My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Sydney & Gavin’s Fall Engagement Photos

Hello! Happy Friday, everyone! I’m SO excited for you all to see this session. It’s the first fall session of the year and it’s just insane to me how early the leaves started to change this year!! Year after year…it’s usually the end of October or beginning of November (last year was the same…my most fall looking wedding was the first weekend of Novermber). And here we are…the beginning of October! A whole month early! WILD! So, please give these two ALL your Hannah Barlow Photography love! ENJOY!

Couple stands by white fence in fall for engagement session photos.

When Sydney first reached out, she told me she knew one of my past brides (Hey, Amy!) and I thought I knew who she was but if you know me…you know I’m often a foot in mouth girl when it comes to remembering names and remembering people and I never want to assume. SO, when Sydney got out of the car I was like 99.9% sure it was Amy’s sister…but again…never assume. It’s also been 5 years since that wedding and I briefly saw her again two years ago at another wedding. Nonetheless, my energy was AMPED UP once I confirmed it all in my brain and I was SO excited to meet Gavin!

They also got out of the car in the 80 degree weather hoping for fall photos. Ask and you shall receive! If there’s one thing I’m good at? Faking it until I make it! HA! So, they trusted me wholeheartendly and I took them to the most random spot to make their engagement phtoos FALL!

Couple stands by tree in fall brush and leaves for engagement photos.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve photographed Sydney before but I was very comfy with these two. Gavin didn’t miss a beat just rolling with the punches with us either! Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL?!

Couple embraces and kisses in fall field for engagement photos.

The dead stuff has arrivvvedddd (said in my best spooky voice). I can tell you this location would not have worked with many couples. I know…I KNOW…it looks very ugly to the naked eye. I mean, it IS dead. Very dead…but when you have light like this and a couple willing to go for it? Fall MAGIC! This is where trust in your photographer is SO important. Many couples would have thought, “absolutely not”. I DID show them examples justtttttt in case they questioned my sanity. HA!

Couple stands and poses for engagement photos for fall photos.

Then, after that location, my Hannah brain did what it always does…panics a bit internally. I knew that other location above was beautiful but it wasn’t quite “fall foliage”. Sydney and Gavin wanted fall photos. So, I started racking my brain for the locations I know in Oglebay that have fast changing trees. So, off to the Pine Room we went! Give me ALL the color!

Man embraces woman in peach sweater with fall trees in backgrund.

It was time to dance…and spin….and let it all loose! Yep!! This tree really did offer to be one of the main characters in these photos!

Man in white sweater spins woman in peach dress for fall dancing photos.

You never would know we were sweating, huh?! Doesn’t it feel coozy and fall?

Couple stands by white fence with fall trees in the background for engagement photos.

THEN, I suggested we go down the stairs. But these two stopped. AND THEY POSED…that’s right. They posed themselves and NOW this is a new location for me and it will always be known as “Sydney and Gavin’s spot”! I can NOT believe I’ve never used it before!

Couple embraces and looks at one another on stone stairs with fall leaves in background.

They’re just SO easy to photograph!!

Couple walks down stone stairs with fall leaves in the background.

They nailed the walking and snuggling! SEE? It really is stil pretty green in most places!

Couple walks and dances for engagement photos.

Then, Sydney had only one request for photos so we did that and THEN…we had to show off this ring (which is one of the most sparkly rings I’ve ever photographed….for real…for real).

Fall engagement phtos.

Well, I would LOVE to say I’m their wedding photographer but they’re not getting married locally. These two are going to have a small, intimate elopement with close family and friends in Tennesee!! I am totally jealous of thier wedding photographer…let me tell you! They are SO easy anf fun to photograph! I even told them things to tell their photographer because they are going to take AMAZING wedding photos as bride and groom! I’m going to be stalking like a mad woman! HA!

…and because I’m Hannah. I went and pulled Sydney’s sister’s wedding (because I’m a psycho and never get rid of anything) and was sitting in my office just now going “WELL THAT’S WHY I WAS SO CONFUSED…..SHE CHANGED HER HAIR!” and now I can’t quit laughing. And I’m still quetionating if this is the same person! HA!

Seriously…I have a problem. Because I’m never convinced…I pulled ANOTHER wedding from 2021. Yep. Same people. HA! Why am I the way that I am? Sydney and Gavin are far left.

You know, I’d get these blogs done a lot faster if I would just be like Elsa and Let it GOOOO. But I can’t! Thanks for reading everyone!! Have a great day!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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