My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Rustic Meadow Farms Boho Wedding

Hello!  Are you ready for a BEAUTIFUL Boho style wedding?!  I hope so because you’re going to get one!  Andy and Jenny tied the knot a few weekends ago at Rustic Meadow Farms and while they’re on their honeymoon, I’m going to give you more of a peek of their wedding!  Please give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love and ENJOY!

Kari was with me this wedding.  I don’t get to see her all that often these days so I was super excited to spend the day with her.  She’s the detail extraordinare so I did some and she did some and LOOK how stinkin’ beautiful all this is!

I’m going to highlight the most memorable parts of the day for me because these people are special to me!  So, while we were doing detail shots and capturing the getting ready moments of hair and makeup with the ladies, Jenny had a gift for Andy she asked to be taken to him.  Some of her bridesmaids and best friends helped deliver the gifts and they were SO excited to see his reaction…which means I just booted them out of the room so he could enjoy his gift without an audience! HA!  If you know me, you know.  I let them have their moment, got the photographic proof..and then “BUH BYE!”…out you go!  It’s important to note I’d met many of these ladies already (you’ll see Candice there who you may recognize as a past HBP bride too).  So, I had a little extra “power” to be more Hannah!

Then, Andy got ready and for a guy who doesn’t love photos or being the center of all the attention…he sure does take a GREAT one.  The colors of the men’s attire was perfect!  Go ahead and peep the details on the suspenders too!! Hannah Heaven…that’s where I was at this point in the day!

Jenny has one of the sweetest souls of anyone I’ve ever met!  Her friends were by her side and 100% “in” for helping her get ready!

We went right into the first look after that.  This has quickly become my favorite little spots at Rustic Meadows.  It’s got the BEST light and shade.  That’s important for these summer weddings.  This one was HOT!

We have to have those rings for the wedding photos!  I love this new HBP tradition for couples who do first looks!

…and now…some bride and groom formals for you!  Kari ran to get the bridal party and per the usual…I got right down to it!  That bouquet is just TO DIE FOR…Jenny had sent me a photo prior to this day but it was even prettier in person!  As a color loving photographer, I approve times TEN!

Years and years ago if you would have told me that a mix and matched color and style wedding would be my favorite, I would have told you you were crazy!  But here we are in 2022 and I’m loving ALL over this wedding!  The style is magazine worthy!

I may have highlighted the whole bridal party above already but these ladies deserve their time to shine some more!  Even the little ones were great for photo time and we got SO many photos of all of them.  It’s fun to see and spend time with people you’re already familiar with…makes me feel like I was a bridal party member right along with them.

Then, Kari and I tag teamed the bride and groom portraits just like we used to back in 2017 when she started. I smiled ear to ear when I was sorting and editing these things.  You can pick Kari’s photos out of a crowd (at least I can).  She’s about as consistent as I am and I LOVE it!

Going with the boho theme, I pulled them over by this barn because the colors matched with perfection!

Andy may not have been a huge fan of the car…but I snapped just a few as we were walking by…call me selfish! HA!

We had about 30 minutes before the ceremony started so I raced around the reception area and got all those little details!

Then, it was time to get these two married!  I stuck Kari outside so she could catch those moments while I was inside.  Ironically enough, it was cooler OUTSIDE the barn than inside.  Who would have thought?!  Mr. & Mrs. Suchan, everyone!

We did take a break in formal photo time for reception introductions, first dances, and cake cutting but after dinner, we took the couple back out for some field photos!  It had NOT cooled down like I thought it would! HA!

But we did get some glorious field photos and Aaron (Off Center Production) got some great drone footage too!

…and we ended the formal photos with a dip!  Jenny’s request (and reminder…I totally would have forgotten…Oy)!

Then, we got this party STARTED!  So many familiar faces and it filled my heart RIGHT up!

This guy was taking photos ALL night with a Polaroid camera.  So, I went over and gave him mu camera.  Call me crazy but I could tell he was a good kid…and well, I’m insured and had no wedding the next weekend! HA!  So, I gave him directions and off he went!

…AND these are some of the photos he took!! He’s going places.  I was chatting with one of groomsmen and told him his mom needs to get him a camera for Christmas!  I even tried to find her before I left because I see serious talent coming out of him!

…as the night went on…I saw Andy on the dance floor more and more so that’s how I sealed up their gallery!  Lots of photos of the bride and groom living their best married life on the dance floor!

I can’t wait for this couple to come back from their honeymoon and see their blog and full gallery!  It’s always such a compliment when a bridesmaid (Jenny was a bridesmaid in a 2020 wedding…Hey again, Candice!) asks me to be HER photographer for HER wedding.  AND Candice was the maid of honor.  I mean…it was perfect!  We got LOTS of pictures of them together, don’t worry!  It’s also a little nerve racking for me sometimes because the bar has been set high after the couple has already seen me in action…but not with Jenny and Andy.  They were easily one of my most laid back couples in regards to planning and photography.  Jenny was a go with the flow kind of bride and most definitely a “Hannah, I trust you” kind of bride.  That’s the BEST for a photographer like me and their gallery reflects all the time she gave me to just do my thing! EKKKKK!!!



Bride’s Gown – One Enchanted Evening

Bridesmaids’ Attire – Baltic Born

Men’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Hair/Makeup – Legal Hair and Day Spa

Florist – The Rustic Twist – Katie Kiehl

Videographer – Off Center Production

DJ – Ice Burgh DJ – Chris Perry

Catering – Beyond Parsley

Transportation – McCarter Coach & Tour

Officiant – Pastor Burl Jernigan (The Wedding Chaplain)

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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