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White Barn Wedding in Prospect, PA | Hannah & Noah

Hello, everyone! Welcome to a new wedding blog this week featuring Hannah and Noah and their absolutely STUNNING wedding at the White Barn in Prospect, PA! This wedding blog has not just beautiful people but a beautiful and stunning “theme” and color palette. I’m going to be using those particular adjectives a lot so brace yourselves! Without further ado, please give these two all your Hannah Barlow Photography love and ENJOY! When you think Spring, May wedding, you’re going to always think Hannah and Noah’s wedding. ENJOY!

Collage of Spring wedding photos featuring grey tuxes and spring flowers.

Lacey and I started off the day early heading north to Pennsylvania. The White Barn in Prospect, PA is about 1.5 hours from my studio and Hannah and Noah were having a Catholic wedding ceremony so that meant…an early start! We met up with the sweet couple at the White Barn venue where they were getting ready at the Air BNB on the property. It was definitely one of the most intriguing buildings I’ve been in! I said “Hi” to all the ladies and then went and found the men. When Noah handed me some details, I looked down and got SO excited. I mean…just look! Let’s start with the groom’s details, shall we?!

Groom wedding details featuring a teal flower print bow tie, wedding ring and brown ring box.

We had actually met up with the florist (Hi, Joel!) prior to taking these detail photos when checking out the reception area (I’ll show you those later) and Joel was kind enough to let me steal some scraps which, in my opinion, just MAKE the bride’s details…RIGHT?! My goodness…the colors and vibe of this wedding is exactly what I hope my daughter or future daughter in law will want to do one day! Seriously, if I had to replan my whole wedding and in the Spring, THIS …would be it!

Bridal wedding details with white and pink rose accents.
**Copyright Disclaimer** Engagement photo on wedding invite not a photo of Hannah Barlow Photography, LLC.

Meanwhile, while we were taking those beauties, we were also planning for the getting ready portion of the day! Hannah’s mom and sisters helped her get ready. Is she not the most stunning bride?!

Black and white photos of the bride getting ready with mom and sisters in a bridal suite.

Lacey caught the MOST precious moment of dad seeing his daughter dressed in her gown for the first time on her wedding day!

Dad embracing daughter on wedding day with mom standing in foreground.

Then, Noah was not to be outdone so I went downstairs to catch his getting ready moments with his family too!

Black and white photos of groom getting ready with help of mom and dad.

Remember, it was raining…so we had devise a plan to make this wedding still just perfect! Hannah and Noah were definitely on the fence about a first look right up to the few weeks before their wedding. I’m not one to pressure my couples one way or another so we sat down at their pre-wedding consultation to talk about the pros and cons of a first look. Ultimately, because of the timeline, they decided to go for it but after everything was said and done, Hannah told me she’s so glad they decided to opt for one because they were both so nervous and this first look allowed them to get that all out of their system – not to mention seeing each other AND to top that off with this being the only moment during the whole wedding if they would be alone by themselves, it was a great decision and many great moments that we were able to capture. What I didn’t mention is that I threw Noah (and Lil, the videographer) in my car (threatening that if he got ONE rain drop on him…I was going to be mad…I’m being dramatic, of course…but I did stand super close to him with an umbrella over his head and stuffed him in my car so he didn’t have rain spots on his tux). Lacey and I then sweet talked the party bus driver (who I don’t know her name…unfortunately…but she works for Red Carpet Limo and she’s positively THE BEST…I’ve worked with her before too) to drive Hannah down to right after us.

It all worked out and it was the most amazing moment(s). I have almost 100 images in their gallery of JUST this first look and I kept many of them to myself for the couple to see privately. Here’s some snippets of those moments!

College of couple preparing for a first look on their wedding day.

They read notes to one another. It was so sweet and intimate Lacey and I looked over at one another at one point and almost teared up ourselves. I even came home and told my husband about these moments and he said, “Yep. Sounds like they are going to be OK and happy together.” Sometimes you can just FEEL the genuine love in these moments. Some tears were shed and then they exchanged gifts and then we realized we were behind on the timeline even more than we had realized but ultimately these moments were more important, and I promised them we would catch up the and still get all the photos they dreamed of (even though it was still raining and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get those outdoor photos that Hannah always dreamed of). I’m a determined woman though, ya know!

Wedding couple reads notes and sheds tears during their first look.

Even though we were hiding them under the deck, the White Barn in Prospect, PA really gave us a lot of opportunities to have very “bridal” like photos even when it was raining. Just look! When I took these, I REALLY thought maybe these would be my favorites because I really, honestly, had no “great” plan if it kept raining (plot twist…it stopped…YAY). I call these types of photos my “insurance shots”…jusssstttt in case.

Bride and groom wedding portraits with groom wearing grey tux and bride in white gown holding a mix of spring colored flowers.

The ceremony was about 15 minutes away in Butler, PA and it was just as sweet. I tried to pick the best moments where you can really see that love and joy on their faces!

Collage of Catholic wedding ceremony in Butler, PA.

It’s moments like these I cheer (in my head) like a sports fanatic. As I mentioned in the last blog, my assistant Ashleigh will do her darnedest to get a photo of the cake after it’s cut and before the catering staff takes it away. That’s HER thing. Lacey’s thing? She (somehow) springs down the aisle silently in an effort to catch the couple FROM THE SIDE…and between people…as they exit their wedding ceremony. It’s one of her things. Well, NO ONE told us they were going to stop, dip, and kiss halfway down the aisle BUT…we were on it. We didn’t know we were on it at the time though…but we got it with BOTH angles and I absolutely love Lacey’s angle from the side because you can see the guests surprised expressions, as well!

Before we get to the part where it stops raining, I have to present Hannah and Noah’s immediate families to you! They were all so welcoming and CALM (despite the weather and timeline madness) and I’m so grateful! They were very much a huge part of making this day a success SO…introducing the Teaff and Lynch families!

NOW…the real goodies are coming at you! We went back to the white barn…the groomsmen CARRIED Noah down to the Gazebo and we got down to wedding formal photo GREATNESS! I’m telling you…these colors just WORK! I have photographed a similar color palette at another wedding but these flowers and the fact that it was Spring just made it all tie in together SO nicely!

Bridal party photos featuring the men in grey tuxes and the women in deep sea blue green dresses at the White Barn in Prospect, PA.

I was so focused on fitting everything into the timeline I didn’t even scream when they almost dropped Noah. BUT…I did hear Lacey gasp and yell (mom style) and that’s when I realized…yep…we’d almost lost him! HA! Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate the attention to detail on this tux and bow tie?! LOVING it all!

Groom and groomsmen pose for photos in grey tuxes with teal floral ties and bowties.

I mean…the ladies at almost any wedding are always dressed and looking and feeling their best. This wedding was NO exception except the men REALLY gave them a run for their money. I think the women and little lady still win though, right?! GAH! Feast your eyes on all this beautifulness!

Bride, bridesmaids and flower girl pose for wedding formal photos at the White Barn wearing deep sea teal dresses.

It was funny photographing a “Hannah”…because while they weren’t cheering for me, my instincts still responded every time someone yelled, “Hannah!”. Is she not BEAUTIFUL?! ALL OF IT…everything.

Bride poses in white dress at the White barn in Prospect, PA for wedding bridal portraits.

One of the best things about my second shooters is that they have eyes in the back of their heads and are my second and third set of eyes. So, while I’m focusing on the subject in front of me…they’re seeing things I’m not seeing. Here, Lacey caught Noah admiring his new wife and I couldn’t love this behind the scenes photo more!

Grooms looks on at bride and admires her from afar.

The church didn’t allow this little lady to toss her rose petals so we made sure to save them and some time for her to have her grand moment! I HAD to also put it on the blog, of course!

Flower girl stands by bride and throws rose petals in celebration.

Now, stop what you’re doing because this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for…bride and groom wedding portraits! This is always a favorite for most people but these were extra special not just because they’re beautiful but because we were worried all day we wouldn’t get them. All Hannah really wanted was outdoor wedding portraits…and it had rained all night and morning…and half the afternoon. Lacey had rode down to the first look with Hannah. She told me later, “Listen…she really wants outdoor photos and she’s really bummed about the rain. I promised her we’d get them…even though we don’t know how yet…” and THAT is what I admire and appreciate most about my second shooters and assistants. They think like me…they treat my clients the way I treat my clients and they ease their fears on the wedding day. The Wedding Gods must have heard that promise because they surely did deliver. It was still sprinkling on the way back to the White Barn but by the time we got there…it was GORGEOUS outside.

When I think Spring, wedding portraits, these are what I always hope for and envision!

Bride and groom pose for Spring wedding portraits.

Huge shoutout and credit deserved…Lacey’s always catching the alternate angles!

Bride and groom walk during wedding portraits at the White Barn in Prospect, PA.

These two…it’s like a fairy tale. They just “connect” if that makes sense. If you know Hannah and Noah, you know…if you don’t know them…you’ll see it!

Bride and groom pose for Spring wedding portraits by the lake at the White Barn in Prospect, PA.

Noah didn’t really ask for a whole lot through this whole process but he did want chair photos! A few of his friends were kind enough to carry it down from the White Barn and we got down to it for some last minute portraits before the reception. OOooO MY GOODNESS!!!! Listen, I’ve had the SAME cover photo for a lot of my things like my website and social media link and business cards (the couple on the bridge dipping from 2016). I’ve left it all these years but I think it’s time…it’s time to replace it…and it’s going to be with one of these chair by the lake photos. Excuse me while I run to my website to make updates after this!

Bride and groom sit in brown chair by lake for wedding photos.

…but here below they look like models and I can’t stop squealing with joy! This wasn’t even planned or posed…Hannah was just fixing her veil in the moment!

Bride and groom sit on chair by lake while bride looks on and groom looks at camera.

These two….AHHHHHH!!!! If class and grace was a wedding photo, it’d be Hannah and Noah!

Groom holds bride's hand while walking by lake for wedding portraits.

…to the reception we shall go!

Bride and groom walk toward the White Barn while guests enjoy cocktail hour.

Their wedding had not just beautiful details inside the White Barn AND but also unique details which gets me all excited. Joel of Exquisite Creations by Joel OUTDID himself! A random favorite of mine would definitely be the streamers and ribbon! It’s not something we see all the time and I love new, pretty things!

Wedding reception details inside the White barn with blue accents, spring flowers and a wooden "arch".

Introductions of the new Mr. and Dr. Teaff happened…followed by a huge celebration with their bridal party!

Bride and groom enter wedding reception and are greeted by bridal party.

Noah’s mom said the prayer prior to dinner and I just LOVED this little moment.

Wedding couple bows head and prays during wedding reception at

Then, they cut their cake and Lacey made Ashleigh proud by getting a cut cake photo (we’re goofy, aren’t we?!). We even cheered about it in our Hannah Barlow Photography group chat! BUT HEY…years later, the couple can remember what was inside their cake! HA!

Couple cuts wedding cake.

THEN, they did an amazing choreographed first dance! Sometimes I get nervous…not with this one! I honestly could not have told you what even happened until I looked back on these photos because it was well done and they never stopped so I just kept click click clicking away!

Wedding couple does a choreographed first dance.

THEN, Ed and Ed (DJ’s from 2nd II None) got the party started!

Collage of open dancing and party dancing in the White Barn.

Because it was an early start, the couple opted for an early end for us wedding vendors. Hannah wanted some sunset photos and even though it was tehcnicallyyyyyyyy not sunset just yet, I promised her I could “fake it until I make it”…but FIRST…some golden hour photos of this couple living their best newly married life in front of their venue.

Couple runs toward their venue in field during Golden Hour.

I did NOT insert a sky. That’s the legit sky (below). I just manipulated the colors in post processing so we could see what our naked eye can’t…fun, right?!

Purple sky sunset photos of wedding couple.

…talk about feeling blessed at the end of the day. By the end of this year, I’ll have photographed all THREE of their weddings AND that includes Lacey so we’re for SURE going to have to include her in the photo come November! To be continued…It’s always such an honor (even though I hate that phrase because I feel like it’s over used these days)…but IT IS AN HONOR to be asked over and over by friends in one group to be their wedding photographer! I never stop feeling the warm fuzzies, I promise!

Photographer poses with three couples she's photographed weddings for.

ANDDDDD that’s it! That’s a wrap on wedding #2 of the year! We’re off to an amazing start that has REALLY set the bar high for the rest of the year. The biggest compliment is when a couple really, really wants you to be their wedding photographer and Hannah and Noah were one of those couples. To top it all off, they’ve had SO much going on lately…Noah’s a full time physician assistant and Hannah JUST graduated medical school and is officially a doctor as of one week ago…that’s right! Crappy weather at the start of the day aside, this was really the most perfect wedding with the sweetest people all the way around. SO, let’s give the new Mr. and Dr. Teaff (pronounced T-AFE) all your Hannah Barlow Photography love and congrats! They did it! All of it..and it sure was something. Happy Friday!


Venue – The White Barn, Prospect, PA

Bride’s Gown – Sorelle Bridal Salon

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Kennedy Blue

Men’s Attire – Generation Tux

Hair/Makeup – Wanderlust Beauty

Florist – Exquisite Creations by Joel

Videographer – Lilia Sciarretti Photo + Film

Cake – Kiss My Apples

DJ – 2nd II None

Catering – Medures Catering

Transportation – Red Carpet Limo (Party Bus) and Brighton Transportation (Shuttle Bus)

Stationary – Canva & Prints of Love

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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