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Firefighter Inspired Engagement Session

Happy Friday, everyone!  WEEEE!! I’m going off the grid here in a few days for some vacation time so I wanted to get a few engagement sessions out today before I leave!  That’s right, I’m actually going to take a REAL vacation this year (COVID allowing).  We’ll see! I did promise my kiddos something fun AND phone free!  BUT anyway, I want you to meet Chrissy and Jake! They’re the newest couple on my blog!  They wanted a firefighter inspired engagement session so they brought the helmet along complete with their names and dates!  That’s right!  It’s those little details, ya know!

I knew they wanted to use these for their save the dates so I made sure to give them some variety!  These two met at the firehouse in their home town and started dating within a year!

These two had already had some other engagement photos done but you all know I like to meet my clients before their big day that way we’re all comfortable together.  So, we made the best of it and snapped alllllllll the poses!

Then, I had them do some walking and snuggling!  I didn’t think Jake was going to like this (he told me ahead of time he was dreading photos…tis most of my grooms, right?!) but he did it and nailed it!

…of course, I HAD to take advantage of that pretty light coming through!  These two were together for 5 1/2 years before they got engaged!  Jake popped the question under the fireworks last October at Irons Mill Farmstead (I love that place for weddings too!!!)

Then, we closed out the session with a simple but beautiful ring shot!! WEEEEEE!!  It is a beauty!

These two are going to have a unique wedding next year…because it’s on a Thursday!! That’s right!  I’ll also get to party the night away with DJ Chelsea.  I haven’t seen her for a few years so that’ll be a nice reunion!! I hope you enjoyed this firefighter inspired engagement session!  You’ll get more of this theme next year because Jake said he’s wearing his dress uniform!  YAY!  Well, that’s it! Thanks for reading and check back next year for their wedding!

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