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Someone is Turning TWO!

OooOo goodness!  Check out this cutie who is turning TWO!  I just love seeing this little one through my view finder!  The older she gets, the more spunky and posey she is – a photographer’s dream mini-client!  Her mom wanted to go somewhere bright and fun.  What better place than Ogleybay in Wheeling, WV?!  No better place!  I love their flowers!

Happy Birthday, A.!

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday and Family Photos

It’s tough being two and posing for pictures, but when I got down on the ground and played peek-a-boo, she was game!  Look how cute!

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday and Family Photos

A stranger walked by and stopped to say “Hello”.  Like any two year old, she was a little bashful, so she sat down. OPPORTUNITY!  I snuck these pictures!

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday and Family Photos

Check out this good looking family!

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday and Family Photos

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday and Family Photos

Mommy love!

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday and Family Photos

I am in LOVE with these next ones!  This was toward the end of the session and she was getting tired.  So, we both laid on the grass….magic….yes….just magic!

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday and Family Photos

I sat here….and sat here…..and sat here a little more trying to decide which ones I liked better – the color or the black and white.  I couldn’t decide, so I shared them all!

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday and Family Photos

It was super sunny and I’m never a huge fan of harsh light, but this girl loves water, so we snapped some!

 Oglebay 2nd Birthday and Family Photos

She’s TWO!  Happy Birthday, little one!


Here is some information about her outfits and the sign in case any of you are wondering!  I couldn’t get over the cuteness!

Tutu outfit – Mud Pie

“2” Bow – Etsy from RoyalSistersBoutique

Her romper – Lilly Pulitzer

Chalkboard Sign – Etsy from Doodles4you.

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