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Engagement Photos in a Field at Golden Hour

Hello, everyone! Happy Wednesday!  NEW COUPLE ALERT!  Tabitha and Jeffrey are finally on the blog!  We had to reschedule this engagement session from last month due to thunderstorms but it all worked out because the light was just absolute perfection for this session.  Everyone please give these two your best Hannah Barlow Photography welcome! Their engagement session at Jeffrey’s property at golden hour is live right now!  Tabitha and Jeffrey, everyone!

This session and their October wedding has been highly anticipated for a LONG time.  These two started dating in 2013, graduated high school together in 2015 and have been engaged since 2016!  You read that correctly…FIVE years and counting since these two agreed to spend their lives together. AHHH! You know I’m a sucker for a great story!  Also, can we talk about these black and whites?!  They described themselves as “old souls” which just speaks to me because I’m an old soul, as well.  I swear I was born in the wrong decade…maybe even century.  Then, these photos turned out like this and I turned some to black and white and just squealed with delight!

Ahhhh! This light was just so beautiful!

They’re very easy to photograph too!  While these two have different hobbies, they also have things they like to do together and tell me they very much enjoy working together to make their relationship (and future marriage) a huge success!

It’s my favorite part of the session when my couples let loose, open up, and just get comfy!  While this could very well be an “outtake”, I love it SO much!

OF COUSRE, I needed too see where their wedding would be held!  That’s right!  They’re having an outdoor wedding in October in this beautiful location out in a field with the most gorgeous views!  GAH! I told Tabitha their wedding photos are going to be stunning.  Can you just picture them now?  She tells me AND I QUOTE…”The wedding is inspired by classic and modern elements, incorporating plenty of outdoor scenery, featuring ivory, dark green, and gold elements.”  I MEAN!  It’s going to be GREAT!

Dancing was a must and they executed it flawlessly!

They’ve switched up their rings here and there and I even hear their wedding bands will be custom made by family BUT this one right here…is the stunner!

Tabitha mentioned a walking photo.  It was the very end and I was packing up and had them walk.  Ok, it was just a few steps for sake of photos!  I do love how relaxed it all was with these two!

Also?  The best past is that she was holding her lint roller and he was holding a newspaper.  Perception is everything in photography and we had a great laugh over it!

Check back the beginning of October for their wedding.  We’ll be working along side the ladies of Elegant Event Solutions and I can’t even wait to see it all come together now that I’ve seen the site!  Thanks for reading! Happy Wednesday!

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