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Fall Wheeling Wedding

Hello! Hello!  Happy FRIDAYYYYYYYY!!!!

Well, I couldn’t WAIT for this wedding to get here and it kind of broke my heart when I had to move their folder to “past weddings”!!  Emily and Logan have been a huge part of the Hannah Barlow Photography journey the last couple of years and NOW their Fall Wheeling Wedding is here on the wedding blog today!  From initial booking to their engagement session and then to many Aisle Be Ready wedding workshops together, we’ve spent a good amount of time in each other’s company.  Then, through all her IG stories, I felt like I REALLY got to know the both of them.  So, you can imagine how special this day was to capture!  So, let’s do this! Emily and Logan are now Mr. & Mrs. Wojcik and their wedding was dreamy and romantic with everything fall, of course!  Lacey was on fall wedding cloud 9!!!  I MAY have even heard her squeal a little bit… ENJOY!

Fall Wedding Reception Decor

SooOO…it was ANOTHER rainy day.  What is happening on wedding Saturdays the last couple of years?!  It was also our first cold wedding since January so we arrived at the Oglebay cabins armed with all the cold AND rain weather gear and ready to go!! We found the ladies finishing getting all dolled up!

…and the guys doing what men do best…hanging out!  I told them to act like I wasn’t there but they just couldn’t help themselves and THIS is when I knew it was going to be a good day!

I mean, sometimes you see the littlest of things and it just makes your heart all warm and fuzzy.  This little note made my wedding photographer heart so happy because it’s the little details like this I LOVE so much!  It was attached to Emily’s bouquet!

So, we went straight into details.  It was a 12 hour day so Lacey was second shooter and Sam was third assistant!  We tag teamed all of these!  It takes a really creative (and organized…more on that later) bride to take pink and purple and make it fall, wedding elegance!  She nailed it!

Pink and Purple Fall Wedding Details Pink and Purple Wheeling Wedding Fall Details

We had a pretty sweet timeline happening and you know I’m all about my wedding timelines!  Everyone was together at the Oglebay cabins and this was what I walked into when I went back to the basement! HA!

In all seriousness though, the guys were on time (maybe even early) and ready for their photos!! There is nothing I appreciate more…SoooOo THANK YOU!  I knew Logan would take a great photo!  I feel like these photos very much go back in time but here I go again…I watch too much PBS and then sit here and imagine my clients as the characters! HA!

Black and White Photos of Groom Getting Ready

Shoutout to Lacey for forcing me to put HER sweater on!  I have no idea what I was thinking but I did have TWO jackets in my car and didn’t wear any of them. OooO and I had pneumonia to top it all off!! Oy.  So, thank you for having my back, girl!  Here are the guys looking dapper!

Then, the guys took off.  I scarfed down some lunch that Sam was kind enough to go get us (I seriously have THE BEST help)…and we photographed the beautiful ladies getting ready for the day!

There were lots and lots of emotions flowing when Emily surprised her mom with a gift!

Emily also got a gift herself and I caught the sweetest moment EVER where mom was listening in and couldn’t help but shed some tears again.  I get ALL the feels again looking at these!

I KNEW she’d make a beautiful bride…KNEW IT!

Black and White Photos of Bride Getting Ready

Then, we took them outside and Emily was all business, as usual.  You know…for someone as organized as her who had a COLD and rainy morning on her wedding day, she never mentioned it.  She never got worked up about it!  I think this picture speaks for itself on how relaxed she was at this point!  I love it!  We did put a plastic white tablecloth under her to keep the dress dry!! I try to always be prepared and you’ll see that at the end of the year in the behind the scenes blog!

OooOoo my goodness me! AHHHHHH!!!  The last couple of years I’ve seen navy and burgundy and blush pink and gold a lot in the fall.  I’ve seen some plum purple too and a whole lot of other fall colors.  Emily knew…Emily knew what she was doing and she made unique colors feel “fall”…pinks and purples and it was AMAZING! May I present to you…the beautiful ladies who make “bridal party” look GRAND!

Isn’t it all so pretty?!  Sorelle bridal does it again with another amazing gown!

We did swing back around to the pine room to catch some last minute details.  Huge shoutout to Kyle Mac for turning it all on so the photos looked perfect!

Oglebay Pine Room Fall Wedding Reception Oglebay Pine Room Reception Fall Decor

Then, we were off to the wedding ceremony at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in St. Clairsville, Ohio!  I’d been here before and quickly said “hello” again to Fr. Tom!…and sometimes you just KNOW which guys will get emotional.  Logan was one of those guys!  These two have never tried to hide their love for one another and this day was definitely no different!

It wasn’t a full mass so they were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Wojcik in no time!!

The joy I get to see on the couple’s faces after they walk back down as man and wife still might be some of my favorite moments to capture!

Before we did family formals, the bride and groom came out for a bubble send off!  We actually had them do it twice because I got blocked (it was crowded…Jeesh) BUT Lacey was ON IT!!  I didn’t know this at the time but was totally high fiving her when I got home and sorted through all these.  And here I thought getting up high was going to give me an advantage!  Nope!! Lacey nailed it!

We finished family formals and I just HAD to show you the adorable, flower girls and their crowns!

Then, we headed back to the same place we did their engagement sessions to do all the wedding formal photos! If you missed their engagement session, you can see it HERE!  First, we got the bridal party photos out of the way and it was quite the sight to see getting all these people wrangled into one photo! I mean…this is how they got off the bus…in style!  Look at Logan with the veil assist!! I always love those grooms all the more for helping!

OooO if you only knew what was happening! I even used my code word “whiskey” and it went in some ears and right out the other! HA!  BUT..once we got everyone in place…we had a good time!  A REAL good time!

We laughed..A LOT!

And now (drum roll please)…the bride and groom formals.  I went ahead and put our backup camera in Sam’s hands because …let’s face it…the more photos the merrier and better and all that jazz!! She also said her hands felt very empty throughout the day too! HA! So, this is a combination of the three of us taking all these beauties!  I mean…I think these photos fit Emily and Logan’s personalities perfectly.  They’re elegant and DREAMY and romantic and so Emily and Logan!

Wheeling Fall Wedding Formal Photos Wheeling Wedding Bride and Groom Photos

Our veil game has been a strong one and I was LOOOOVVVINGGG all over these photos!

Bride and Groom Fall Wheeling Wedding Veil Photo Bride and Groom Photos Wheeling Wedding

Then, Emily got sick of that veil (most brides do) so we did a few more with it…took it off…and did more without it!  I love the variety the three of us managed to capture AND with Ashleigh and Aaron shooting video, as well!

When Emily and Logan look at each other, they LOOK at each other and you’ll see what I mean below!  AHHH!! Can’t you feel the love!?!  It’s so dreamy, right?!  I can’t stop staying it!

Fall hasn’t quite arrived yet so we threw some leaves up there to make sure it felt “fall”!

…and I thought we were done…I really did!  Then, I saw this happening as they were walking back to the bus and I had VISIONS!  These two are so romantic.  I needed some really dreamy (there I go again) and romantic photos in my wedding photography life…so I ran and moved my car and I told them to love each other like they’ve never loved each other before!  CHECK!

Her dress was JUST PERFECT for this kind of thing and she twirled and I squealed and it was amazing!

Grand finale shot…GO!

Black and White Dreamy Wedding Photo in Wheeling

And now…we were off to the reception and it was quite the party!! Holllyyy moly!  After all these weddings, Lacey hasn’t really been to a “camera strap around the hand” kind of reception and OoO my goodness me…this was most certainly that kind of reception!!! They even had to move some tables to make room for ALL the people who were out there dancing and there were many times I couldn’t even SEE Lacey.  I only knew she was there somewhere because her flash was going off!!  It was reception madness and in such a great way!  SoOoOo many things to photograph, I tell ya!  So, let’s do this…let’s party!  Ohio AND WVU coming at ya!! We loved it!

Fall Wheeling Wedding Reception Entrances

They wasted no time doing their first dance as man and wife!! Emily still looked just as stunning as she did in the beginning of the day!  You look good too, Logan!  But really..her hair and dress and everything held up so well especially for a day that started off so rainy!

Bride and Groom First Dance Wheeling Wedding

Emily is like me.  She’s a planner.  She’s overly organized.  She makes lists and she checks them twice.  It’s one of the many things I love love love love about her BUT…I do tell all my couples that despite their very best efforts, something WILL go wrong or get missed.  This was the moment Emily realized that she didn’t provide a knife for cake cutting OR a song for cake cutting!! I ran and grabbed a knife and plate and the DJ found a song!  I had to giggle and she giggled too.  Look at her being so relaxed about it!

Now, let’s talk about this dance floor.  When I said it was PACKED, I meant it!  Holy cow!! Check it out!

Seriously, it was almost hard to capture everything going on!  Half the time I was up on the head table stage looking down at what was going on!!  It was amazing to watch!

There was no way you couldn’t be PUMPED UP for this wedding!! I passed Aaron (videographer) at one point and sneaked a photo!

Then, I tracked Lacey down for the obligatory selfie!

…and after that long day…these two didn’t miss a beat and we left them living their BEST DAY EVER on the dance floor!

So yea…I’m sitting here not wanting to push publish!  I’m just so sad.  This one was definitely bittersweet for me!  I was so excited for it to get here and couldn’t wait to see the photos…and now that it’s all done and I’m posting the blog…I’m not ready for it to be over!! AHHHH!!  Emily has been the sweetest from day one and Logan has been that groom who was so involved straight down to coming to the meetings.  He’s a true gentleman (except for his dislike of Taylor Swift which Sam has a really problem with…HA!  It’s an inside joke we’ve had going on for a while!).  I’m SO happy for these two and I know they could NOT wait for this day to get here!  In true Emily fashion, she’s already sorted, organized and posted her wedding items for sale and I wouldn’t expect anything less!! I’m telling you this girl means business even when the wedding is over!!  I’m SO happy for the Wojciks!! They’re gearing up for their honeymoon in Jamaica and I can’t even stand it becccccaaauuuuuuseee I think Sarah may be blogging their honeymoon too!! One can hope!  This is her shoutout to push her! HA!

Congrats again to the Wojciks!  It was an AMAZING DAY!



Bride’s Gown – Stella York from Sorelle Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – Azazie

Men’s Attire –Holly’s Dress Boutique 

Groom’s Ring – Manly

Bride’s Rings – Howards Diamond Center (Engagement) Wallace Jewelers Inc. (Wedding)

Hair/Makeup – Meraki, A Hair Salon

Florist – Lendon Floral and Garden

Videographer – Off Center Production

Cake/Other Desserts – Carla Vicker (and other friends and family…)

DJ/Band – DJ Richie DeGenova

Catering – Dianna’s Cakes and Catering

Transportation/Limo – Heavenly Coach Limo

Save the Dates/Invitations/Programs – Shutterfly

Ceremony Venue – St. Mary’s Catholic Church – St. Clairsville, Ohio

Officiant – Fr. Thomas Chillog

Reception Venue – Oglebay – Pine Room

Decor/Ceiling Treatment/Entryway/Head Table – Smash Multimedia, LLC

Honeymoon – Sarah Barlow – Design Our Travel (US Travel Corp)

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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