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Alice in Wonderland Wedding at Oglebay

Hello and Happy Thursday!  Jayde and Carl are Mr. & Mrs. Gavlik and if you didn’t see my live video…or my sneak peek wedding post on Monday…I need to tell you again.  Their Oglebay wedding was ALICE IN WONDERLAND themed. OooO yes, that’s right!  So, please give these two love birds all your Hannah Barlow Photography love.  Their wedding is on the blog right now!  Enjoy!

Last Saturday was a PERFECT May day!  Not too hot…not too cold…and not to sound TOO storybook again, but this wedding was…wait for it…Alice in Wonderland themed! Yep!  All of the events happened at Oglebay with the wedding ceremony and reception all at the Pine Room.  I can never get enough of the Pine Room view!

I hadn’t seen all the goodness on the inside yet but I kind of had a feeling (when I saw these teacups hanging) that the inside was going to be magical.  I had arrived early (as always) and Lacey was right behind me (we’re the early birds of the Hannah Barlow Photography team).

I had already met up with Cassie in passing (wedding coordinator at Oglebay) and we went inside together.  Jayde’s dad was there setting up and I’m so thankful he didn’t think I was a complete crazy person because I could NOT contain my Hannah excitement (if you saw my live video on Facebook…you know already).  Usually, I try and play it cool and hold back.  I mean…I don’t want to scare people with my excitement right off the bat BUT I could NOT help it!  Everywhere you looked…details were on point and amazing!

I know many of you texted me about this cake!  HERE YOU GO!

Then, we headed off to the cabins to find Jayde and the ladies.  I introduced myself and got my hands on this dress.  You all know I don’t like to take the dress outside but Jayde and I had had many conversations about this wedding leading up to this day and she mentioned “forest and flowers”.  There just happened to be a dogwood tree outside so I took FULL advantage!

Then, Lacey and I went right into bridal details.  LOOK AT THOSE SHOES! AHHHHH!

Then, we rode over to Carl’s cabin to catch him getting ready.

I hadn’t done an engagement session with these two so this was the first time meeting everyone.  The ladies were so chill and laid back so I figured the guys would be the same.  Nope!  They were getting the party started early!  And they didn’t mind photos ONE bit so we took them ALL!

They were really willing to do anything for these photos so outside we went!

They were even happy to do a group hug and usually I get all kinds of groans – not with this group!  Did I mention they were having fun?!

Then, back over to Jayde’s cabin we went and she was ready to get ready!

THIS DRESS! GAH!  Lacey loves lace (no pun intended) so OF COURSE she was all about this dress.  I, myself, am usually a ball gown kind of gal BUT this dress just called to me.  I think it was ALL the detail (and the little bit of glitz and glam too).  Check out that train!

I love love love new and fresh, spring colors!  And check out these perfectly themed dresses for the little ladies.  Jayde’s mom (Hi, Jen) HAND made them!  That’s right!

Then, we RAN…and I mean RAN…back over to the Pine Room to get this Oglebay wedding ceremony started!  What I haven’t told you yet (because there’s just so much Hannah rambling about all the amazing details) is that we were running behind on time so I was in a full blown Hannah panic to make sure we got ALL the photos the couple wanted while still trying to make the day fun (I had even lost my bag at one point which has never happened before)!  You know what makes for an amazing day NO MATTER WHAT?!  Amazing vendors.  I always…ALWAYS…tell couples to really do your research with your vendors.  Jayde and Carl nailed it with their vendor list.  I do believe at one point she emailed me and called it the “crack vendor list”.  We had DJ Brian Oliver and Mr. Matt VanFossen officiating.  We had Cassie Minder coordinating and Brad and Rodney on cake and florals (not pictured below).  I mean…what could go wrong?!  Actually, it all could go wrong and we would have still had it together.  More on that later but I did snap this as we were setting up and waiting for the ladies to arrive.

Then, it was time for a wedding.  And the little “Alice’s” threw petals JUST perfectly.  Also, can we please talk about the teacup that held the petals?!

Here comes the bride!

Matt Vanfossen is one of my VERY favorite officiants.  He and I have become good friends over the short half year we’ve known each other.  I told him he needs to do Improv.  It does NOT matter who the couple is…how religious or non-religious they are…how traditional or non-traditional they are…Nope.  He makes sure every single couple’s wedding ceremony is unique to them…and with a few laughs here and there too.  Jayde and Carl “rock, paper, scissored” to see who would go first for their vows.  I asked Matt later and he said it wasn’t planned and he didn’t know about it.  I would have never known!  It was so flawless and adorable and everyone had a good laugh.  Carl got to go first!

Not a bad wedding ceremony view, right?

Jayde got very emotional while he read his vows.

She got emotional reading her own, as well!

Rings were exchanged.  Kind words were said…and then it was time for the unity candle.  It ended up being more of a challenge than I bet this couple ever imagined.  That wind really wanted to give them a run for their money!

As always, Matt is ready to lend a hand…or two…literally.  He also brought that lighter.  I was cracking up when he whipped it out of his pocket right before the ceremony!  Always be prepared!

…and just like that…they were Mr. & Mrs. Gavlik and everyone waved their wands with bells to celebrate!

Then, we headed over to Oglebay’s mansion for bridal party photos!  I love those handkerchiefs and I could show you photos from the ceremony (but I won’t) that proves they did NOT keep it together and there was, in fact…ugly crying! HA!

And my favorite part…bride and groom formal wedding photos!  We had about 15 minutes total for these photos so Lacey and I tag teamed them like no other!  Feast your eyes on a combination of our photos and formal photo greatness!

Remember, I hadn’t met these two yet prior to this day so I had no idea how it was going to go in front of my camera.  I can tell you there is no lack of affection between these two which made photo time so much easier! YAY!

Remember, Jayde wanted forest and flowers.  I was stressing a bit about the lack of flowers this time of year so Lacey went on a hunt and found some!  Off we went!

FLOWERS! AHHHHHHHH!!!!  These are some of my very favorites below!

I present to you…a perfectly executed dip…FIRST TRY!

Then, Jayde and Carl let a little more of their personalities shine!

Just a few more…because I’m NEVER done, right?!

BUT…we had to make it back.  I mean, this is DJ Brian Oliver we’re talking about and he’s just as much about timelines as I am…and he paces…and he gets antsy…and I haven’t heard him yell but I bet he’d yell at me if I ever arrived late (which I always vow to never…ever…do).  Ok.  Yelling is probably a stretch.  I’ve never heard Brian raise his voice but I still giggle thinking about what would happen if I did, in fact, arrive late.  I call it my “curfew” and I always confirm with him before the wedding day.  I needed to be back by 6:15 and I rolled in around 6:10, thank you very much.  He was chatting with Jayde’s mom and we had some good banter when I practically gave an exaggerated bow to prove I was back, as promised!  It was time to welcome the couple into their reception!

Matt said grace before dinner.  Remember those hats from earlier?  Just kidding…he didn’t ACTUALLY say grace while wearing this but there was a split second I got real worried! HA!  I had to grab a photo op, of course! And I did get the official ones sans hat.

So, Matt said Grace…speeches were given…dinner was served…cake was cut…and then it was time for dances!

After all the official stuff was done, Brian Oliver got the part started…and it didn’t take long with this group!  We even got to play spin the bottle – wedding dancing addition!

You all know by now that Brian is just as Type A as I am…so when he couldn’t find the bride for the next part of the night…I went looking (teamwork, right?!).  Once I found them hanging out outside, I joked with them and quoted Wedding Crashers (the movie)…”I will findddddddd you!” HA!  Then, Brian came out to CONFIRM they were outside…like…why would I make that up?!

Back inside we went for the bouquet toss!

THEN…my very favorite part of the night happened.  Brian’s garter removals are THE BEST.  Here are the rules.  The groom’s got to dance…and if the bride doesn’t like it…he has to go back and do it again.  So, Brian dropped the first song…and Jayde sent him back!  He was really giving it a go too!! I was shocked!

Poor Carl.  He had to start again.

So, Brian dropped the song, “It’s raining men!” which was totally unique and I LOVED it.  No cookie cutter playlists for him! Nope!  Jayde sent them back again!  That’s right!

THEN, Jayde got to eat her own words sending Carl back that second (third?) time.  Brian dropped “Pony” (from Magic Mike) and Carl did not even hesitate and gave it his very 110% and it was amazing!  The crowd went WILD!  Check out the people in the background!

The garter was then successfully removed.

The single guys got to line up and take a shot at being next to get married!

Then, the party just kept on going!  I don’t usually stay the whole reception but Jayde asked me to and I gotta admit…we had a ton of fun!  Even at the end of the night when it was all over, Brian and I looked at each other and just started smiling.  I wasn’t even in a rush to get out of there (and usually I’m exhausted).  This wedding day was SUCH a huge success and the reception was SO much fun for everyone!

Yep!  That’s how we ended the night.  The couple danced to Piano Man while surrounded by their family and friends…and Carl had a tie on his head!! IT WAS PERFECT!

OooO and before we leave, I want to show you some behind the scenes.  I’m telling you…the entire vendor list is packed (well done, you two…well done).  You’ll see here at the end.  Thank you to ALL who were involved.  As you saw earlier, I was able to catch Brian Oliver, Cassie Minder, and Matt VanFossen before the ceremony.  We’d all been calling each other back and forth throughout the day to make sure everything was JUST right.  This day was very fast paced but with vendors who lean on each other…we can make anything happen!  For real, Cassie and I had called Brian to get fishing line (to try and attach vases that broke in the wind).  Cassie called me at one point to locate place cards (the ladies I was with had them).  I called Cassie to see when the trolley would pick up the guys (Carl’s request).  Matt and I noticed a random table that was in the way RIGHT before the ceremony.  Brian read our minds and moved it for us (just minutes before the ceremony).  Lacey saw me waving my arms because people hadn’t grabbed the ribbon wands for the ceremony (so Cassie and Lacey passed them out).  I could go on and on…but you get the picture.  Weddings are TOUGH because there’s just so much that happens and so much that can go wrong and so many things that can get overlooked because there’s SO MUCH that needs to happen.  I’m very very very proud to be a part of this amazing group!  OOoo yea.  We have a TON of fun too! BONUS!  It’s wedding days like this that make me so appreciative for this amazing career!

Alright Alright…I’m done being sappy!  I know.  You get it…the day turned out pretty perfect for this couple!  Jayde and Carl…I hope this wedding was everything you wanted it to be and MORE.  You really knew what you were doing when picking location, vendors…and THEME…let’s be real here on what’s most important.  The Alice in Wonderland idea isn’t necessarily easy to pull off and you nailed it!  This wedding was beautiful and elegant while never lacking in themed details.  I love this couple’s gallery so much.  This wedding blog is just a small snippet of what they’re going to receive here in a few minute sand I can’t WAIT for them to see it.  One more time…CONGRATS TO THE GAVLIKS!  Thanks for reading and Happy Thursday!

Vendor Shoutouts for Those Not Pictured

Bride’s Gown – Kitty Chen from Kim at Rockport Bridal in Lakewood, Oh

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – JJones Bridal and Evening Wear in Wheeling

Men’s Attire – JJones Bridal and Evening Wear in Wheeling

Jewelry/Rings – Kay

Hair/Makeup – Gypsy Soul Salon in Wheeling

Coordinator – Cassie Minder (Oglebay)

Bride/Groom Florals – Masterpieces of Old Town Wheeling

Cake – Masterpieces of Old Town Wheeling

DJ – Brian Oliver

Invitations – Etsy

Officiant – Matt VanFossen

Venue – Oglebay Pine Room

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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