My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Hello! Hi!  Hi, everyone!  I’m blogging again! YAY! HAPPPPYYYY FRIIIIDAY!

So, a few years back, one of my brides (Hey, girl!) suggested I do “Where are they now?” blog posts featuring some of my past couples!  I thought it was a great idea and I had big plans to start with my VERY first couple ever as they’ll be celebrating their five year anniversary this fall (how is that even possible?!).  But… #covid19 and all that crap SO… here we are!  I decided to blog couples by month, show you their pretty wedding photos, and talk all about their lives now!  Don’t worry though, that first couple IS going to get their time to shine!  I promise!  We’re just doing it in the fast lane!

I’m telling you what, going back and seeing these photos and reliving these weddings gave me ALL The feels!! I’m also super excited to be posting them again because I know some of you will be seeing them for the first time!  EEKKKK!!  Gosh, I needed this!  So, thanks for reading.  Let’s do this!  So, first up for these blogs…January couples and weddings!  I’ve got three to show you and I’ll go in the order they occurred, of course!

Let me introduce you to Megan & Tripper in case you haven’t “met” them yet! WEEEE!! Seriously, I’m SO excited about this!

OooO man…OoO man…this is seriously a BLAST from the PAST!  These two love birds got married in January of 2017!  They were actually my fifth wedding EVER that I photographed and all while I was still figuring everything out and exactly how I wanted to model my business.  I WAS blogging, however…it just wasn’t the same as it is now!  SO, I’m super excited to put past couples back up here again!  And again, there’s still only ONE Hannah Barlow Photography wedding though that never got blogged (the very first one from 2015) and TRUST ME…I had planned to remedy that when their five year anniversary came this fall (because you all know it’s giving me hives).  It’s still going to happen!  Maybe just sooner than I had anticipated.  COVID19 will tell!! I’m going to keep these going until I’m allowed to bust out of my house with a car packed full of wedding gear heading off to my second 2020 wedding! EEKKK! I can’t even stand it!! The THOUGHT of doing it gets me excited…I hope it comes sooner rather than later!

BUT ANYWAY…I remember being SO excited Megan and Tripper decided to book me!  It was going to be my first of fourteen weddings for 2017 and I was so touched people were trusting me to capture their special wedding day having very little wedding photography experience.  OooOoo nostalgia! I’m getting all giddy!  We did their engagement session I BELIEVE in March of 2016 and I remember it being the first one I was super duper proud of (after having just taken a wedding/posing class).  I can’t believe it!  SoooOoo fun to look back! AHH!! I’m so glad I’m doing this…I hope you are too!  Here is a little sneak peek of that engagement session!  I posted them on IG too the other day.  If you’re not following me, head on other there now!

They even brought their fur baby (and only baby at the teim) and I still get to see her quite frequently because these two live right down the road from me (like fives houses, to be exact).  GAH!  I still love looking at these and I’m still so proud of them!

Then, a little less than a year later they tied the knot on a very chilly (and windy) January day!! This was before I had any second shooters officially on my team so I had asked my veteran wedding photography friend (who taught me a lot and even let me second shoot for her in 2016 to gain experience) to come with me!! So thank you to Carrie of Carrie Leigh Photography for tagging along!  I remember having all the wedding feels this day because it was just so dang pretty and so well put together!! Check out these details!  It’s funny looking back on old photos too because I didn’t use the dress as the backdrop for detail shots (still learning and finding my “style” and groove at this point) BUT now that I’m looking at these beauties, I kind of like the wood!! AHHHH!! HmmmMmMmmmm…things to think about for 2020 weddings, I guess!  You tell me, do you like my “light and bright” white detail photos or do you like this look?  Maybe I should start doing a little bit of both!  But to this day and after all those beautiful bouquets I’ve had my hands on, I think this once is still in my top five favorites EVER!

So, we had started the day off at Megan’s house where she had hair and makeup done.  We then headed off to the church where I did those detail shots above.  You can probably see I’m trying to keep these “shorter” than my normal blogs but it’s soooooooooo hard! GAH!  I can do it though!  So, we then went into an amazing ceremony at a local church AND THEN…followed it up with these beauties.  Sorry, Tripper.  They’re beautiful…I can’t help it!  You helped me make some of my favorite “beautiful” wedding photos!  He was game to let me play around and take all these photos and I remember being SO excited!  This was also before I learned to bring hand warmers with me and I remember my fingers being SO cold and we all had to keep taking breaks in the car to warm up.  It’s SO funny too because I then did their maternity photos a year after this and it was COLD AND WINDY AGAIN! HA!  But anyway…Tripper was one of those grooms who didn’t mind having his photo taken and I got a little spoiled starting off the year with him!

This photo (below) was one that kind of “birthed” the Hannah Barlow Photography blogs and the uniqueness of them (especially the story telling aspect).  I actually can distinctly remember preparing Megan and Tripper’s wedding blog and going through and choosing photos because I remember thinking, “You know what…forget what the other photographers say…I’m sharing this one anyway”.  You see, when this moment happened, I wasn’t quite ready and was still taking test shots to get set up while everyone filed out of the cars.  When Tripper lifted Megan up and carried her across the muddy grass like it was nothing, I remember flipping my camera around and taking this shot.  See his leg?  It’s blurry because I wasn’t completely set up and ready to go yet…it’s also not centered.  Professional wedding photographers had told me to REALLY consider “carefully” what I was willing to share with the world in my blogs as it can be “risky”.  They said I didn’t EVER want to share those photos that weren’t close to perfect and my “very best” because this was advertising.  These are also the same people who said you shouldn’t have even a third of the words I was putting in my blogs.  I’ve been a rule follower my whole life but I kept going around in my brain, “But But butttttttt…I want to TELL the whole story – not just the pretty stuff.  How am I supposed to tell everything that happened without showing not so perfect behind the scenes shots AND typing a whole lot of words?!”  My talkative Hannah brain and my gut told me to just go for it.  I could always change it later, right?  So, I posted it.  I told the story.  Granted, it was a LOT less words than it would be now.  I was still trying to do things the “right” way.  CLEARLY, I got over that eventually!  So, here’s the photo I was telling you about!  His leg, it not being centered, red distractions in the background…my instructors and mentors were cringing.  I rolled with it.  I’m SO glad I did because the blogs have become a huge selling point for me and something I’m not known for!  Crazy how that happens, right?

Here’s a snippet of what the original blog post looked like below.  If you want to see the WHOLE blog, can see HERE.  Yes.  That’s right.  I went back about 230 blogs to find this baby. HA!



Fun, right?!  I also think this was one of the weddings the “Hannah Barlow squeal” erupted from me!  I remember being soooooooOoo cold BUT hooting and hollering and probably squealing when Megan was just killing it like a model while hiding her shivering and basically turning purple (I had to learn how to remove some purple/pink from her fingers thanks to this wedding).  But I mean…LOOOOKKKKK!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!  Again with that bouquet too!  I don’t know what it is but that think just calls to me!

Then, we got right into the bride and groom formals and it was just pure perfection, I tell ya!  And I will say that none of that dress throwing or veil throwing was happening.  It was legit THAT windy!

This was always one of my very favorites!

…and I remember just being so pumped that Tripper was in on picture time!

Then, I believe we took a break and then changed locations for a bit!

It was getting dark and we were going to have to go to the wedding reception but it was just too pretty to pass up!

ANDDDDDDDDDDDD *drum roll please*….the “shoulder sniff” was born, everybody!  I remember this photo getting A LOT of attention and I was so proud and excited about it!  So, this pose stuck in my head and then I named it eventually!  Of course, I didn’t come up with this pose but can only take credit for giving it the ridiculous name! HA!

Beautiful, right?!  Gosh, I remember being on cloud nine after taking those!  Then, we headed to the reception and I remember thinking, “I want to do something different” and my black and white first dance photos were born!! AHHHHH!! Isn’t it so fun to look back?!  I’m loving this SO MUCH! SOOO MUCH!

Their reception was quite the party!  I remember laughing so much and having a lot to say in the blog!

Then, Megan requested a sparkler photo.  I remember having to Google before this day (because I didn’t use flash much back then) how in the heck photographers did this…then, I failed when writing “love” BUT you get the picture! HA!  It’s HARD to write love backwards and run while keeping yourself from being seen! HA! It’s quite the production and I’ve never done it again!

That’s it for the fifth Hannah Barlow Photography EVER!  So, “WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!”  That’s the whole point of this, right?!  Well, they had a baby the very next year!  I actually did their maternity photos as I mentioned earlier when Megan was pregnant! WEEEEE!  That’s right, I WILL do maternity photos so get a hold of me for pricing and options (you know…when we’re allowed out of the house again).  Anyway, back when they got married, Megan was working as a nurse at The Washington Hospital as an RN but she’s now working with CIGNA Health Insurance as an RN oncology CM.  Tripper is still working for Eagle Manufacturing and is currently the Captain of Franklin Fire Department (he was actually the first responder that arrived and took my father to the ER when he was having his heart attack last summer – thanks again, Tripper!).  Megan and Tripper are hoping to buy or build a home here soon as they have TWO babies and are outgrowing their current home.  Their first little one Peyton was born right around their one year anniversary in January of 2018 and their other little surprise, Adley, was born last fall in September of 2019!  They recently took a large family trip to Disney with Megan’s family and couldn’t say (they were gushing) enough about their little family.  Tripper even added that his little princesses are NOT attending any dance classes and will never have any boyfriends! HA!  CONGRATS TO THE NARIGONS!


Next up!  Sara and Brandon!  These two tied the knot in January of 2019!  BUT FIRST, we gotta talk about their engagement session.  Simple and sweet and alllllllll the beautiful colors come to mind!  I “knew” these two because they’d attended two other weddings I had photographed!  You know that always pumps me up.  Brandon knew what he was getting himself into and was a total gentleman when we were capturing these beauties!  I’m also dying laughing how many times my logo and watermarks changed! HA!  I’m telling you…it took me a while to get my groove!  I had the picture part down but nailing down my brand and “look” took me YEARS, I tell ya! Oy!

Couple Standing for Engagement Photos Oglebay

Summer Oglebay Engagement Session

I can’t WAIT to get out there and shoot again.  I’m SO bummed I’m going to Miss Oglebay’s tulips this year.  WAAAAAAA!!! WHYYYYYYY?!

Oglebay Engagement Photos with Pink and Purple Flowers

Ok.  Now, let’s talk about their January 2018 wedding!  The first thing that comes to mind is that it was supposed to snow…hard…and a lot.  I believe it was supposed to be over 12 inches and just dump on us all at once!  Sara was calm about it and pumped for beautiful snowy photos!  I was pumped, as well, and was even ready to camp out if I had to (complete with packing overnight bags just in case)!  OoooOoo but this is when the rain started for me and it hasn’t stopped for TWO years.  GAH!  Instead of snow, it was too warm that so it POURED the entire day to the point we were trapped inside and I was so sad about it but determined to give them lots of pretty photos!  This was also a wedding Lacey was still “training” and I do believe it was her last one before we cut her loose as an official second shooter!  Between Kari, Lacey, and I…we tag teamed this wedding like no other starting with details!

Isn’t it JUST so pretty?! WEEEE!

Kari and Lacey took all of these and I just remember being SO in love with them!  If you remember, Sara didn’t have a bouquet.  She had a family Bible she carried down the aisle and it was the perfect, unique detail I wanted to see!

January weddings are always killing it.  Of my top five favorite dresses, this one is near the top!! It fit her like a glove and had a really special “addition”.  Do you all remember?!  You’re going to see it here in a minute!

Black and White Bridal Photo at Oglebay Lodge

This bridal party was amazingly fun and we had a BLAST!  The dresses, the colors…the personalities…rainy weather aside, it was pure perfection this day…yes, it was!  I remember laughing so much and having such a great time with everyone!  SooOoO many outtakes were taken at this wedding.  You would have NEVER known the weather was complete crap with the energy coming from everyone!

Purple Bridal Party Photo at Oglebay

I told you!  Isn’t she stunning in that dress?!  AND THENNNNNNNNNN you add that float and it’s AMAZING!  SO AMAZING!  It was the first dress I photographed that had a float added to it and I feel in love ON.THE.SPOT!  My goodness gracious!  Fun fact: those two things didn’t actually go together.  Sara knew she wanted her dress to have something “more” and she found this float and just KNEW she had nailed it…OooO man!

Formal Bridal Photo of Bride at Oglebay Ballroom

Then, we moved into bride groom formal wedding photos.  Clearly, I’m out of order here because I know we didn’t take that float back off!  Roll with it!  You know I can’t help it!

Bride and Groom Standing at Window

That one (below) on the right is one of my favorites from this whole bunch! WOOOO!

Bride and Groom Photos Standing by Window

Right before their ceremony, I remember having them walk through the ballroom where we were taking photos .  Ironically, this is one of the photos that hangs in Oglebay’s consultation wedding room!  Sara and Brandon went for their wedding anniversary dinner and said she saw it!  My heart was so happy! SO HAPPY!

They then had their ceremony in the beautiful Fort Henry room at Oglebay and then we went right into their reception in Glessner Hall!  I remember the energy continuing to be off the charts and there were lots and lots of familiar faces as I’d done two other weddings with Sara and Brandon’s friends!  GAH! I can’t wait to see more familiar faces this year!

Speaking of friends, this guy gets put up in a chair at EVERY wedding this group attends.  I can’t remember his name but it coincides with an ACDC song (I think it’s ACDC).  Someone help me out!! GAH!  I’m the WORST with names and details.  I bet Kari knows…she always knows!  It’s funny though.  I can hear the song in my head and they always run and get him (and he hates every second of it).  So, I have three sets of photos with this happening from three different weddings!

Who remembers this moment?  I photographed Derek and Kassandra’s wedding back in December of 2017.  So, he’s a familiar face, for sure!  He decided he wanted to play photographer so I gave him my camera and off he went.  He didn’t get a spot on the HBP team though…there were a lot of out of focus and blown photos! HA!  I just remember dying laughing.  Someone thought I was nuts but I put that strap around his neck and sang the song…”Nationwide is on your sideeeeee…” HA!  He returned everything to me in one piece though!

That night was QUITE the party.  I remember Brandon coming over and asking for his selfie with us and my wedding photographer heart was so happy!  Remember, Brandon hated pictures but he was a perfect gentleman when it came to getting them done.  It was definitely the perfect way to start off 2018!  Sara, to date, was also one of my most laid back brides!  She chose Oglebay and Glessner in January so “she didn’t have to do much planning”.  And she did SO GOOD! AHHHH!!!  I wanna go back!  I’m telling you…ALL THE FEELS right now!

SO, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?! Sara and Brandon are still happily married and living life with two cats, one dog, and all their chickens (this made me giggle) in the home they built in 2016!  Sara is still working in the schools as an occupational therapist  (but currently at home thanks to covid-19).  Brandon is working in hospitality/marketing for i2i Mobile Marketing being contracted by Hendrick Motorsports.  He’s home right now too since NASCAR hasn’t been running!  But goodness, these two are successful!  AND GUESS WHAT?!  They are expecting a little boy this September!  I tell you what…it’s another  HBP baby boom right now!  I think there are currently five Hannah Barlow Photography brides pregnant right now (that I know of) and one just had a baby (Hey, Sara —- ANOTHER Sara).  It’s crazy!

CONGRATS TO THE MILLERS – FUTURE FAMILY OF THREE (if you don’t count all the pets)!  By the way, if you want to see their original blog post.  See it HERE.


Last but not least (and you’ve seen this one recently), another Sarah (but with an “H”) and Tristan!  I’m FOR SURE going to get the “Saras” and “Sarahs” wrong in this post.  Oy.  Let me know when I did and I’ll fix it! HA!  OooO my.  I can’t believe this was the first and last (for a while) wedding of 2020.  When we shot this wedding, I was full of wedding energy.  It was the first of the year and it was unique and I was so pumped!  It was the unlike anything we’ve ever photographed and a sooooOooO well planned and beautiful Irish wedding and it made my wedding heart EXPLODE.  You can see it HERE.  Do you all remember it?!  I KNOW you do!  Let’s relive it again!  So, we started with their family/engagement photos just two days before their wedding!  They are just such a likable  and lovable family.

Their energy had me SO excited! SOOOO EXCITED!

Then, two days after that we were at their wedding at Oglebay!  This was another January wedding where it was supposed to snow…and it didn’t.  It was SO warm!  It was so warm we couldn’t even get snowy photos at the slopes!  It seriously felt like spring, I tell ya!  It all worked out though, as you all know.  First things first, this dress! THESE DETAILS! AHHHHH!  Sarah’s already gotten a new ring since then!  That’s SO her!  I love it!

Irish Wedding Details in Blue and Green

…and ooOooo my goodness ME!  What IS it with January weddings?!  Megan had one of my favorite bouquets.  Sara had one of my favorite dresses and this Sarah had one of my favorite reception decor I have EVER laid my wedding photographer eyes on! EEEKKKK!

Oglebay Pine Room Wedding Photos w/ Greenery

They had their ceremony in that amazing space, as well!  But remember their first look?  Complete with nature and wildlife?!  It was pure perfection!  OMG!  This may be my favorite first looks, as well!! AHHHH!!  It’ll be interesting to see how I feel about the next blogs because you all know I get myself in the moment and just can’t stop my excitement!

Bride and Groom Feeding Deer at Oglebay

Formal photos weren’t something I will ever forget either!  It was my goal to make it feel like Ireland!

I look at these and remember having only five minutes to take them but we were bound and determined.  Sam was with me and worked her butt off!

Bride and Groom Walking in Oglebay Evergreens

…and their reception was unique in that there wasn’t a lot of dancing but soooOoooo many games!  This was the one Cassie (from Oglebay), Brian Oliver (the DJ), and I were so “stressed” out because the couples was so dang laid back and we lfelt like we didn’t know what to do with ourselves! HA!  What a GREAT way to start off this insane 2020 though!  Thank you, Sarah and Tristan!! It’s just what we ALL needed!

Sarah and I still chat via email and on IG.  Her personality can’t be matched and I can’t stop smiling every time I hear from her!  So, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!  If you remember, Tristan is in the Navy so they are preparing their CT home so they can move to San Diego!  She said she’s currently getting ready to paint the whole kitchen for a little update and will send photos!  Once they find a place that will accommodate all their pets in California, they’ll be moving out there with their dog and their cat!  Sarah is still working as a freelance graphic designer.  With Hayden and their three pets, they feel their home is happy and complete!  Guess what?!  Sarah’s even thinking of branching out into the wedding market!  She’s also like me and has lots of hobbies including but not limited to knitting and reading!  And remember that new ring I mentioned?  Check it out! AHHHH!! It’s so perfect!  She got it back when they were in Ireland…and it ALL comes full circle!  I LOVE when that happens!  CONGRATS TO THE MCKENNAS!

Well, that’s it for some of my January couples!  I’m leaving it up to my couples if they want to participate! Next up, MAY COUPLES.  If you’re a past Hannah Barlow Photography couple and you got married in May and want to be a part of the blog next week, let me know!

Thanks for reading and HAPPY FRIDAY!  STAY SAFE OUT THERE!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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