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Olivia & Kyle’s Summer, Oglebay Wedding

Happy Friday, everyone!! Get ready! I’ve got an absolutely beautiful wedding coming at you on this blog that just screams “summer” and “fresh greens” and “kind souls”…it’s a goodie…and so are Olivia and Kyle so please give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love and enjoy! Their summer, Oglebay wedding is on the blog right now! Enjoy!

Collage cover page of bride and groom summer wedding photos

Lacey and I started off the day checking on the Pine Room to get an idea of layout and to see what was set up to photograph and then we went to find the ladies in Oglebay’s Lakeside rooms. Olivia was sitting there like a QUEEN getting both hair and makeup done like she was a full blown celebrity. So, we captured a few of those moments and then it was off to get my hands on those details…Ooo yea..and Lacey had to get Marge ready. If you have followed my Instagram stories the last few weeks you know the chaos that has been the diaries of Marge the Mannequin.

Black and White Photos of Bride getting hair and makeup done.

If you haven’t been following…Meet Marge! Isn’t she gorgeous?! (It’s what Lacey can’t STOP saying.) And WHAT A DRESS TO START OFF IN…man OoooOh man this dress was everything. It had all the sparkles and details and was right down my alley to the point it would have definitely been a dress that I would have word at my own wedding! To be clear, I was against this mannequin idea…you know…I’m the business owner and boss, right?! BUT Lacey was insistent and she never ever insists on ANYTHING. She’s very go with the flow. And then the Hannah Barlow Photography fans voted she was a “must” and even helped name her! I guess it’s a great story…but she’s still all Lacey’s responsibility. HA!

Photos of bridal down on white mannequin with shoes and bouquet sitting on ground

After all that excitement, Lacey and I got right down to setting up and photographing details and Marge was returned to my car. Olivia told me pink was her main color but it was even more than “just” pink (it was kind of coral-ash too and just perfect) and so much more than I could have ever imagined. It’s a color I can’t even describe. I’d have to see the color names for these dresses but it was absolutely SO gorgeous and especially for this time of year. You just wait until you see how it pops off the July green foliage here in a bit!

Pink and Coral bridal details

After we were all done with those beautiful details, we met up with the men and Kyle’s mom. She pinned both of her sons’ (groom AND best man) flowers for us and then it was off to do the formal photo part of the men’s day!

Black and white photos of mom pinning flower on groom and best man

Some of these guys said they’d NEVER been in a wedding and that blew my mind. They were ALL in for photos…I mean…ALL in…even for some photos I joked and said “can never be posted on my website or Instagram”. Boys will be boys at ALL weddings! This group didn’t disappoint but here’s some of the world wide web approved photos and they just nailed it.

Groom and Groomsmen in black tuxes pose for photos.
Photo of flower on groom and groom posing in black tux

The men were so cooperative we flew through that part of the day and it’s a good thing…because it was HOT! That seems to be the trend for every wedding this summer and tomorrow will be no different for the Hannah Barlow Photography team! Off to get the beautiful bride ready! Everything with Olivia has been just SO easy from the moment she booked me until this wedding day. She was even ready to go when I arrived so we were able to really soak in these moments and take lots of photos…which we never usually get to do.

Black and white photos of mother of the bride helping daughter get in wedding dress

I believe it was at this point I looked at Lacey and said, “We NEVER have this much time…what is HAPPENING?!” It was such a great feeling. I’m so used to run run runnnningggggg…and we were able to take our time and take double…maybe even triple…the photos I usually take on a wedding day with the bride and bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids wear differing colors of pink and color and pose for group wedding photos
Bride holding pink and coral bouquet poses for photos.

Dad popped in too for a quick first look!

Dad sees daughter in gown on wedding day for first time.

Part of Olivia’s mom’s dress was on the bouquet so, of course, I invited Olivia’s mom over to share in this moment and represent her part of the dress on the flowers. Always shouting out to Lacey for her hard work getting those extra angles!

Bride and mother show off dress piece wrapped around bouquet

MORE bridal and bridesmaids photos…because…WHY NOT?! AND we were still ahead of schedule…I can’t even tell you the last time it happened! So, the ladies went back to their room and Lacey played get away driver and had my car ready so we could head off to Oglebay’s Formal Gardens.

Wide angle view of Oglebay's Formal Gardens wedding ceremony.

Here comes the bride! Kyle’s reaction was genuine and 10/10 and what MOST of my couples who don’t do a first look hope for in a reaction…Kyle…you get an Oscar and I KNOW you weren’t even acting. We should make up an award for weddings…one for most genuine reaction. Kyle would be in the running! What an idea!

Groom cries while bride walks down aisle.
Emotional groom sees bride for first time coming down aisle.

It was a beautiful ceremony!

Collage of summer wedding photos at Oglebay's Formal Gardens

Mr. & Mrs. Goodwin, everyone! THE PURE JOY! Again, we should have HBP awards at the end of the year and you can nominate and people can vote…or maybe I should just stop coming up with ALL these ideas! HA! Pure Joy Award Nominee!

Bride and groom recess down ceremony aisle smiling with joy

The heat was trying to hold us back during family formals and it was the first time in the day I started to sweat a bit…and not because of the heat. I saw time creeping by but Olivia and Kyle managed to take all their family formals in the sun (their request…because you can’t beat the Formal Garden’s background) and stay calm, cool, and collected all at the same time! But after that, we ran off for full bridal party photos!

Men in black and tuxes and women in varying shades of pink pose with bride and groom

…and THEN…bride and groom portraits…just the four of us…Olivia, Kyle, Lacey and myself! We were cutting it close on time but Lacey came through for me just like she always does and put on her “Primary Shooter Pants” and photographed the whole thing right along side me so we could give the couple the best of all angles! Feast your eyes on these!

Collage of bride and groom portraits

…and some more! These two put a twist on the “creepy kiss”…if you’re new here, that’s when we have them smile realllllllllll slowly toward one another!

Bride embraces groom for wedding portraits

When these two laugh, it’s like deep, belly laughs from the soul! If you know them, you get it! We DID manage to get a good dip too in all this laughter!

Groom attempts to dip bride and they both laugh

Off to the mansion we go!

Bride and Groom laugh and walk.
Bride and groom pose for wedding photos

At this point, everyone was drenched in sweat and just in time…it was time to go to the reception! Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Goodwin ONE MORE TIME!

Bride and groom walk arm in arm entering wedding reception

They went right into cake cutting and then first dance…the music started and I saw her train and this was a total “brother sister moment” between DJ Brian Oliver and I! If you know or have worked with us, you know many people say we were siblings in another life. We’re a lot the same. I flipped around and aggressively said, “BRIAN…she isn’t bustled!” and he got buggy eyed and said “What do you want me to do about it, Hannah?!” And I looked at him and he waved his arms at all his gear (as if I wanted him to STOP THE MUSIC) and guess what…Olivia made it look flawless! Brian and I laughed later. I guess Lauren came over to him too! You see, many couples positively struggle with a train and it makes for a lot of kicking the train around…not these two! And you know what? I kind of love that the train is out in all it’s glory. When things are meant to be…they are meant to be!

Bride and groom cut cake and dance their first dance

Oglebay’s food was some of the BEST food we’ve had at Oglebay. Hats off to the chef! We got to eat and then got RIGHT down to dancing! The floor was packed. Brian was killing it behind the DJ booth and we had SO much to photograph!

Group collage of photos of wedding reception dancing

Again with the pure JOY! I saw the couple posing with this for some guests’ photos and I ran over and had them do it again!

Bride and groom pose showing off wedding sign

…and that’s how we ended the night! With a photographer/couple selfie…with my big camera…which is never flattering for me but WHAT A MEMORY…right?!

Photographer takes selfie with bride and groom

After this wedding, I told Brian and Lacey, “Sometimes it’s HARD…they’re SO easy…I don’t know what to do…” and that’s the truth for Kyle and Olivia. They never asked me for anything. I’d often not hear from them and when I did…they were so chill and on the ball with EVERYTHING. I’ll take a couple like these two any day and I’m always honored to be asked to photograph someone’s most special day! When I think Kyle and Olivia’s wedding, I’m going to think of the amazing color palette and their joy (and laughter). I won’t even think of the heat…because it honestly didn’t seem to bother them…and in JULY! What a pair! CONGRATS TO THE GOODWINS!


Ceremony Venue – Formal Gardens at Oglebay

Reception Venue – Pine Room at Oglebay

Venue Coordinator – Lauren Mitchell at Oglebay

Bridal Salon: Enchanted Bridal Couture in Dayton, Ohio

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Revelry

Men’s Attire – Joseph A. Bank

Hair/Makeup – Beauty by Taimuty Studios

Florist – Kroger

Cake – Masterpieces of Old Town/Oglebay

DJ – Brian Oliver

Catering – Oglebay

Transportation – Oglebay Trolley

Stationary – Meghann Menchkowski/Meghann Co. Designs

Officiant – Byron Archer

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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