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Lakeside Engagement Photos in a Red Dress

Hello and Happy Wednesday!  I was SO excited to show you all this engagement session so I spent the last few hours getting it ready!  I may have only photographed this lakeside engagement session less than 24 hours ago but it has ALL the things I dream of in a session – great couple, beautiful location, perfect light AND…a red dress!  So, please give Marissa and Scott ALL your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  Their engagement blog is live right now!

Marissa and I had a Zoom consult a couple of weeks ago and after that meeting…she decided to have me as their photographer!  Turns out, her fiancé, Scott, knows some friends of mine (Hey, Trevor!). I met Trevor at a wedding last year when he was assisting DJ Brian Oliver at the Columbus wedding we did together…ANDDDDD DJ Brian Oliver was also who these two chose for their DJ!  AHHH!! So, you can imagine all the Hannah excitement going into this session.  Luckily, they were READY for it…more than ready!  LOOK at these first photos we took!

I was a squealing machine with excitement.  Seems to be the theme for me lately.  This location was absolutely beautiful last night and the light was pure perfection.  That pop of red was exactly what I needed so they both get an A+++ in the attire department!

Scott really took the reins for me for much of this session!  I didn’t even have to try when taking these pictures!  He earned himself more groom pictures than ever before (and we’ve already talked about their wedding timeline so it’s happening).

Then, while I was changing lenses, I looked up and saw them like this and I sneakily snapped this photo!  Or maybe not so sneakily!  There was no hiding my excitement!

So, we walked off to our next little location!

And at this point, they were just cozy!  That ooey gooey sunlight really did love them!

For one last photo, I creeped in the weeds and caught them having a moment (ok…ok…there were a lot of moments) but this was one of my last photos and I loved the way they looked at each other SO much!

Ooo my goodness ME!  The visions I have for their wedding are already being compiled in my wedding photographer brain!  Next July, you’ll be seeing these two again!  I’ve already got the notes and the ideas and allllll the wedding greatness in my brain!  Thank you all for reading!  Happy Wednesday!

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