My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Rustic Fall Engagement Photos in Wellsburg

Happy Monday, everyone!  Nope…I don’t usually blog sessions on Mondays BUT it’s October…and you know what October and fall means for me…BLOG MADNESS!  That’s right!! I almost got this done Friday but didn’t want to rush it!  So, here we go!  I’ve got a new couple for you to meet!  Carli and John were rockstars and so easy going and we had a blast…I even held them hostage a little past “quitting time”!  So, give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love and enjoy!  Carli and John, everyone!

Right out of the gates, I was a little “Hannah crazy”.  Not sure why…but I just felt comfortable with these two.  I had actually spoken to Carli’s mom (Hi, Sherri) on the phone before the couple even decided to book.  I joked with Carli and John that I’d hoped her mom had warned them how high strung I am and how much I love to talk! Maybe she did…maybe she didn’t…but these two showed up early (major Hannah points which led to even more photos) and they were very “go with the flow…we trust you” so my creativity bells were ringing!! Carli definitely wanted rustic so this location in Wellsburg, WV up on the pike was a “must have” and then we decided to throw in some fall!  It’s still pretty green right now but you know me…ask and you shall receive!  John also gave me a solid 5 on my 1 to 10 rating scale I give all my grooms.  I’ll take it!  AND he was a total gentleman (you know I love that) complete with offering to carry my gear for me AND he was a total pro with the “dead arm” rule and took all these photos VERY seriously!  Just look at them!

Carli tells me her and John met through her dad and were friends for three years before they started dating!  They described each other as “fun, outgoing, and crazy” which makes total sense why we clicked so quickly and just jived when it came to photo time.  They didn’t miss a beat when I weeble wobbled all over the place to get just the right light and then laid down in the middle of the road to get the right angle!  Nope…they just laughed with me!  Their engagement story is sweet too!  John popped the question after a long day in Pittsburgh complete with a visit to PNC park and then PPG paints arena.  They ended at The Point where both his parents and her parents were waiting.  Is there a vide?!  IS THER?! I’m going to need to see it! HA!

Yep!  We found one “volunteer tree” and some good light (which kept annoying coming in and out…in and out).  Nonetheless, it was very “fall” and I love love love it!  They also take a great and natural photo!

We did some walking and snuggling!  Ironically, John and I both had ankle issues at the same time this past winter so we all probably shouldn’t have laughed as hard as we all did (see Carli below) when he almost tripped doing this.  He had total dedication though and just went with the flow!  These wedding photos are going to be a breeze, I tell ya!

These two were SO easy but Carli had just the one request…this pose (below).  So, we did all kinds of variations and locations!  Which one is your favorite?  I favor the on the right!

In true Hannah fashion, I’d already said…”Ok…last one…” about three times.  I had promised JUST one more set at this point when I saw this bench! HA!

Ok.  JUST one more set now.  These two nailed it at their session, so OF COURSE, I had to give them a hard time when I finally found one pose they didn’t execute perfectly – the dance spin and the dip! HA!  We gotta work on those angles in relation to me so I am officially assigning it as homework!  Alright, you two…you’ve got just a few days over one year to perfect it!! If you’re a loyal blog reader, you KNOW I’ll hold them to it (just like I did with Kari and David years and years ago).

OooO BUT WAIT.  ONE MORE SET…because the sun popped out and I loved it so much!! HA! Seriously though, these two were amazing and total saints for putting up with me and the extra time I held them for this session!  Their wedding is going to be amazing…and stress free.  She even said there is going to be white roses and then she said “fall wedding” AND elegant…and I can hear Lacey claiming this one when we do the schedule!  AHHHH!! Elegant WITH white roses?!  You’re speaking to my wedding photographer heart, Carli!  AHHHHHH!!!

That’s it!  That’s a wrap on this rustic fall engagement session we shot last week in Wellsburg, WV!  Check back next year for their wedding!! WEEEE!! It’s going to be great!  October 2020 is going to be madness!! I’ve got SIX weddings (that’s right) coming up this month with the first October one already complete last weekend!  The sneak peek will be posted here in the few hours! YAY!  Happy Monday!  Thanks for reading!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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