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2021 Outtakes – Hannah Barlow Photography

Happy Thursday, everyone!! I wanted to squeeze in a huge favorite every year in the Hannah Barlow Photography blog department before the year wraps up!  That’s right!  Wedding bloopers and outtakes are here!! Are you ready?!  Let’s do this! I could not quit laughing while blogging this one…it’s a goodie!  Enjoy!

If you kept up with the 2021 wedding blogs, you know it was a taxing year…what could go wrong did go wrong! BUT…that didn’t stop us from having fun.  I smiled from ear to ear while compiling these collages!  These moments made those “oooO so stressful” moments SO worth it!  I’m also SO lucky to have this team behind me!

I think Ashleigh wins this year for best “test shot”!

I don’t know though…I love this one of Kari!  Yep!  That’s her husband (who was a groomsman) right behind her!

Lauren (Oglebay coordinator) was digging the warm weather baby on board and all!

Is it really a Hannah Barlow Photography blog if we don’t have a wide open laughing face every year?  My husband always sees these and says, “Why are you SO loud?!”  He’s quiet.  It’s crazy!  Opposites DO attract!

We met up with some photographer friends too this year!! Oooo Hey, Carrie!  She’s the owner of Carrie Leigh Photography AND the one who gave me a shot and let me second shoot for her years and years and years ago!  She wedding crashed to say “Hi” with YMCA!

We had some down time at Jordan and Terry’s wedding before the ceremony and I looked over and saw Jared (Thompson Video Productions) and Kari horsing around.  They said, “Remember when you were little and you would yawn and people would stick their finger in your mouth?”  I told them NOT to do that (COVID and all…) but they couldn’t resist showing me.  HA!

I have no idea what’s going on here (as seen on my face bottom right) but Matt Vanfossen (officiant) and Jonathan Mihellis (DJ) couldn’t quit giggling while they got mic’ed up!

We had serious moments too with LOTS of concentration when dress bustles came undone.  Future brides, ask anyone…dress bustles almost NEVER last but we try our hardest to pin them…sew them…tie them…whatever we need to do!  Don’t stress!  Madison’s like…”what’s taking so long”?! HA!  She’s so smiley so it’s funny that I caught her SO serious.

Made this serious faced blooper Lacey caught when I was trying to keep the kids away from the cold sparklers while they are busting their moves on the dance floor.  They’re cold- those sparklers…it’s a crazy phenomenon! And they can’t really hurt you…but my mom instincts always kick in!  Yep.  Every time!

…the facial expressions just kept on coming too from me!  Check out the background!  “Whoops!”  I tried to get out of this photo REAL fast…#fail.

Brian was trying to get out of the way for the first kiss too.  It’s the serious eye contact for me! HA!

Speaking of serious eye contact, you know it’s about to start when the wedding specialist (Hey, Ashley!) and the groom are pointing fingers and have that game face on!

Not only do I have a game face on at weddings…I just flat out move people around and point!  If you know me…you know!

…and my poker face isn’t that good either!

If it wasn’t poker faces, it was funny faces being made during photo time!  Don’t let those romantic, ooey, gooey photos fool you!  This is what’s really happening behind the scenes and we’re always laughing…and I’m always saying, “OoO that’s going in the outtakes blog at the end of the year!”

Yes.  Those are my shoes on Kassie!  Yes.  She just stood there and kept her dress off the ground! HA!  Hey!  We made it happen.  It was way too wet for her to go down in her own shoes.  Gotta do what you gotta do!

…and many times if it’s not the faces…it’s hands being raised.  “I have a question”…Over here?

OR “we’re ready…let’s do this”…like Matt (bottom left).

Gotta make sure all buttons are buttoned and suspenders are attached!

…and rose petals are placed when it rains and you move the ceremony indoors.  Ryan (Bella Amore Owner) always goes over and above for his couples!

Ooo the rain!  Poor Emily started her first wedding with rain.  She laughed through it though…worked harder than I could have ever asked…and kept my couples so chill!

More rain…just making it look good at this point.

…and pretending…EVERYTHING IS FINNNNNEEEE…as the rain literally dripped down her back.  I remember her whispering in my ear (the water is running down my back…but the flash is dry.”  Good work…good work!  Sorry to report…a lens did not make it this wedding.  May it RIP.

We had dry days too and we used those umbrellas to block the bridal party from being scene instead!

Remember, we use reflectors too to block that view!

…and sometimes we even enlist the bride’s family to help block the view when the bride has to make a stop in the bathroom! HA!

In between all those moments, there is a lot of “chimping”…which is when I check my LCD lens on my camera to make sure I like what I’m seeing.  I have lots of confused faces too when we’re timeline planning.

AND TIME DOES MATTER.  Every year I get one or two photos of me checking my watch.

This day I checked my head and realized I somehow ended up with the groom’s sunglasses…and put them on my head so they wouldn’t get lost!

Weddings can be SO fast paced that you don’t notice things like snatching the groom’s sunglasses off the ground so they don’t get lost.  In this instance, Zach was literally trying to snatch his bride Kayla (below) and I think Ashleigh’s just praying to the wedding Gods. HA!  I honestly don’t know what’s happening here but it’s funny!

Sam was calling the wedding Gods to chill with the wind.  I remember being SO worried that dress would fall and Sam was standing very close in preparation to grab it!

Everyone this year helped us make the couple’s photos amazing!  Paige stood behind this door and helped keep it shut so Molly could have a “clean” background for her getting ready photos!

Aubrey remembered ALL those little details from her engagement session and said, “Hannah look…no claw hands!” and Ashleigh snapped this photo and I KNEW it would end up here at the end of the year!

Last year we had a groom pick nose hairs…this year we had a groom pick stuff out of teeth! HA!  Meghan says she actually loves this photos…sums up the whole day (in a good way).  This is LOVE!

I’ve NEVER had a bride handle the wind the way Allie did for our last wedding of the year.  The wind was whipping SO hard that it literally twirled her veil around her head like a towel.  Emily and I laughed so hard.  Allie just threw up the “thumbs up” and kept on smiling.

Here’s Ryan again making sure EVERYTHING looks just right for his couples at The Barn on Enchanted Acres.  Chelse and Matt didn’t even miss a beat to give me this outtake.

OOooO and speaking of doing things for couples…Aubrey’s shoe got caught DURING her dance with her dad.  I jumped in to help her get it kicked off.

We did it!

This year…I feel like our vendor friend relationships grew and the whole HBP team became comfortable stepping in for me to help plan and be of assistance.  I don’t know what Emily and Brian were talking about…but it seemed serious.  Fun Fact:  Brian was Emily’s DJ BEFORE she worked with me (and I was her photographer).  It’s fun to see how that client/vendor relationship has grown!  Now, they’re planing and scheming together!

…and if you’ve been to a Brian Oliver wedding…you know we play spin the bottle (wedding edition).  This photo LOOKS sooOoOO suspicious and bad.  I don’t drink at weddings.  Promise!

I was just waiting for that moment Brian told me to drop the bottle so they could play.  Whoever the bottle lands on…has to dance! WooOOoo!

Ok.  So, BEFORE this year, I had a firm “not one sip of alcohol rule”.  I actually DID have one drink and it was one of the only in almost 8 weddings seasons.  I have a ton of history with this group and these couples so I made ONE exception and let me talk me into this.  Ughhhhhh.

Bottoms up!

5/10 Recommend the pickle juice concoction. HA!  I feel like I handled it better than the boys though!

Alright!  Back to work, Hannah!  I mopped the floors at one wedding when a couple drinks got spilled!

I “walked” some dogs too…more like…he pulled me! HA!

Ashleigh kept this guy all dry and he gave her ALL the kisses in return!

JAY! (Jay Morris Video Productions)…that is NOT working.  Kidding!  We all need a break!

I didn’t eat this cake…but I did help move it..nervously.

I noticed this year Kari and Emily’s shoulders put in A LOT of work.

…and I remember showing Emily that photo above and laughing…so she refused to smile for this test shot. HA!

…ahhhh…she didn’t stay mad at me though!

Brian and I look real mad here…I like to think it’s concentration face! HA!

Because we’re really not ALL that serious…what is happening with my arm?!  Good grief!

Two arms here!  Not sure what happened but I’m pretty sure I’m saying “It’s 2021…and I had nothing to do with that!”  This was early in the year though…who knows!

Ashleigh wins for “most random photos of the year”.  I never know about these photos until I go to sort and edit them!  It always makes me laugh!

We were asked to remain in the loft for one wedding…so Ashleigh took photos of…stink bugs?  I remember sorting and editing this wedding and saying, “WHY?!  Why is there a stink bug?”

I’m not much better though.  Cassie (Oglebay coordinator) said…”Don’t take photos of the rib bones…”  Enter photo of rib bones.  I don’t know why.  Sometimes I’m just running on sweat and adrenaline in these moments!

…and sometimes we get slap happy after warm weddings in the sun!

I don’t know why I do the big, open mouthed selfies…but I do…*sigh*. Father Dennis doesn’t even know what to think of me.  Brian gives the crazy eyes too!

Sometimes Brian sends me outside to find the couples when they wander.  Sometimes he comes looking for me if I’m not fast enough…and SOMETIMES we’re having such a great time we strike poses!

Almost 8 wedding seasons later…Ashleigh still hasn’t mastered the “test shot” pose.  Here’s to 2022!

Seriously, we give her a hard time about it EVERY year.  She doesn’t learn! HA!  She’s such a good sport!

Jay thought he could hide from my end of year photos.  Nope…No way!

No one can hide from meeeee!! Nope!! We must get that end of year content!

Sometimes it’s not even on purpose.  I remember looking over and seeing Emily with the most serious 007 face…so I had to take it to show her!

People got me back though!  THIS was the wedding the “bad Hannah selfies” started.

…toward the end of the year…my couples started getting in on it!

Through it all..we still got those “Ooo my goodness” dreamy wedding photos.  We just worked hard to get there!  Flappy arms for a good veil fluff, anyone?!

I was SO nervous for this requested shot.

HOTTEST WEDDING OF THE YEAR…and this couple didn’t let it get them down! Nope!

ooooooOO man.  Lots of veils got stepped on this year.  We’re going to work harder next year to avoid this.  Same spot.  Same posing prompt.  Different bride and wedding…but same shocked face! HA!

All Chelse and her mom wanted to do was get a nice mother/daughter photos…and her bracelet got stuck in Chelse’s veil.  Oof.

…and Kayla wanted a nice sunset/golden hour photo…but some things just don’t go smoothly!

Beautiful bride in the mirror?  Emily photobombing in her mask.  Oops!

We even had some other photo bombers and passerby-res…is that a word?  You get the picture!

Overall, I’m so pumped with these end of year blogs!  It was a crazy busy year so I often didn’t think we got enough content.  We did though!  High fives to all!  And one last outtake for this blog…my “Awwwww” face when the couple is having a moment…only to realize there’s a finger pointing behind that pillar!  And done!

…andddddd that’s it!  One last end of year blog coming tomorrow and we are DONE with 2021! WWWWoooOOoO!  Be sure to tell me your favorite moment of this outtakes and bloopers blog if you made it this far and…

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Thanks for reading!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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