My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Fall Foliage Engagement Photos in Wheeling, WV

Happy Friday again!  Blog #4 for the week is coming at you RIGHT NOW!  Yes…YES…I’m a crazy person.  Just picture me furiously stabbing my keyboard in an attempt to keep up this week!  That’s me and my wedding photographer life right now!  You loyal blog readers know this…but if you’re new here, brace yourself for ALL the energy coming at you RIGHT now! EEEEKKKK!  Alyssa and Brian’s fall foliage engagement photos are on the blog right now!  They’re a new couple so the alert has been sent officially to the world wide web…you know what to do!

Give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Let’s play a game, shall we?!  Can you guess where we’re located?  Do you know where these were taken?  Look around and see if you can tell.  I bet a few of you will get it right…be sure to leave a comment on the Facebook post for this blog and I’ll tell you if you’re correct!  Alyssa wanted fall…and fall is a little disappointing right now.  So, I looked…and looked…and kept looking some more for a good place to make it look FALL!  She told me people had even been asking where the photos would be taken…and she didn’t know…because I hadn’t decided yet!  I’d say we nailed it though!  Don’t be fooled…the rest of the trees are still pretty green.  But look!

This session was actually rescheduled…because…you know…RAIN.  My goodness…I’m SO sick of the rain.  And it’s supposed to rain again for my wedding tomorrow.  At this point?  Story of my life…I’ve got this though!  Alyssa was SO excited for her session but I just didn’t want to be wet.  I wanted beauty and fall foliage for them while we stayed dry!  I’d even met them at Marissa and Kyle’s wedding back in June.  So, this was special…and I wanted the photos to match.  So, two days ago…we got these sans rain! Fall foliage and all!  We had a blast too!

I told them…as soon as they got out of the car “Ok.  I know this is random…you’re just going to have to trust me!”  You know those are my famous words and USUALLY I can pull it off.  They definitely trusted me.  Heck, they never even missed a beat…they just rolled with it!  That was probably harder for Alyssa than Brian.  I get the feeling her and I are going to be an anticipatory mess leading up to their wedding (you know those ones I build up in my head so the pressure is ON come the wedding day).  Brian?  He seems so chill the two times I’ve met him.  Alyssa even said he’s the most easy going and laid back and simple guy!  Us gals are going to need that come wedding day because I think we’re going to be excited messes in a great way!

She also told me Brian hates photos (I would never have guessed until I JUST read their couple fun fact survey).  She also said she’s nervous during photos…I also didn’t see that.  Even in black and white…they did amazing!  This was their snuggle…and I was impressed!  Also, I have hair envy for days!

Alyssa and Brian are both physical therapists in Wheeling, WV.  SO many of my couples are PTs right now! It’s crazy.  Alyssa also seems to know ALL my brides (ok…not all, of course…I’m being dramatic…but it’s A LOT).  Anyway, these two met back when Alyssa was an aide and Brian was a student.  They had lunch together one day…went out on a date…and have officially been together since 2016!

She tells me Brian had the whole proposal planned and with the help of Alyssa’s mom (who I’ve also met) and some other family and friends, so he was able to pull it off in the living room…while some other friends were hiding with the champagne ready!  I love this!

It’s always this point in the session when everyone gets comfy.  These photos above are some of my favorites…and this is just a SMALL batch of the full gallery (which I promised Alyssa I could do in record time).

Also…this was the FIRST “test shot” I took at the beginning of the session (below).  No idea why she’s on one leg and we had a good laugh…but it just proves we’re going to have no problems at the wedding.  Even the test shots looked usable…WINNING!

Their wedding will be here in NO time!  They’re actually 11 on my list of “weddings coming up” which is just insane given they’re having a June wedding!  They’re planning a big celebration next spring/summer with all their close family and friends.  The ceremony will be outside (and it seriously better not rain) and it’s going to be simple and classy, they tell me! WEEEEEE!  Can’t wait!

Happy Friday!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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