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Three Sessions in One Day! Superman Style!


Hi, everyone! Meet the Greenwald/Somerville family!  Jessica and I go way back!  We met in nursing school and worked at the same hospital together for years after we graduated nursing school.  This is the first time I’ve seen her since I made the leap from nursing to stay at home mom to photographer! It was such a nice time!  She needed multiple sessions – 2nd birthday, Kindergarten graduation, and family! So, we lumped them in to one day!  They were troopers.  I drug them around Oglebay Park for about 2 hours and they were game for it! There’s were lots more in their album, but here’s some of my favorites! I hope you enjoy!

Here’s little A.’s 2nd birthday pictures!  Happy Birthday!  Isn’t she adorable!?  I’m loving that big necklace on such a little girl!

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday Pictures

Big, beautiful eyes and a black and white conversion….I’m in love!

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday Pictures

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday Pictures

Seriously, isn’t she cute?!

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday Pictures

Moving on to R.’s graduation pictures!  Congratulations!  She’s moving on to 1st grade!  She’s quite the model, as well.

 Kindergarten Graduation Pictures Oglebay

 Kindergarten Graduation Pictures Oglebay

Stirke a pose, girl!  She did! It was amazing!  And I converted it to black and white, of course!

 Kindergarten Graduation Pictures Oglebay

 Kindergarten Graduation Pictures Oglebay

It’s a superman kind of family shoot!!!!

 Family Pictures Oglebay

Group hugs and kisses!

 Kindergarten Graduation Pictures Oglebay

Any opportunity to photograph in this path….I take it!  Plus, the kids wanted to walk, so it was a win for us all!

 Kindergarten Graduation Pictures Oglebay

Here’s a shot of my failed attempt at a really cool superman silhouette!  It was a nice vision, but the kids were a little too small to understand exactly what I wanted them to do! HA!  I still like it (and the little bit of red you can still see in the skirts).

 Kindergarten Graduation Pictures Oglebay

I had a great time!  Thank you!

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