My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Windy Fall Wheeling WV Engagement Photos

Good Morning!  Good Morning!  I’ve only got three engagement sessions left for the year and this is one of them!  We’re coming down the home stretch, people!  Let’s do this!  Allie and Zach are on the blog today!  Give them both your warm Hannah Barlow Photography welcome!  Their Windy Fall Engagement Photos we did in Wheeling, WV on Monday are on the blog right now!  Enjoy!

Allie and Zach are another one of my Oglebay couples!  They are also one of the last weddings of my 2021 season next year!  Ironically, tomorrow marks exactly one year until their big day!  EEEEKKK!!  Hopefully, it’s not so windy.  We started this session off in our original meeting place and then immediately changed our location to try and avoid the bitter wind.  It’s windy, cold session season now!  They were total troopers and we found this nice “fally” spot I’ve used before which complimented their outfits JUST right! WOOO!

I gave them my usual “speech” to get us started.  They definitely didn’t need it!  Nope!  Allie was chilly so she immediately started snuggling and I started squealing…of course!  These two have ZERO issue posing and if they were nervous at all in front of my camera…well, they certainly did not show it!  I kept yelling..”AHHH! Do it again! Do it again! Don’t be cute without me!”  Even their walk and snuggle looked amazing!

Then, we moved to another spot and I caught them being natural and cute together!  You all know my gentleman grooms always get extra attention on their wedding day!  I can picture the groom photos of Zach now!

They’re so natural together…even for the outtakes.  That hiker in the background was probably thinking, “I gotta get out of here!”  We were laughing..I was squealing…we had a great time even with the cold!

You all know I like some “glowy” light in the background!

…and this was the moment I knew their wedding was going to be a breeze.  Allie and Zach are very comfortable together and they even admitted they don’t necessarily hate photos so it’s a win all the way around!  Allie, we are most certainly redoing this arm snuggle photo for your wedding next year!  Channel this!  I told them I’m going to name some poses after their session.  What should I call this one (below)?

Ring shots for the win!

Then, I had them dance AND they even knew what eskimo kisses were! AHHHH!!  Perfection!

Walking shots (away from me) are ones I always love…but frequently forget to do!  Allie asked for this shot for the save the date and I was more than excited to do it with these two!

Even these shots look good on these two!

Talk about some Hannah excitement…I don’t usually do sitting photos but these two were up to try anything!  AND now I LOVE them!  AHHH!! There were some annoying blue reflective things I told them I’d photoshop out later…and then I ended up doing them all yesterday because I REALLY like these photos so much and wanted to blog them distraction free (and now looking at these…I realize I’ve missed one…Oy)!  I’ll fix it, you two!  Promise!

One last sitting and snuggle photo for the grand finale!  AHHHHH!

Man…these fall colors had me with ALL the heart eyes while taking these photos and editing them!  I don’t even think they read my engagement styling guide with the tips and tricks and they absolutely nailed it.  Heck, they could have written it!  We may have been cold and it may have been windy but this was a super enjoyable session for me!  Allie and Zach, I hope these photos are everything you wanted and more!  You two are going to be SUCH a beautiful couple next year as a bride and groom!

Check back next year (364 days from now) to see them dressed up and becoming Mr. & Mrs.!  It’s going to be amazing and easy and I think I’m going to have ALL the words in their wedding blog!  Happy Thursday, everyone!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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