’t checked out those meetings yet, please do!! There is more than just listening to me ramble about everything weddings…you might just find a new wedding friend!  Next meeting is September 18th!

Well, that’s it!! That’s a wrap!  Thanks for reading and…


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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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