My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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I feel like the energizer bunny and my couples just keep on feeding me all the wedding energy I need!  THANK YOU ALL for sharing AND reading!  So, are you ready?!  WHERE ARE THEY NOW?! – May weddings just keep on going…let’s do it again!  TAKE 3!  AND GO!

Right after Nicole and Jim’s wedding (from the Take 2 blog), Kari and I stayed overnight for Erinn and Andrew’s wedding on Memorial Day Weekend in 2017!  It rained (not even kidding) on their wedding day (kind of..more on that later though)…But first, per the usual, we need to do their engagement session.  It rained then too.  I’m serious.  I think that just has to be a part of every one of my blogs!  Can you believe it?!  I knew it rained A LOT for me over the years BUT these blogs are just proving it!! Jeesh!  We made it work for this session though and even hid from the rain!  We started off with the baseball theme!  Yep.  We were hiding under an underpass in downtown Pittsburgh while it POURED and then we were able to get out again!

THEN, we drove to this area!  These photos blow my mind now because back then, I had done everything “right”.  We went in and I asked permission to take photos.  The guy said he’d give us 30 minutes and we made the best of it.  Today?  You have to call ahead and get written permission with a contract AND pay a HUGE fee for just a few minutes.  It’s CRAZY looking back!! NOW, they do weddings there too and OOoOoooo MANNNNN…it’s on my bucket list, I tell ya!! Look how adorable!

Ooo you know…just a little dancing in the Pennsylvanian.

Then, in May of 2017…Erinn and Andrew became my 7th wedding ever…and it RAINED.  Nope.  Like I said, you can’t kid about this!  But it only rained overnight!  It stayed nice and dry (in the air, at least) all day long.  I remember the ground being a little soggy!  EKKK!  Nonetheless, look at these details!  I think these were the only wooden flowers I’ve ever photographed to date!!  It’s so fun to look back on my old detail shots without the dress!

This wedding was at Iron Mills Farmstead in PA!  Look at these beautiful, barn reception details!  I do love some good, pretty desserts to photograph!

Erinn was a BEAUTIFUL bride!! EEEEEKKK!  To this day, theses are some of my favorite bride window shots!  And she added that beautiful lace to her dress to make it more conservative for the ceremony and then edgy for the reception!  Funny story I remember…I do believe it had fallen off the hanger and was in the bottom of the dress bag.  Mini freak out moment.  Erinn!  That was your wedding, right?!  Then, I feel like something got lost at home that her brother had to go get…I may be making that all up though!  She’ll have to tell us!

AHHHHH!! Do you all remember this?!  Andrew played and sang during their ceremony.  ANDDDDD do you all recognize that best man?  You should!! He’s getting married this September!  That’s Zach, Andrew’s brother!  AHHHH!! Come on 2020, let’s do this!  I can’t STAND IT!  I can’t wait to start all this back up!

This guy…I still laugh!  This bridal party was a hoot!

Remember this beauty?!  I actually may go add that photo with the petals in the air to my website!! AHHH!! I still love It!  Look at me throwing back!

I can’t remember exactly why but we ended up on a very tight timeline after the ceremony!  I did their (ALL OF THEM) bride and groom formal photos in 15 minutes flat.  THAT’S RIGHT!


It didn’t matter though!  They nailed it…and just in time.  Look at those rain clouds! OY!

It was a rocking reception!  And you can see Rebecca there in the blue (future HBP bride). SOOOooOo much fun and dancing!

…and they ended the night with my FIRST sparkler exit ever!! I remember having to research it.  Kari and I were “spraying and praying”.  That’s what us photographers call it when we’re doing something for the first time.  We THINK it’ll work…but we just don’t know.  So we “spray (take lots of photos) and pray (that speaks for itself).”  AND IT WORKKKKEEEDDD!!! WOOOOO!!  These are still some of my favorite sparkler exit photos EVER!

So, WHERE ARE TEHY NOW?!  Well, these two started their family right away!  Their little guy Nixon just turned two in March!  Andrew is now working as an orchestra and band teacher in Youngstown and has taken up running (Erinn is still confused on that one! HA! But he’s training for a marathon!  Erinn works as a speech therapist at UPMC Horizon Hospitals!  Talk about successful!! SO happy for these two!  I can’t even wait to see them again!!! WEEEEEE!! Exciting times!

Next up, Caitlin and Trey!! Oooo goodness!! Their engagement session was one of my favorites! I THINK Kari was with me?  Someone was with me that this one! HA!! I can’t remember! GAH!

I just remember being SO pumped up about this one once I meant Trey!! I think I remember Caitlin being a little reserved about all this (don’t blame her…I don’t like being in front of the camera).  Trey was so into it and brought out the very BEST in us all!!!  From her outfit choices to those nails and her striking eyes (does that make me sound weird?)…I couldn’t get enough squealing in!!! AHHHH!  She’s fierce…I don’t care what she says!

We just had SO much fun!!! WEEEEE!

I told ya!! The nails…her eyes!! IT JUST WORKS!

Now, let’s fast forward to May of 2018!  Their wedding rolled around with a Japanese feel to it!! WEEEE!! AHHHHHH!  Just LOOK!  Her details were TO DIE FOR!  And this was the wedding Kari and I thought we’d lost one of Caitlin’s earrings.  Oy!  We found it.  It was on a table but I remember being in a TOTAL panic! HA!

Orange and Ivory wedding Details

…and the getting ready photos!! EEEEEKKKK!!

Trey and I had SO much fun in these moments!  Oooo goodness gracious!! I can just hear us laughing away during all this!! OOo memories!

Caitlin’s mom is one of the SWEETEST (and funniest) ladies I have ever known.  I’ve gotten to know her even more since then and she’s truly a gem!

OK.  So IT RAINED on Caitlin and Trey’s wedding.  Is ANYONE surprised?!  I’m not! HA!  Gosh.  I guess I should just expect it BUT…not only did it rain at their wedding…it POURED…no wait…IT STORMED.  When I say stormed, I mean lightning bolts in the sky storm.  CRAZY, right?!  I had to be REAL creative!  Their first look was adorable!  Just LOOK at Trey’s reaction to seeing her dressed up at his bride!!  It was all so perfect!! SO PERFECT!

Bride and Groom First Look Nemacolin Country ClubSHOW OFFS!  I forgot to show you their dip from their engagement session but it was pilates style and those dressy clothes didn’t change a thing for that dip on their wedding day!  For real though!  I remember moving AS FAST as I could.  So, not only was it going to storm (which I can NOT shoot in for safety purposes, of course) but Caitlin is nervous around storms so I had to be extra crazy Hannah to try and not only go fast fast fast fast but also keep her mind off it all!

Bride and Groom Dip

She kept it together though!  Look at her!! She ROCKED it!

Bridal Shots

Meanwhile, this was happening over on my left! HA!  That’s Trey’s mom.  Don’t the moms look like bridesmaids?!  Holy moly!  I need those genes, I tell ya!  If you zoom in, you can SEE the rain falling from the sky!

Rainy Wedding Day

When I was saying the wind was whipping, just look at his tux jacket! Wheww!  I can feel the intensity of all this!  The BLACK storm clouds were coming!  It didn’t matter though!! We still made it happen!

Bride and Groom Portraits

So, we ended up moving their ceremony inside!  This was THE WEDDING the rings didn’t get grabbed by the groomsmen and Kari went RUNNING…DURING the ceremony! HA!  She handed those off to the coordinator use used 007 skills and a secret fire escape path to get from one end of the building to the other to sneak them to the bridal party…all during the ceremony! HA!  Remember this?!

Then, we went into the reception (which was really just the same as the new ceremony location) and just LOOK at these details!! AHHHHH!!

Light Pink Wedding Reception Details

Dessert Table

Partying at the reception was no joke!  Look at this dance floor!

…and we met these two ladies!  It’s a smalllll world afffffter alllll!!!  SING IT!  Becky (one of the DJs – curly hair) lives just a few blocks from Kari!! Crazy, right?!  They’re friends to this day!

I also found out JUST recently Trey knows my cousin, Cody, and was good friends with him in college!  Seriously, small world!! AND I look at that selfie above and see how far I’ve come in two years personally.  I started eating low carb at that time and the difference in my hair/skin/look, in general…you name it…it’s CRAZY what a difference that lifestyle has made for me!! So WOOOOOO all the way around!  GREAT TIMES!  I love going down memory lane!  This is fun!

SO, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!  Well, Trey and Caitlin got a new apartment and have taken lots of vacations!  They went to Hilton Head, SC for their honeymoon and then Ireland and Scotland (WHATTTTT?!) just for fun!! I’m totally jealous!! EEEKKK!  Caitlin said they were “boring” compared to my other couples and I SO disagree….GIRLLLLL!! Dublin and Edinburgh?!  REALLY?!  That’s so amazing!  No new jobs for them but they did adopt a new fur baby last year.  It’s a kitten and her name is Jade!  Their cat Marbles who “attended” their wedding (from afar but with photos on the head table) had some medical issues and tragically passed away.  So, they are considering adding another one too here soon!! AHHH!! I’m a cat lover so any kitty fur baby news gets me excited! WEEEE!  Plans for starting a bigger human family are in talks but you know…. #covid19.  HA!  It’s slowing us ALL down during these uncertain times!

It makes me SO happy seeing their faces!!

Well, that’s it!! That’s a wrap!! Thank you all for sharing and now…I’M CALLING JUNE COUPLES!! LET’S DO THIS!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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