My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Snowy Washington Pennsylvania Engagement Session

Happy Cold January, everyone!  I’m going to start this one off differently and I’m going to quiz ya!  OK?!  Are you ready?!  This is going to be a fun blog!  Prepare yourself!  So, what does an expired membership and these books have in common?!  Anyone?!

Engagement Book Photos in Washington, Pennsylvania

It’s the BEST answer ever, I tell ya!  That expired membership and this book are both part of the amazing story of how Tricia and Danny got together AND then got engaged!! EKKKKKKK!! Do I have your attention now?!  I bet I do!  It’s such a good one!! So, enjoy!

Couple Holding Book for Engagement Session in Washington Pennsylvania

Everyone, meet Tricia and Danny!  They’ve had me booked for a while now and I FINALLY got to meet them in person this past weekend!! YAY!  It was super, duper cold though…like 20 degrees…when we did these photos!  I promised them they would love them once they warmed up and saw them in a heated home! HA!  I sure hope I’m right!  Goodness, it’s been a long time since I’ve shot in the cold for an engagement session and it’s been a couple years since it’s been pretty and snowy like this.  This was the perfect snow for photos too, I tell ya!  Totally worth braving the cold, in my opinion.  It wasn’t too heavy but just enough to give that ooey dreamy effect!! I also love that their wedding date is in May!! It’ll be green and warm then so they will have such a nice variety for their wall!  YAY!

Engagement Photos in Washington Pennsylvania in the Snow

So, Tricia and Danny met on  Kari will LOVE this story because  she also met her hubby David online!  So, Tricia says she didn’t have the greatest experience with online dating so let it expire.  Danny tried to send her a message after he signed up but Match doesn’t let you read them unless you’re an active member.  Well, the stars aligned and Match offered up some free time for people to try it out again.  So, Tricia was able to read Danny’s messages and swap contact information!  They chatted for a couple of weeks (for hours at a time) before deciding to meet up.  Danny drove 1.5 hours to go see her and take her on their first date (to the same place her parent’s had their first date if I may add that)!  Sam will love this next part (because her and Joe also traveled to see one another)!  AHHH!! I love when the HBP team can relate (for those of you who have no idea who Kari and Sam are…HA!)!  So anyway (getting distracted here)…Danny drove out to take her on their first date.  Then, came back the next day….then…came back the day after that!  It was meant to be!

Engagement Photos in Washington Pennsylvania

So, Danny loves books!  Tricia and I had originally tried to plan to do these engagement photos in a library but there was talk of approvals with board members and all that jazz when I reached out to some so we decided to do something different!! This location in Washington, Pennsylvania was perfect for what I was envisioning!  I also played “hide the books” in almost all their photos which I thought was totally fun!! I really wanted to incorporate the books in as many photos as possible!  Why?!  Well, because not only does Danny love books BUT he also used a book to propose !! AHHHH!  That’s right!! Danny worked with a small business in Wisconsin (I’m going to try and find and link their contact info…to be continued).  They’ve been in business since 1854!  So, with their help, he designed that book titled The Perfect Life by Daniel and Tricia Filer.  Who is dying reading this?!?!?  Raise your hands!  That book also had a spot inside that perfectly fit the ring box!! AHHHH!! I’m squealing the Hannah Barlow Photography squeal over here!  So, Tricia found this book on Danny’s coffee table when she traveled to visit him one weekend.  She didn’t think much about it even after reading the title until something “clicked”!  She said it was a solid few minutes before she even acknowledged and answered him!  I THINK I’m going to need to write en engagement proposal book now!  That’s right!! This story sealed the deal!  Wouldn’t that be AMAZING?!

Snowy Engagement Photos with Stone Washington Pennsylvania

It was so cold but we had a lot of laughs and I’m just so happy with how all these turned out!  I also love that purple sweater, purple nail polish…and pearls!! AHHH!! This wedding is going to ROCK!  Danny, you look good too!!  He’s not a fan of the cold!  He even said he didn’t know we were actually taking photos until the last minute!  They sure rocked this engagement session though!! I can’t even!

Couple standing on steps for Washington Pennsylvania engagement session

Danny told me in the couple fun facts survey that he feels like he’s known Tricia so much longer because she is so accepting of him and supportive of all his interests.  He also said all kinds of other great stuff in there but I have a feeling it’s going to spew from their wedding blog so I’ll hold back!  Tricia couldn’t say enough great things about her future husband either!  Words like intelligent, big heart, incredibly hard working, supportive…get the picture?!  These two give us all couple goals!!  It’s pretty perfect!

Engagement Session Photo With Couple Holding Book

Well, that’s a wrap!! These two are tying the knot at The Summit!  I can’t wait to go back!! It’s been a few years and it’s SO beautiful!!!  AHHHH!! Fresh canvas for a new year!  I have all my May weddings confused, I tell ya!  I promise to get it all straight when the time comes.  I totally thought they were second on my list coming up but I just looked again and there are 3 weddings before these two become Mr. & Mrs.!  The date is confirmed, you two!! I quadruple checked AGAIN…because I’m crazy!  I’m also a little nervous that a book lover like Danny is going to read this badly written, grammatically incorrect (and probably with a few typos)…blog and think, “What have we done?!”  HA!  He’s met me though…it probably makes sense!  I CAN’T EVEN WAIT! AHHHH!


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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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