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Give me all the FALL color! | Amanda + Noah

Happy Hump Day, everyone!! This week started off with a BANG – great weather, great session, GREAT couple! The week just keeps getting better and better…and BETTER! I’m fresh off recording a new episode of our podcast (shameless plug… -What in the Wedding- anywhere you get your podcasts) and NOW, I’m blogging this couple’s absolutely amazing and very FALL engagement session! ALL the feels for this blog so…you know what’s coming…NEW COUPLE ALERT! Please give Amanda and Noah all your Hannah Barlow Photography love! Their engagement session is live on the blog right now! ENJOY!

Collage of engagement photos with a very bright background.

Amanda probably looks familiar to you…and that’s not only because she was a bridesmaid in a 2023 wedding I did earlier this spring (Hey, Maria and Jake!) BUT she’s also done a lot (A LOT) of hair and makeup for many, MANY of my couples! So, we were kind of already on that friend level…and she’s got a similar energy and spirit as me so when she decided to book me? I was BEYOND excited…pumped…Hannah squeals and all. That did NOT change come the day of this engagement session. Nope! Amanda and Noah wanted ALL the fall and ALL the color so I did about a 15 minute drive around and found some locations that would give us JUST that!

Fall, colorful trees surround couple who poses for engagement photos.

Her engagement ring has a nice emerald so it was fitting her dress for this session also be the same AND they are going to have colors at their wedding that are complimentary, as well. The wedding palette is not actually set in stone yet. They’re going for a boho kind of feel and theme to celebrate with some of their closest family or friends. It won’t be a “small” wedding but about 150 people max and they are hoping for lots of dancing (which should be no problem with DJ Brian Oliver) and good food and lots of drinks. I’ve seen these two on the dance floor and I have NO doubt that’s exactly what their wedding will be! The light was absolutely PERFECT this day too! How did we manage a warm forecast and amazing light?!

Couple stands in front of colorful trees and dance.

Some sessions you just show up and feel like you’re spending the late afternoon with friends. That’s exactly how I felt with these two. They fell right into natural posing, gave me great interaction and genuine reactions and it just WORKED! They both described each other as caring and you can totally see that in these photos. THESE, my goodness, are some of my favorite (below).

Man snuggles women in green dress for engagement photos.

These two were together about 3 years before they got engaged. I remember seeing it pop up on social media since I follow Amanda’s personal and business account and I was just SO excited for her…and now Noah…because he’s a gem of a human and really went for it in these photos! I hope he loves them just as much as I do because I am OBSESSED! At this point, we moved to a more red/orange location…in the hopes of giving them ALL the color!

Woman in green dress poses with man in plaid in front of orange tree.

OOoooOo my goodness!!! If this doesn’t just warm your heart, I don’t know what will! Their “walk and snuggle” was even easy!

Couple holds hands and walks in front of trees with orange leaves.

I’m not usually one for props but I feel like this hat was JUST what the doctor ordered to complete this look for this session!

Woman in green holds hat and poses with man for engagement photos.

Can you feel the love and absolute LAUGHTER (and see it…obviously) at this session?! This is why we all got along so well…and at one point, Noah said, “Well, I see why you hired her….” because were were absolutely losing our minds and positively squealing over the amazingness of it all – weather, light, looks…you name it!

Women laughs at camera standing in yellow leaves.

More favorites!! I’m going to be honest too…fall has never been one of my favorite seasons (I know…I know) BUT…I can’t STOP with this session! It’s all so good!

Man and woman pose for engagement photos for yellow leaves.

Of course, I did worry in my head that it may be a tadddddd too much color SO…off to the dead stuff! I swear I was having a whole wedding photographer personality crisis. I don’t usually shoot such variety AND shoot such differing light…but here we are! I couldn’t stop! It was all so pretty!

Women in hat poses in fall yellow trees for engagement photos.

My favorite part of every session is the end…when everyone is super comfortable. I have NO idea what’s happening here! HA!

Man and woman laugh in outtake photo for engagement photos.

Do I usually do haze and backlit hazy glow? No! Could I pass this up?! ALSO NO!

Couple stands in fall foliage and dead grass for engagement photos.

Even a simple gravel path was 10/10!

Couple walks down gravel path during fall.

AND…Noah did the viral hand hold going around right now. If you know…you know…and this hand hold was genuine and gave me ALLLLL the feels! Aren’t they amazing together?! OMG! Their wedding…

Couples embraces and laughs for fall engagement photos.

What can I say?! How can I end this?! This session was amazing in all the ways and I am BEYOND pumped for their November wedding last year. We’re going to be at Scenic Sites and as of my schedule right now, it’ll be my first official wedding there. I already did a venue tour when they opened so I’ve seen and taken photos of it BUT not on an official wedding basis and you know what happens when I have a fresh wedding venue canvas….magical things happen! I already have drafted the wedding blog in my head and I don’t even know what’s going to happen exactly AND we’re over a year before it’ll be here. Brace yourselves for impact, Amanda and Noah’s wedding is going to be a DREAM. I can feel it in my wedding photographer bones. Thanks for reading, everyone! We’ll see you next time!

OOO yea…and even the black and whites were AMAZING! Happy Wednesday!

Black and white photo collage of engagement photos.


Disclaimer: Hannah Barlow Photography blogs only represent a small portion of photos the couple actually receives in their private gallery. The blogs are meant to highlight favorite photos and favorite moments of the session/wedding day and do not represent an entire gallery.

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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