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Summer Engagement Session with Oglebay Flowers

Happy Wednesday!  I have two very fun and amazing people for you to meet today – Rachel and Andrew!  This session was incredible!! It had everything I always love (awesome couple, amazing conversation, lots of color…just a great session overall, I’m telling you) and a little bit of what I don’t love (rain…story of the Hannah Barlow Photography life, right?!).  So, please give these two all your HBP love.  They’re next on the blog today!

I got to meet Rachel and Andrew back in March RIGHT before the COVID chaos and nonsense hit.  It was the beginning of that month when we set up our pre-booking consultation at my studio.  From the get go, these two were easy to chat with and lucky for me they decided to book!  YAY!  Their engagement session was no different except it took us a while to get to the point of actually settling on a date.  First, we had it scheduled in the spring with hopes of the tulips being out at Oglebay and then my state shut down.  So, we rescheduled and Rachel’s work schedule didn’t allow for that new date (#nurselife … been there).  Then, we had it scheduled for later in this month and I got a request to shoot a small wedding (on a Thursday) SO these two were gracious enough to let me move it once again and here we are…and then it rained.  And wait…it didn’t just rain…it ONLY rained on the EXACT hour we had it scheduled.  You can’t make this up!  I saw it pop up on the radar (because the rain loves me so much I ALWAYS track the radar).  I had texted Rachel and she was game to go for it (I love a couple who trusts me).  It was even raining when they pulled up next to my car…UGHHH…but it all happens for a reason.  We had originally intended to have Oglebay tulips…but we ended up with Oglebay summer flowers and that meant I didn’t have to photoshop out all the electric fences! WOOOO!! Also, these two had never been here before so it was SUCH a nice walk around the area in the warm weather.  I do love to talk and walk so we went to ALL the quintessential Oglebay spots!! Next up, the mansion!  I’m not normally a black and white fan but I was definitely feeling these!

I’d like to call this one below, “Wait, what do I do with my hand!?”  If you’ve been to a session of mine, you know exactly why he’s asking me this! HA!!  We had so much fun galavanting around for these!  At the beginning, they actually told me they were very excited for these photos AND Andrew was the one that even told me that!  Cue the tire screeching halt!  I told them this never ever happens…well, maybe one or two grooms a year… but not only did they upgrade their engagement session but I also stretched it about 30 minutes longer after he made that statement.  Yep!  You all know I like to take FULL advantage of a couple who actually loves the idea of having their photo taken!! I sure hope it doesn’t rain on their January wedding too (come on snowwwwwww) because we’re going to need A LOT of photos!! Yep!

Walking…snuggling…walking…CHECK!  These two are another one of my Tinder couples too.  THAT’S RIGHT!  They met on Tinder in 2016!  I love this so much.  Sam (Second Shooter Sam) and her husband Joe met on Tinder too!! I love the irony that some of my BEST couples met on Tinder which is notoriously not viewed as a “dating app” but seems to work out SO well for so many I meet.  I’m too old for Tinder so I must live vicariously through these stories!  It’s just meant to be and I love these stories so much, for real!  So, the next month they decided to meet up at a popular restaurant (you know…lots of people…lots of witnesses).  After that successful date, they met up again and the rest is history!

Her dress had me just full of delight!  Look at those colors!! I do love some good colors, you know!  Imagine how excited I got too when Andrew stepped out of the car in the collared shirt and dress slacks (AND shoes)…he actually put it on later but you get the picture.  EKKKKK!! He didn’t know it…but nothing gets me more pumped up than a groom who dresses for the occasion and a bride who matches right up!! Perfection!

Give me ALL the colors!  These two had nothing but amazing things to say about one another in their couple’s fun fact survey!  They’re seriously some of the easiest people to be around.  They were great company as we were moving from spot to spot and it was just “easy” to photograph them together!  Didn’t matter where we were or what they were doing…I was smiling while taking these!

So, let’s talk about this gorgeous ring (below)!  I mean, WELL DONE, Andrew!! Goodness!  Rachel tells me they had an early Christmas dinner since she had to work.  Andrew suggested they stay dressed up to open presents and sip some champagne (and now I’m picturing them in these outfits but I guarantee these weren’t the ones but what a story that would be…HA!).  Anyway, he told her there was another gift in her stocking but when she “couldn’t find it” he dropped down on one knee and did that amazing guy thing!! My husband recently watched a show with me where a man proposed so he proceeded to tell me how nerve racking that moment is for a man.  After 12 years of marriage, he’s never told me that and I guess I never thought about it!  Now, I’m giving these guys even more credit when I read these stories because it can NOT be easy planning all that and just hoping it all works out!! Rachel said “yes”, of course!  I mean…they both said they just knew they were meant to be together.  They’re going to take some amazing wedding photos!

Then, they did some outfit changes and they gave me MORE color.  Also, my favorite color is purple so I was totally feeling all of this!

I always tell my couples that at this point they should feel pretty comfortable and these two were no different!! They were just rolling through it at this point!  I didn’t have to do a thing!

I had hoped the sky would turn and it did give me a little bit of color so we did some more walking and snuggling!  Also, the rain was long gone at this point so I was getting down in the grass like I usually do!

You know, I think I FINALLY found a spot I love for an Oglebay, mansion shot!  Not too much yellow…but definitely beautiful.  The fact that it was lit up was a HUGE bonus!

Then, being the crazy wedding photographer that I am, I saw some color over the parking lot so I blocked all the cars with a bush.  Even more ironic was the fact that I ended up liking the black and white version better!

One more GRAND FINALE shot!! WOOOOOO!! OooOoO goodness.  These two had a long drive home and I just couldn’t let them go.  I can’t explain it but this session was just incredible and so laid back.  I can’t WAIT for their January wedding!! They said it’s definitely happening…no matter what…they are getting married!! I love their dedication!! Here we go!! Let’s do this!

These two are planning a Pittsburgh wedding that’s fun, elegant, romantic with a party surrounded by everyone close to them!  Check back next year!! They are first up in 2021!  YESSSS!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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