My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Engagement Photos at Mellon Park Pittsburgh | Nicole + Cody

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Nicole (Nikki) and Cody are the newest couple on the engagement blog right now and their engagement photos in Mellon Park are ready to be seen! So, please give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love and ENJOY! It’s a beauty! I promise!

Collage of couple in white attire posing to engagement photos.

I “met” Nicole last fall AFTER she decided to book me (she told me last night I was actually the first vendor they secured which is SUCH a compliment). They booked and then we had a Zoom meeting and chatted all things wedding. This past winter she told me she wanted to do her engagement session in Mellon Park and I said…”LET’S DO IT!”. So, I traveled up there last night and could NOT be more excited about these photos! Her mom (Hi, Debi!) tagged along and Cody’s mom (Hi, Kati) was on her way! Talk about getting me ALL excited for the wedding right off the bat! You all know I love people so meeting them ahead of time makes the wedding all the more sweeter.

The traditional “smile and say cheese” were a must! Always!

Lady in white dress stands with fiance in white dress shirt holding hands by stone wall.

Debi coming in with the mirror…I just KNOW he’s going to be pivotal in making the wedding day a success!

Mother holds mirror so groom to be can fix hair.

These two didn’t even hesitate. USUALLY, there’s that awkward grace period I warn my couples about where it takes about 15 minutes for them to get comfy being photographed. NOT THIS COUPLE! These were some of the first ones I took!

Couple stands in front of stone wall for engagement photos in June.

I prompted them to the Hannah Barlow “walk and snuggle”…and I didn’t let them plan/practice.

Couple walks by lush green foliage and stone wall for engagement photos.

It kind of all fell apart on the “snuggle” and while I always promise I won’t show the snuggle if it’s a fail…I’m breaking that promise because I do not consider this a fail. Nope! When I tell you they were committed…they were COMMITTED! They laughed through the whole thing. I told Cody if they hadn’t been smiling or laughing…this very well could look like a kid napping scene. HA!

Groom to be attempts to dip bride to be in outtake while they laugh.

I was yelling…”WHAT ARE YOU DOINGGGGGG?!” and they just kept laughing…and laughing!

Couple laughs during engagement blooper outtakes.


These are some of my favorites because you can tell those smiles are 100% genuine!

Couple smiles and laughs while holding hands and walking for engagement photos.

So, we decided to practice their dip in case I needed to send them home with homework. They didn’t need the practice. I swear they played a joke on me because this was first try after the previous debacle and it was perfect!

Fiance dips bride to be by black iron gates in Pittsburgh.

Snuggling by the hydrangeas was a must!

Lady in white dress snuggles up to fiance by white hydrangea bushes.

The sunlight was pure perfection and we needed to give Cody his time to shine (no pun intended).

Groom stands in black iron gate opening holding embracing fiance for engagement photos.

They make even the simplest of poses STUNNING!

Collage of couple posing by black iron gates in Pittsburgh for engagement photos.

THESE (below) are some of my absolute favorites!

Lady in white dress with man in white shirt sits on stone wall and poses for engagement photos.

Please hold while I run on over to my website and add this one below! SERIOUSLY THOUGH!

Man embraces fiance by white stone railing for engagement photos.

The goodness just kept on coming!

Couple walks away from camera for engagement photos.

What you don’t know and couldn’t really see was the wind…it was whipping. Nikki and I both agreed we don’t do “hair in the wind” well…BUT…BUTTTTTTTTT I may disagree now! Look at them go!

Couple walks and laughs holding on to one another for engagement photos.

I do love some amazing flower beds. Mellon Park does NOT disappoint!

Couple embraces by purple lavender flower bed for engagement phtoos.

Let’s do an outfit change and some good black and whites!

Black and white photos of couple posing in Mellon Park for engagement photos.

Another favorite of mine below! Sitting photos aren’t always easy and/or flattering for everyone…these two again…made it look good and easy!

Man and woman sit on bench and pose for engagement photos.

AHHHHHH!!! I forgot about these! Ok. So, maybe the whole gallery is my favorite. I’m so excited to see what they choose to print! That sunlight really showed up!

Couple stands and embraces one another during golden hour for engagement photos.

Look at the difference from the beginning to now…they’re REALLY comfy in front of my camera now and when I had them dance…they REALLY danced.

The closeness…the joy…can you just picture them all dressed up as bride and groom?!

Bride to be embraces fiance for engagement photos.

We had to really show off that ring, of course!

Man stands with back facing while bride to be leans in and wraps her arms around him.

…ANDDDDDD some more…because WHY NOT?!

Bride to be wears yellow dress and shoes off engagement ring while hugging fiance.

You know I always do it! I will NOT pass up a family photo opportunity! I know most photographers side eye me BUT it’s these moments that I truly cherish and I hope one day my kids’ photographer will do the same! That’s Kati on the left by Cody and Debi on the right by Nikki!

Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom embrace couple during engagement photos for photo.

Nikki and Cody will be having a beautiful summer wedding in July of 2024 at Oglebay. Their reception will be in Glessner Auditorium right after their West Spa Patio ceremony! I got to meet BOTH moms and now I’m just SO excited! Not sure I can wait a year but I guess I really don’t have a choice, right?! Thanks for reading…everyone have an amazing day!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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