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Riverside Engagement Session

Happy Monday, everyone! Please hang tight with me while I figure out my new blogging system. If you know me, you all know I’m not a person who loves change and I was SO excited to show off this couple…so having a delay today just to figure out how to blog on the new blogging platform…well, that forced me to pump the brakes and I didn’t like it one bit!! I’m good now and so pumped!! It’s been a while since I “met” this couple last June on a Zoom consultation and I finally got to meet them in person the other day when they flew home for their meeting with the Oglebay ladies!  So, here they are!  Meet Jill and Cole and give them ALL your Hannah Barlow Photography love! Enjoy!

When we all chatted last year, we talked about a little of this…a little of that…straight down to their romantic, tropical engagement AND our love of cats. AND…Cole had on fun socks at this engagement session so I asked him about them, of course. I now hear there may be some fun socks…maybe cat socks…at their July wedding!  I’ve already put it on their wedding day notes so I make sure to check and see if they followed through!

We did some walking in the March wind and chilliness.  These two were totally chill though (no pun intended) and very “go with the flow” no matter what. I told them to enjoy the chill now because come July we’re probably going to be hot and sweaty and I’m A OK with that! I’m ready for those beautiful greens and summer weddings to roll around!  Arne’t you?!  I’m finally getting my “I need to shoot weddings” feeling back after a few months off!  It felt SO good to be out photographing couples again!

They didn’t even hesitate to dance when prompted either! Nope! That’ll come in SO handy because they have DJ Brian Oliver and you ALL know how we both love a great couple who isn’t afraid to dance!

I’m starting to see some color come back to my photos and it gets me so pumped up! Those photos above are some of my favorites but you really can’t beat their Hawaii photos from their engagement.  That’s right!  Cole hired a photographer for his proposal!  That photographer did them so good too (I did some major creeping on their Instagram)! HA!  I do love that they picked something so different for this engagement session!  It’ll make for some great wall collage material in the future!

We had some barges coming up the river so we flipped around and took advantage of these steps in the background!

…and we finished it up with some cuddly black and white photos (we did some ring photos too but ooo my goodness…I want to save this absolute beauty of a ring for their invitation shots at their wedding. It’s GORGEOUS…you just wait). Now, you’ll have to come back and see!

These two are tying the knot in a little over four months at Oglebay!  They’ve got a vendor dream team…so, no matter what…it’s going to be grand!

Happy Monday again and thanks for reading!

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