My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Jess & Marty’s Spring Engagement Photos

Hello, everyone! This weather is absolutely GORGEOUS today and this couple (and their session) was no different a few days ago! Jess and Marty wanted spring, engagement photos and I was happy to deliver! We rescheduled from Monday (because the weather was just so cold and crappy) and I’m SO glad we did! It was an absolutely beautiful session! Please give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love! It’s their time to shine and shine they did! ENJOY!

Collage of couple's spring, engagement photos.

Jess and I have been chatting via email (and now text) back and forth since January! I’ve always gotten sweet vibes from her and have noticed she has great attention to detail and asks all the right questions when it comes to engagement photos (and wedding things). I didn’t know anything about Marty really at this point until we got out of the car and shook hands. Turns out we have some mutual friends we both adore and he’s into broadcasting so knows a thing or two about filming, techy things and photography!

Woman in blue dress poses with fiance near pink tulip bed.

This is probably my last tulips session of the year so I wanted to take full advantage of the differing colors while still respecting the whole cheery vibe of this session! BUT…enough about me! Jess and Marty met in the summer of 2014 through Jess’ childhood best friend. They made it official in the fall of 2014 and dated about 7.5 years before getting engaged (the same as my husband and I)!

Man in white dress shirt poses with woman in blue dress by white and pink tulips.

Those ones above are some of my favorites. All the colors together just WORKED so well!

Then, we moved on to a little nook I like to use every once in a while and this is when we got super comfortable to the point I couldn’t quit laughing…which meant they couldn’t quit laughing. Turns out Jess and I both have a hard time being serious (and I’m not complaining) because look at the joy in these black and white photos!

Black and white collage of engagement photos.

I’m JUST now reading their couple fun facts survey (you loyal blog readers know I like to fill up the blogs FIRST and then use those surveys as filler) and I’m so bummed because Jess put in there I’d need to ask Marty about the whole engagement ring fiasco when it came to getting it during the winter months. I can’t wait to hear it (I’ll report back) BUT I do know that Marty traveled all the way to Asheville, NC to propose to Jess AND during February! Her ring is GORGEOUS! Let me tell you! I couldn’t quit ogling it like a fool either!

Woman in blue dress poses with man in white dress shirt by white tulip bed.

Then, they did an outfit change and I’d spent SO much time on the fancy outfit that I was now going to have to rush to get these done and still get that “glow”. Us Hannah Barlow people like the glow, right?! Well, mission accomplished!! At this point, these two were so cozy in from of my camera that I just yelled things at them and they delivered!

Collage of couple posing for engagement photos in grass during golden hour.

New posing prompt…”the drunken walk”…they NAILED IT!

Couple walks together in grass.

…and circling back to my couple fun facts survey. I’m reading they thought they were going to have a “Chandler and Monica” moment with their engagement photos and claim they’re no good at it. The LIES my couples tell me! LOOOOOKKKKK!!!! It’s SOOOO good!

Woman in white blouse hugs fiance in blue flannel from behind.

Now, I can’t say I even like lower light on a normal day but mannnnnn oOOoo man. THESE are truly some of my favorites (below) and after I post this I’m going to go right to my website and put them up there!!! Yep! Stay Tuned!

Couple poses for engagement session during golden hour with man leaning against tree.

Well, that’s it for this session and the week!! I hope you all enjoyed!! If you’re new here, WELCOME!! I can’t wait for these two to have their wedding next May and for you all to read about it! Aren’t they a beautiful couple?! I’m having a total face palm moment as I remember telling Jess she’s a “genetic anomaly”. I did. The things that fly out of my mouth…Jeesh! BUT she’s a red head WITH brown eyes and it’s the most beautiful thing! I probably (know) I could have worded that better…HA! But if you know me…you know! I have VISIONS of close up shots of her eyes when she’s a bride next year and it’s going to be amazing. Marty? I need you to just bring the cool, calm, collected swag again because this wedding is going to be magically gorgeous in ALLLLL the ways!!! Excited? That’s an understatement!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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