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Fall St. Florian Wedding Wintersville, Ohio

Happy Friday!  This wedding was highly anticipated so I’m so excited to finally put it on the blog for you!  Carli and John are enjoying their honeymoon right now but I want to show you their beautiful wedding from last weekend.  Give Mr. & Mrs. Wright all your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  Their wedding is live! Enjoy!

I mean, this is the first truly “fall” wedding of the 2021 season…so let’s start off right there!  Carli definitely loves fall AND so does Lacey, and she was my second shooter this day!  BEAUTIFUL leaves!

BUT!  Before we actually got all that fall glory on camera, let’s not let me get ahead of myself.  We need to start at the beginning of the day!  Lacey and I met up at the St. Florian Hall in Wintersville, Ohio to catch some details since we knew we wouldn’t be back in time later before guests arrived.  I haven’t been back since Undo’s took it over and then did some remodels and if you haven’t been back either, it’s A++ in my book!

Then, off to the church we went for details!  I’ve worked with McCauslens Florist before and they again provided me with just the right amount of floral details to make these bridal details pretty and perfect!

Back and forth through the church we went to catch everything going on!  The ladies were hanging out in hiding while everything was being prepped for the day.  And yes, that bottom right hand photo is us Facetiming the groom to tell him to GET HIS BUTT TO THE CHURCH! HA!

…and once he arrived.  He was ready!  Lookin’ great, John!

His guys were ready for their photos too!  Heck, some of them even requested some for themselves!

Carli’s mom felt like my mom.  She was the first one I talked to back when they were looking for wedding photographer and then I got to chat with her here and there since.  She later told me she didn’t get any photos on her phone with her daughter throughout the whole day and I promised her I had gotten lots and lots!  So, everyone meet Sherri!  This bride and groom both have moms that anyone would be lucky to have in their life!

Right before the ceremony, we did a first look with the bridesmaids!

Then, I told Sherri to jump in there again!

Ooo yea.  And I caught her legit putting her earrings on while I was doing a drive by through the basement of the church!  I told her she needed a photo op too!  I was in the right place at the right time!

Then, dad got to have a first look with his daughter right before he walked her down the aisle!

Time for the ceremony!  We got those last minute details!

These are all of their grandparents in attendance.  It’s not very often we get to meet all of them (especially since COVID has kept so many at home) so I really thought they all deserved some time on the blog!  I had five grandparents at my own wedding and it was SO special to me too!

Here come the moms!  That’s Peggy, John’s mom!  She needs an introduction too!

Then, it was time for the bride to make her grand march!  I love that John’s mom is watching his reaction and Sherri is watching her daughter.  As a mom myself, these moments mean SO much to me!

Classy outfits call for a classy, traditional, church wedding!  They became the new Mr. & Mrs. Wright around 3 PM last Saturday!

After family formals and before we left for bridal party formal photos, Peggy made sure her son looked perfect! Mom love, I tell ya!  I have a son and I hope I get all these moments with him one day!

Gifts were exchanged too.  We got to spend so much time with all of their family this day and that’s not “typical” for us so it was a very very welcome change of pace!

Can’t forget the Mingo Junction fire dept. patch sewn in the dress by one of the grandmothers!  The fire dept. is very important to both these families and was a huge part of their day!

See what I mean?!  First stop for formal photos was the fire department!  They had to “harass” the poor guy who literally met us there and got the truck ready!  We appreciate all the efforts of the folks who met us there to be ready for when the bridal party arrived!

I know a lot of first responders and firefighters.  This group?  Some of the most “calm under pressure” men I’ve met!  They may like to have fun (see photo below) but I’d trust them in any kind of real emergency too!

Introducing…the bridal party all together!

AND NOW…some bride and groom formal photos – fire house style!  Lacey and I were racing the clock for these and managed to get such a good variety…in about 5 minutes!

Because THEN, we were off for the more traditional Hannah Barlow Photography photos!  I’m telling you what…that ‘group hug’ photo of the men (below) might be my favorite ever!

John got his time to shine all by himself!

Then, the ladies got their chance and they didn’t let the men show them up!  Nope!  Also, HUGE shoutout to all of Carli and John’s family and friends who helped us make this possible.  We were running short on time and it was ALL hands on deck and everyone pitched in to make sure that this sweet couple had a full gallery!

Oooo Carli…people are still texting me about your dress!

John was her biggest cheerleader when she was getting her photos taken!  This candid shot is courtesy of Lacey!

I couldn’t stopppppppp.  I’m sure you can all hear the “Hannah” in that statement.  I mean…LOOK.AT.THAT.TRAIN!

I saw, out of the corner of my eye, this little spot and knew it would make for some fabulous formal photos!  Lacey had to have been squealing with delight (she loves fall and had an October wedding herself).  We were moving fast so I was focused and had my A game ready!  Half and half – my photos and Lacey’s photos!

Fall has arrived!  And I’m here for it!  Add in a bride and groom?  I’m in wedding photographer heaven!

Walking out of their formal photos like a king and queen having the time of their lives!

One last grand finale kiss!

…and we were off to the reception!  Back to the St. Florian Hall we went!

Introducing to their reception…Mr. & Mrs. John Wright!

We did ring shots at the reception!  If you know, you know!  And that’s why I have a list, I will NOT miss a shot and it needed crossed off my list just like everything else! Yep!

Dinner was delicious (Undo’s is always THE BEST).  They did first dances and parent dances and some very heartfelt speeches were given and lots of happy tears were shed.  Then, Carli’s Uncle Richie opened up the dance floor and I was SO impressed!  The party got started REAL fast.  Their reception gallery had over 300 images just by itself! Yep!

All hands on deck for the money dance!  You all know me…I’m not afraid to pitch in when needed!  Together, Richie and I poured and filled all the shot glasses for the dances!

The garter removal had a theme – firefighter addition, of course!  And THAT is how we left them for the night…to party the rest of the night away!

Carli and John are currently on their honeymoon and they were actually a couple who was affected by the Southwest debacle last weekend.  I would never wish such events on anyone but these two are some of the calmest and sweetest people I’ve ever met…and that also includes their family and friends.  Maybe it’s the medical field/first responder history?  I have no idea.  I was a cardiac nurse and I was never that calm though.  Nonetheless, they made it to their honeymoon destination and have been posting amazing photos of the great time they’ve been having all week.  They actually called me right before they left and hearing their voices again warmed my heart right up!  John’s truck he originally wanted to take photos with was out of commission for this day so we’re planning to go back to the fire department and redo it all…maybe anniversary addition?  Six months…one year?  Hannah Barlow Photography blog readers…put your thinking caps on and make this amazing!  You all have the best ideas!

Huge shoutouts to every single person at this wedding for all the help throughout the day.  This couple deserved an amazing day and that’s just what they got…and it even rained on us.  That’s right!  I never mentioned it but it DID, in fact, POUR on us!  They smiled every…single…second of it all.  They didn’t let it stop them from soaking up the goodness of the day they would be married!  The new Wrights are an amazing couple.  I wish them ALL the best and thank them from the bottom of my heart for just being them.  They’re married!

Thanks for reading everyone!  Have an amazing weekend!


Bride’s Gown – Bridal Beginning

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire: J. Jones

Hair/Makeup – Legal Hair

Florist – McClauselens

Videographer – TYL Videography, Mark

Cake/Desserts – Gus’ Goodies

DJ – DJ Richie Coburn

Invitations – Zazzle

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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